Ezra Levant and Marc Lebuis on the muslim headcloth and the obfuscating of the RCMP uniform

Marc makes the point that this site and myself have been making since the RCMP allowed turbans for Sikhs. That, at the very least, it confuses the message of the federal monopoly on force of law.

The marshall aspect of it was understated however. The idea that once muslim women have identified themselves, systematic coordinated attacks to humiliate and intimidate women and and demonstrate to men and governments that our system doesn’t work and we are not in control of it or the culture, is the obvious next step based on the European contemporary example and the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Exposing enemies of the West in Quebec. Salah Assawy and Omar Shahin

The Director of Point de Bascule was interviewed by Montreal’s LCN / TVA reporter and news anchor Michel Jean on Feb 15, 2015.

After the Montreal Outremont borough issued a press release Saturday morning saying it had made the decision that an event would not be held in the city’s cultural center following “disturbing information” broadcast on the TVA Nouvelles network Friday, the network’s investigative show J.E. said two fundamentalist imams — Salah Assawy and Omar Shahin —were leading an event organized by a Shariah Academy where diplomas in Islamic studies would be handed out in.

Following this event, LCN / TVA’s journalist Marie-Laure Delainey interviewed, after difficult negotiations, one of the two leaders behind the shariah academy graduation event, Omar Shahin. Following the excerpt between Delainey and Shahin, Michel Jean interviewed the director of Point de Bascule to expose Shahin’s disturbing links with Islamic radical organizations and individuals who were directly associated with Osama Ben Laden, the late Al-Qaeda leader.

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Marc Lebuis: Tariq Ramadan and calls for the end of freedom of expression in Canada

Special thank you to CB Sashenka for the translation of the Muslim Presence website as well as research for the video.

1. Link to supporting documents on the Ottawa Police and RCMP support of Tariq Ramadan and Muslim Presence

2. Link to interview in Egyptian magazine where Tariq talks about the Canadian legal system 

3. At the end of the video, we say that this organization and 22 others were recommended for Quebec government funding. Here is the letter of recommendation. 

More on that here  and also here

Below the fold, the translation of the webpage, now removed as of today, which appeared to recommend the actions taken by Muslims against the staff at Charlie Hebdo or certainly justify them.

Muslim Presence (an organization) justifies using violence against those who are offensive towards Islam, written Sep. 22, 2012 — before the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

http://presencemusulmane.com/?p=961  <— the original link which is now empty

The Google Cache link where you can still see the original article

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Marc L. of Point De Bascule does important interview on SUN TV

I cannot emphasize enough the valuable work of www.pointdebascule.ca in terms of meticulously documenting the presence, ideology and effects of Islam in Canada.

Their website is an amazing resource in terms of the Who’s Who of jihadis and infiltrators and subverters in Canada. It was PDB that hipped us to that Radio-Canada documentary that we will be subtitling in its entirety over time, but we have put up one clip already below.