In their own words: Islam as it is taught in Canada

Here are a few clips of, and about Islamic preachers in Canada, inciting congregations to hate, kill and commit genocide.

This is done not by revealing facts about a given ideology, such as revealing what the Nazis really plan, or what the communists really do, but by using the classic tactic, one which the Nazis used to large effect and ANTIFA does to this day, of demonizing a group  you want destroyed, and then taking licence from the label of that demonized group to inconvenience, commit violence against, and any and all forms of antisocial behaviour up to and including full on genocide.

Some date back to 2010, but all are in Canada, and all have been posted before individually. However Youtube took down the channels where some of them were hosted, and seeing them together may help to dispel even the subconscious inclination to think that these are isolated cases or a rare and false interpretation of Islamic scripture.

The “hijacked” islam narrative.

If of course Islam was hijacked by this interpretation more or less across the board, then it doesn’t matter does it? It is Islam as it is, and is therefore the same cause of concern it would be had it not been “hijacked”.

Why stoning unbelievers is good for the unbeliever


Prominent imam preaches for the death of unbelievers and Jews. 2012

No free will in Islam.

On beating wives.

and again:

Rights of Muslim spouse in Montreal:

On killing Jews and unbelievers:

On hating all non-Muslims:

What do they teach at the Toronto Masjid?

Ontario imam: Punishment for leaving Islam is death:

Montreal imam explains the importance of death for the Jewish peoples:

(Sandra Solomon clarification included)

I know for a fact there is a large volume of this kind of material out there, perhaps not published yet, of sermons preaching material that would land the non-muslim Canadian in jail for a long time. Yet few if any actions seem to be taken against these people or this material.

Perhaps because this is in fact, straightforward Islam, and Western governments are forcing its subordinates, thats us, the formerly free people of the West, to pretend this is not the case. Arresting these people or confiscating koran would present an embarrassing dilemma to them.

Easier for the leftist governments to just throw all its Jews, at least initially, under the bus. Then of course, it will be the rest of us.

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  1. Ammo up. These moutherfuckers won’t be leaving on their own and let’s stop kidding ourselves about building bridges. There were no moderate Nazis and there are no moderate muzzies.

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