A Czech living in Sweden sends us this comment on the events recently and the reporting on them from within Sweden.

The following is a slightly edited version of a comment submitted to this site today by Holubi se sleti who is a Czech living in Sweden.

Thank you very much for this Holubi. It is well researched and well stated.



1) Recent research shows that Sweden is the least racist country in the world and that the people from the countries from where the immigrants in suburbs, such as Husby comes from, are much, much more racist than the Swedes.  And every year, we read reports that the Swedes are becoming more and more tolerant.

2) Research shows that unemployment does not not explain the riots:  And that places with much higher youth unemployment and fewer youth recreation centers (fritidsgårdar), etc, don’t suffer the problems of our immigrant suburbs: 

3) The “dismantling of public services” in areas such as Husby, as it has been dishonestly reported in Swedish media, is a myth, and the reality is that no areas are assigned as much tax money as so called “disadvantaged areas” (higher staffing ratio in schools, many times more money per pupil/student etc).

In fact – never in the history of immigration – has so much been done, and as much resources been spent on immigrants, to help them integrate, get jobs, etc [‘positive’ ethnic discrimination, “instegsjobb” (immigrant only jobs, where the state pays 80% of the employees salary), “nystartszoner” (tax reduction for business started in No Go zones), SFI-bonuses (a reward of 12000 SEK for those immigrants who are approved in their no cost Swedish learning, that was implemented because so many of the immigrants didn’t put any heart to it, and often failed on purpose and went to Swedish For Immigrants for years and years, because it was financially beneficial), etc].

4) A widespread ethnic discrimination against immigrants, has no research support and research doesn’t support the perception that immigrants suffer wage discrimination either, if they do get a job.

5) The increasing resource gap between people in Sweden, is a result of the (in the Western world) unprecedentedly high immigration per capita – since the main reason for the increase, is that the welfare dependency of the population is rapidly increasing, as there are almost no jobs, which the older immigrants are qualified for.

As an example, 85-90% of immigrants from Somalia are illiterate and what jobs can such people get in Sweden with our minimum wages, collective bargaining, etc?

6) While, for example, a newly arrived immigrant mother with three children, can get 21810 SEK per month tax-free in welfare,
many 65 year olds with a 45 year working career behind them, have to realize that they get no more than 11000 SEK. And in this case, that’s BEFORE tax:
And that is in the country with the second highest tax burden in the world, where a person with 25000 SEK in salary, are paying a whopping 17200 SEK in taxes per month, if the ‘hidden’ taxes are counted also.

7) Furthermore, today even illegal immigrants (or “undocumented refugees” as they are called in Swedish media, despite the fact that three instances of the world’s most generous asylum system, have concluded that they do not have grounds for asylum) have more rights than Swedes. Yes, while we constantly read in the media about how lots of Swedish pensioners refrain from both medcine, dental care, and health care, because their pensions are not enough (despite the fact that there is a yearly cap on such costs, except on dental care, which is called “frikort”), nowadays illegal immigrants have in practice 100% free health care, dental care and free medications.

* http://www.friatider.se/reinfeldts-beslut-svenskar-ska-betala-fyra-ganger-mer-for-sjukvard-an-illegala-invandrare * http://www.riksdagen.se/sv/Debatter–beslut/Debatter-och-beslut-om-forslag/Arendedebatter/?did=H001SoU20&doctype=bet * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqB0FMRSC5M * http://www.friatider.se/nu-klart-illegala-invandrare-far-gratis-vard-tandvard-och-lakemedel

8) And as if that were not enough, Swedes are not even recognized as a people in this country. Yes, here in Sweden, a Swede, or a “Swede” as the media tend to write if they are talking about the indigenous people (the football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other immigrants are instead called Swedes, without the quotes), is just a stamp in a passport. Ethnicty is a fiction, and racist to speak of, unless you are for example talking about Swedes ‘ethnic discrimination’ against other people of course. And the elite are fooling the people that Swedes – and only Swedes – are a historically all mixed people – who always consisted of mainly immigrants, when in fact Swedes are one of the least mixed peoples on earth.

That Kurds, Sami people, the indigenous peoples of America, Gypsies, etc (yes, the majority of the world’s people), could not exist without an ethnic concept, based on blood ties, common history, culture, etc – because they do not have, and in many cases never had their own country, with citizenships, passports, etc – they speak quietly about.

Here in Sweden, Swedish, as I said, is just a stamp on a paper. So, for example, an al-Shabaab sympathizing, young, Swedish born Somali – whose parents are completely unintegrated, unemployed, who don’t know a single Swede, and are just watching satellite TV in their No Go zones, and feel disgust against Swedes, Sweden, and the Swedish culture that they barely know anything about – are just as Swedish as the patriot “Sven Svensson” who is the direct descendant of Birger Jarl and Gustav Vasa.

Or as said, even more Swedish, since that he or she would never be called “Swedish” by the elite.

So in addition to that you don’t need not be related to a Swede, don’t have to have your primary loyalty with Swedes and Sweden, etc – you do not even have to speak the language or know the culture, to be counted as Swedish in Sweden. And this despite the fact that the same criterias would make for example Kurds, either: Turks, Iranians and Iraqis, and this at the same time as the so-called “Anti-racist” elite, fight for a ‘judenrein’ Palestine, an independent ‘ethnically clean’ Kurdistan, and time and time again have protested over the Turkish ethnic denial of the Kurds as Mountain Turks, etc.

9) And – to further cement the image of a non-existent people, who have no right to their land (and thus must agree to be replaced in the population exchange that elite here refuse to even call “mass immigration”, and deny will replace the Swedes before the end of the century) – Swedes are constantly belittled and their cultural heritage lied about – ‘yeah, see, no such culture exists and has never existed’

“The only thing Swedish is barbarism. The rest of the development has come from abroad”, as Prime Minister Reinfeldt said in the immigrant suburb Ronna in Södertälje:


“It wasn’t the Swedes who built Sweden. It was people who came here from abroad”, as the Centre Party’s former leader Maud Olofsson, put it:


“I have often been asked about it, but I can not think of what Swedish culture is. I think that’s why so many Swedes are envious of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that binds you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer and such geeky things”, as the former Social Democrats party leader Mona Sahlin put it to the Turkish Youth League:

* http://ligator.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/intervju.pdf * http://ligator.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/intervju-2.pdf * http://ligator.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/intervju_3.pdf * http://turkiskaungdomsforbundet.blogspot.se/2010/11/euroturk-pa-natet.html

Statements – in quantity – from the self-proclaimed ‘anti-racists’, that would be classed as “deeply racist” if they were uttered about any other (colored) ethnic groups.

10) Even more, as i said, soon Swedes will be a minority in their own country, but no more than perhaps 3% of the population knows it, as it has been covered up almost completely in the media, and lied about with arguments that in secret need the denial of Swedes as a etnic people, to be true. Yeah, projections were pointing to approx. 2050 a few years ago, but since then the mass immigration from the Muslim world have increased even more.

11) And given that the elite today makes every effort to accommodate Muslims; embellishing Islam, allowing the Muslim call to prayer (while they constantly attack Christianity, remove crosses from funeral chapels etccovers up terror attacks stopped by security police: sponsors numerous Islamist hate organizations “for the integration’s sake,” begins to oppose secularism in order to facilitate the “integration”:  provides compensation to Muslims who for example refuse to shake hands with women which is greater than damages to murder and rape-victims relatives etc – it’s not looking bright for the Swede’s future in this country. Especially because almost none of the recent years immigrants speak in/for Swedes interests, and that the only “outer Europe” immigrants we hear and read in the media, just blame the Swedes for imaginary things, U.S. slavery, “inhuman asylum rules” and racism, etc.



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11 Replies to “A Czech living in Sweden sends us this comment on the events recently and the reporting on them from within Sweden.”

  1. “Yes, while we constantly read in the media about how lots of Swedish pensioners refrain from both medcine, dental care, and health care, because their pensions are not enough”

    Adopt euthanasia, and you will be invincible. Consider children born to (ex-)Muslim women and non-Muslim men to be fully Swedish. Social constructionism works both ways. Children born to Muslim men and non-Muslim women, however, should be seen as vermin. Create a polygamous system, opposite to that of Islam. Vikings were polygamous.

  2. So, how’s it going to be when the Muslim population percentages in Western countries get considerably higher than they are now? How’s it going to be when the fighting starts and you find that the enemy is standing right next to you, demanding that you get on your knees and pray to their god? This has the potential to get as ugly as anything in history has ever gotten. How could these left-wing idiots have wished such a predicament upon the rest of us?

  3. Chris you are seeing what I have been seeing for a long time,this is why I keep saying I am not sure civilization will survive the coming war, or rather the open active total war portion of the current war. We in the west have been so complacent about our safety since WWII and are now paying the price for our lack of vigilance, unfortunately our kids and grand-kids will also pay the price.

  4. – Richard

    I think we are both talking about the biggest elephant of all the elephants in the room, and that is the horrible reality of what it might one day take to clean up the Islam problem. Are countries going to be willing to break up into new versions of Pakistan and Bangladesh as the surging Muslim populations start demanding “homelands” within Western Nations, or are we just going to say, “Fuck you!”, and kill them all? If we allow ourselves to be put into that position we will be forced to start acting like Nazis and we may not be the “good guys” any more…

    And Richard: I’m not just “getting it” in the last ten minutes, I just hate like hell to have to say it out loud…:)

  5. I’ve lived in Sweden for 32 now and i will probably move back to my native country soon. Sweden is doomed. I got no hope for Sweden no moore. It’ s sad for Sweden used to be such a great country to live in but now i am embarassed to live here. Politics and media is lying to the people and if you say anything negative about immigration then you are been called rascist, fascist, nazist or something else. Bye bye Sweden.

  6. @Chris Jones
    Yes, what to do, that is a question seldom answered in Counter-Jihad circles. But why do Muslims fear being exterminated? After all, they supposedly love death and think they can go to heaven.
    I thought this out, and developed the model of patriarchal assimilation:

    Simply say that you cannot blame all racists, fascists or nazis for what Hitler did. Emphasize there are moderate racists, moderate fascists and moderate nazis.

  7. Chris I didn’t mean to imply that you are just seeing what is going on.

    Pushing the Moslems into the sea and out of Europe will possibly calm things down for several more centuries, but the long term solution will require that Islam is destroyed. Religions can be destroyed if you are harsh enough on the people who believe in that particular religion. The Romans destroyed several religions that practiced human sacrifice.

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