Links and news June 3 and 4 2013 – 1

1. University muslim group circulates video claiming that the murder of Lee Rigby was a false flag and a hoax. I will give mohamedans one thing. They know how to add insult to injury. But we saw that on 9-12 didn’t we?

2. Another article about the seeming erosion of 1st amendment rights in the US to appease islam.

3. Christians caught in the crossfire in Syria:

4. BBC does a less-than-usual ambiguous report on the Iranian nuclear program basically saying they have the weapons or the capability for the weapons, and there is bugger all anyone can do about it at this point.

5. Music hath charms to sooth the savage, er, ah, ‘youths’?

6. The IRS scandal grows deeper and wider as it appears the all-powerful agency subverted by the White House for political purposes. An enemies list appears as well as Obama shown to be channeling Nixon more than Lincoln.


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  1. Avoid ‘crucial decisions’ during period: doctors

    Muslim study claims women’s mental capabilities affected by menstrual cycle

    Women should avoid taking crucial decisions in the last phase of their menstrual cycle as it affects their mental capabilities, according to a Saudi university.

    The study by two professors, including a woman, at Umm Al Qura university in the western Saudi town of Makkah found that women’s mental powers do not fully function during the last 13 days of their monthly period.

    Authored by Dr Ranya Al Faran and Dr Abed Rabbo Suleiman, the study found that the menstrual cycle weakens the woman’s “ability for the production of ideas, planning, strategies, organization, initiatives and self control.”

    “Women are advised not to take any crucial decisions in the last phase of their menstrual cycle as a result of the changes and emotions that arise during that period,” said the study, published in the Saudi daily Al-Watan.

    It said women’s monthly period is normally divided into three parts, the last of which lasts for around 13 days. “During these 13 days, women are advised to avert taking any serious and crucial decisions as their mental abilities are not fully functioning.”

  2. Ban the English Defence League urges MP

    Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to take action against right wing groups following reports of an increase in attacks on British Muslims in the wake of Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder.

    It came following an appeal from East London MP Rushanara Ali.

    During a House of Commons debate on Tuesday, the MP for Bow and Bethnal Green asked the Prime Minister: “As part of the Prevent strategy and the new Prevent programme, will the Prime Minister look at the impact of the rising level of attacks on Muslim communities, including mosques, and the role of the English Defence League?

    “Will the new taskforce look at proscribing such groups if the evidence suggests that their violent intentions will reinforce conflict in our country?”

    In response the Prime Minister said right-wing groups would be included in the programme.

    “I can confirm that the taskforce will look at all forms of extremism, and we should be looking at all the best ways of condemning the hate-filled people who are part of the English Defence League,” he said.

    Ms Ali said she was moved to make the appeal following fears within the multicultural east London community.

    Claims have been made recently of a growing number of attacks against Muslims.

    It came as around 500 EDL supporters marched on Whitehall at the weekend following the murder of the soldier last week.

    She said she wants groups such as the EDL banned.

    “People in Tower Hamlets are rightly concerned about religiously-motivated attacks by far-right extremists,” she said.

    “The Government must look very closely at the risk posed to public order by violent extremist groups such as the EDL.”

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