Marc Lebuis: Tariq Ramadan and calls for the end of freedom of expression in Canada

Special thank you to CB Sashenka for the translation of the Muslim Presence website as well as research for the video.

1. Link to supporting documents on the Ottawa Police and RCMP support of Tariq Ramadan and Muslim Presence

2. Link to interview in Egyptian magazine where Tariq talks about the Canadian legal system 

3. At the end of the video, we say that this organization and 22 others were recommended for Quebec government funding. Here is the letter of recommendation. 

More on that here  and also here

Below the fold, the translation of the webpage, now removed as of today, which appeared to recommend the actions taken by Muslims against the staff at Charlie Hebdo or certainly justify them.

Muslim Presence (an organization) justifies using violence against those who are offensive towards Islam, written Sep. 22, 2012 — before the Charlie Hebdo massacre.  <— the original link which is now empty

The Google Cache link where you can still see the original article

No Charlie

“We have no right to grant ourselves all the rights to offend and put down people in what they hold most sacred: the object of their faith or their distress”.


If offending is the expression of your freedom, then recognize that violence will be the expression of their freedom! No, do not say “but” ! Make your choice…

No Charlie

I do not agree with you and will fight all my life if necessary so that you cannot, under the guise of freedom, trample the meaning of all transcendence.

For you it is freedom that transcends … for them it is transcendence that frees!

No Charlie

In the name of freedom of expression, it is not your life that is on the line, but the lives of others… Have you thought about this a little bit? About your compatriots in Cairo, Tunis or Tripoli? Who will soon no longer be able to read you…

No Charlie

Your cartoon is an insult to anyone who has two grams of intelligence and a minimum knowledge of the current situation, the forces present, and the desire for revenge to which you have just given life.

No Charlie

We have no right to grant ourselves all the rights to offend and put down people in what they hold most sacred: the object of their faith or their distress.

No Charlie

There is no freedom…there’s also the secret that goes with the greatest respect that we owe to all those with whom we wish to live and die in peace.

No Charlie

I know you know what everyone else knows: that any bad cause results in the worst effects…the innocent will have to pay for your limited freedom of free thinking devoid of responsibility.

No Charlie

We have no right to tamper with the Prophet when we want to mock him. If the Islamists do not come back … you have to tell them to their face, without violating their religion and their mark with your dark intentions.

No Charlie

Speak no more of freedom of speech…but of values and value scales.

And it is on this scale, it seems important to remember, that freedom of conscience comes first. We are not obligated to honor it indeed, but we don’t have the right to dishonor it.

No Charlie

Your cartoon is a sham.

Moreover, it amounts to marketing that will cost the lives of all those who believe that we can laugh at everything and everyone.

That is a declaration of war…a war of religion that no free expression in the world can be proud of.

No Charlie

If offending is the expression of your freedom, then recognize that violence is an expression of their freedom! It is a trade of bad practices.

No, do not say “but” ! Make your choice…

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  1. Great work exposing these people and documenting things before they could cover their tracks.

    Canadian police like any other police could learn to handle snakes like Tariq Ramadan if they were allowed to get the proper training.

  2. Tariq Ramadan is a snake. He’s highly intelligent and he uses every ounce of that intelligence to lie, oh-so-cleverly, about the nature of Islam. Ramadan is especially dangerous around educated white liberals because those idiots will eat up absolutely anything that a smooth-talking brown-skinned maharishi has to say, provided he’s clever enough and properly adept at the art of lying. Tariq Ramadan is the enemy, plain and simple. He should be arrested on sight.

  3. Paris attacks: Twelve suspects held overnight (BBC, Jan 16, 2015)

    “Twelve suspects are being held by police in the Paris region over last week’s attacks in the French capital that killed 17 people. They are being questioned about “possible logistical support”, such as weapons or vehicles, they could have given the three gunmen, police say. Police conducted raids in five towns in the Paris region…”

  4. We have seen some of this already. However here is more. It is Friday and the French consulate seems to be involved too…

    Pakistan clashes over Hebdo cartoon (BBC, Jan 16, 2015)

    “Pakistani police have clashed with crowds protesting over an image of the Prophet Muhammad published in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The authorities used water cannon to disperse the demonstration, near the French consulate in Karachi. The protest was part of a nationwide rally called by the Jamaat-e-Islami religious party. Charlie Hebdo featured a cartoon of Muhammad this week, a week after gunmen carried out a massacre at its offices. Twelve people were killed in the Paris attack, carried out by two French Muslims angry over earlier depictions of Muhammad in the magazine.

    On Thursday, Pakistani politicians passed a motion condemning Charlie Hebdo for publishing the latest cartoon. Religious leaders openly called for journalists at the magazine to be hanged, and several religious groups called for protests after Friday prayers. In Karachi, at least three people were injured during the clashes between police and about 200 protesters, who were mostly student activists from Jamaat-e-Islami. The protesters had tried to get inside the French consulate…”

  5. France Won’t Abandon Foreign Anti-Terrorist Operations (abcnews, Jan 16, 2015)

    “President Francois Hollande says France is “waging war” against terrorism and will not back down from international military operations against Islamic extremists despite recent deadly attacks. Hollande said “it is not a war against religion, it’s a war against hate.” He spoke to leading diplomats Friday as French authorities are on alert for new terrorist attacks.

    They are hunting for accomplices of three men claiming links to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group who killed 17 people last week, before being killed by police.

    He said France remains determined to continue its anti-terrorist operations in Iraq and northern Africa despite repeated threats of retaliation, saying “We are not afraid.” Hollande urged Europe to take tougher joint measures against terrorism.”

  6. Belgian Authorities Say 15 Arrested in Sweep (abcnews, Jan 16, 2015)

    “More than two dozen suspects have been arrested in Belgium, France and Germany in continuing searches for suspected terrorists, authorities said Friday. Thirteen people were detained in Belgium and two arrested in France in an anti-terror sweep following a firefight in which two suspected terrorists were killed, and more suspects are being sought, Belgian authorities said.

    French and German authorities arrested at least 14 other people Friday suspected of links to the Islamic State group, and a Paris train station was evacuated, with Europe on alert for new potential terrorist attacks. On Thursday, Belgian police moved in on a suspected terrorist hideout in the eastern city of Verviers, killing two suspects and wounding and arresting a third.

    Eric Van der Sypt, a Belgian federal magistrate, said Friday the terrorists were within hours of implementing a plan to kill police on the street or in their offices. More than a dozen searches had led to the discovery of four military-style weapons including Kalashnikov assault rifles, Van der Sypt told a news conference…”

    • And why is this so?

      For this state of affairs, I blame government/EU over the last few decades. In the first instance, they allowed in millions of immigrants who they knew carried with them an ideology that requires the submission of all Infidels. The authorities may claim that they did not know- but ignorance is not an excuse, as history, past and present, has shown that Islam in any form, is dangerous.

      Now that we are in this mess, heading towards a catastrophe, the only options we have is to continue appeasement, and hope, that like the Nazis, Islamo-fascists overplay their hand.
      I just hope and pray, that we are victorious, a total defeat of Islam , and a final death count less then WWII.

  7. How much are Obama and Friends going to pay to remove their buddies from The List, one should be wondering…

    US Muslim Rights Groups Seeks Exit From UAE Terrorism List (abcnews, Jan 16, 2015)

    “The Council on American-Islamic Relations says it has sought to be removed from a list in the United Arab Emirates that designates it as a terrorist organization along with dozens of other groups. CAIR civil rights litigation director Jenifer Wicks said Friday that the Washington-based Muslim civil-liberties group submitted documents this week seeking to appeal the designation.

    The Emirates included CAIR on a list of 83 groups it considers terrorist organizations made public on November 15. The list included the Islamic State organization, a number of al-Qaida linked groups, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and a number of Western-based Islamic organizations.

    The Emirati Cabinet this week announced an appeals process that designated groups can follow to seek to removal from the terrorism list.”

  8. Ethiopia jails Britons and Somali in ‘terror plot’ (BBC, Jan 16, 2015)

    “Two British citizens and a Somali man have been jailed in Ethiopia for trying to establish an Islamic state, a radio affiliated to the government reports.

    The UK Foreign Office has confirmed the detention of two British nationals.

    The three men, who received terms ranging from four to seven years, were alleged to have had links with local jihadists, the Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) said.

    Ethiopia has extremely strict anti-terror laws…”

  9. Australia ‘will not take’ Manus Island asylum protesters (BBC, Jan 16, 2015)

    “Australia has said it will not admit into the country any asylum seekers who are reportedly on hunger strike at an offshore detention centre.

    Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said cases of self-harm had been reported at Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

    He said “non-compliant behaviour” appeared to have been encouraged by detainee “ring-leaders” and outsiders.

    The policy of detaining asylum seekers offshore – intended as a deterrent – has been criticised by rights groups.

    Australia sends all asylum seekers arriving by boat to offshore camps in PNG and the Pacific territory of Nauru for detention and processing…”

  10. Saudi Arabia postpones public flogging of Raif Badawi (BBC, Jan 16, 2015)

    “Saudi Arabia has postponed the flogging of Raif Badawi on medical grounds.

    The blogger and activist, who founded the now-closed online forum Liberal Saudi Network, was due to receive 50 lashes in public after Friday prayers.

    Last May he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for “insulting Islam” and disobedience.

    Mr Badawi received the first round of lashes last Friday, prompting international outcry. The Gulf kingdom offered no response to the protests.

    Saudi Arabia is yet to comment on the health of Raif Badawi or the postponement of his punishment…”

  11. France: Another Friday, another hostage situation in Paris

    An unknown gunman allegedly armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and numerous grenades took several people hostage Colombes, in northwest Paris, Friday.

  12. Switzerland stuns markets by giving up on currency peg–switzerland-national_bank-290aa7863b.html

    The Euro v USD is currently 1.1480

    The Euro v CAD is currently 1.3763

    The EU central bank is expected to start Quantitative Easing ( Printing money) soon which will further drop the value of the euro, this is bad news for the world economy but may lead to the lessening of the power of the EU and greater freedom in Europe.

  13. PRAGUE -CZECH REPUBLIC – Hundreds of people are rallying in central Prague against Islam in a first such protest in the Czech Republic.

    Organizers from a group called “We do not want Islam in the Czech Republic,” which has more than 100,000 supporters on social media, say last week’s terror attacks in Paris prompted their protest.

    Waving Czech flags and banners that read “Islam is Evil,” or “Europe wake up,” the protesters honored Friday the 17 victims killed in the French capital.

    Martin Konvicka, a leader of the group, says its aim is “to ban spreading and promoting of Islam.” Konvicka says it has no formal ties with PEGIDA, which organizes bigger anti-Islam marches in Germany.

    There were some heated exchanges between the group and two dozen counter-protesters.

  14. U.S. to send 400 troops to train moderate Al qaeda fighters

    The United States will send 400 troops to train moderate Syrian rebels this spring, Pentagon spokesman Maj. James Brindle confirmed the planned deployment early Friday morning.

    The plan is part of the U.S. strategy to roll back the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group that has seized much of eastern and northern Syria.

    Last month, President Barack Obama signed into law a massive defense policy bill that endorsed his plan to fight ISIS militants, including air strikes and training Iraqis and moderate Syrian rebels.

    The law authorized the training and equipping of moderate Syrian rebels battling the extremists for two years, and provided $5 billion to train Iraqis battling the militants who brutally rule large sections of the two countries.

    Meeting in Istanbul

    Senior U.S. officials met Syrian opposition and civil society leaders in Istanbul this week to discuss the program.

    A Pentagon spokesman told Reuters on Thursday the U.S. military is planning to deploy more than 400 troops to help train the Syrian rebels.

    The Syrian state news agency on Friday attacked the U.S. military plan, saying it was a support for terrorists.

    “Washington continues supporting terrorism in Syria and announces its intention to send 400 soldiers to train the terrorists,” the state news agency SANA said.

    The Syrian government has depicted the entire armed opposition as terrorists since civil war erupted in 2011.

    The insurgency is today dominated by hardline Islamist groups including ISIS and the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front. The non-jihadist opposition has little presence.

    The United States has not yet said exactly which elements of the opposition it plans to train, though it says the support will go to moderates.

    Syria has said it is ready to be part of an international effort to fight Islamic State. But the United States, which is leading a coalition in air strikes against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, has said President Bashar al-Assad is part of the problem.

  15. And still Britain has an almost open border with Pakistan, we may as well have a land border with them for the ease with which they continue to pour in. They bring in first cousins for marriage, and the areas of our towns and cities that they are colonising keep on growing, house by house, street by street. As the numbers grow so do their demands, and the greater the concessions our treacherous political classes give.
    Halal meat in public sector institutions from prisons to universities, sharia compliant student loan finance, tighter controls on criticism of Islam, prayer rooms in public institutions, mosques and madrassa sprouting everywhere.
    The same verminous mobs in Pakistan who kill Christians and clamour for death to Western journalists are the one who have relatives here, bleeding the welfare state dry and planning terror attacks on our cities, You can take a Moslem out of their shit pit nation, but you cannot take the savage barbarism out of them by putting them into British suburbia and giving them a passport and welfare.
    There has to be a catalyst soon, if not in Europe then on the British mainland, and only then will the truth dawn, there is no ‘Radical Islam’ just ‘Islam’ and the books of filth and bloodshed that underpin it, that encourage and valorise the killing of the ‘kuffar’ and the taking over of their land by jihad and taquiya. Hopefully at that point we will either literally or metaphorically ‘lynch’ our current political classes, and then turn to the job of removing all/most of our Moslem population, hopefully on their feet, but for some feet first would be a better idea.

  16. I can’t think of any more evidence that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that all forms of Mohammedanism in the west must be stopped here and now, that all adherents of Islam must be rounded up, interned and deported to Soddy Barbaria or to Yemen, from where they can distribute themselves among the 56 Muslim nations that will have them. Enough is enough!

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