Ezra Levant and Marc Lebuis on the muslim headcloth and the obfuscating of the RCMP uniform

Marc makes the point that this site and myself have been making since the RCMP allowed turbans for Sikhs. That, at the very least, it confuses the message of the federal monopoly on force of law.

The marshall aspect of it was understated however. The idea that once muslim women have identified themselves, systematic coordinated attacks to humiliate and intimidate women and and demonstrate to men and governments that our system doesn’t work and we are not in control of it or the culture, is the obvious next step based on the European contemporary example and the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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2 Replies to “Ezra Levant and Marc Lebuis on the muslim headcloth and the obfuscating of the RCMP uniform”

  1. There is no room for discussion here. If a Muslim RCMP constable is observant enough to go to all the trouble of insisting upon and then wearing a hijab, they are definitely going to be observant enough to know that it is strictly forbidden by Allah Himself for a Muslim to take the side of an Infidel against a fellow Muslim. According to their religion it is a certainty that they would be burned for eternity in the fires of Hell if they were ever to side with an Infidel against a Believer. Logically, there is just no way a true Muslim could ever be a cop or a soldier or a judge or a prosecutor or even serve on a jury without coming into terrible conflict with their religion…

  2. Very good, this exposes (for those who are willing to learn) the political goals and tactics of the Moslems in their effort to conquer the world.

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