Two people assaulted in France for eating during Ramadam. One was not even Muslim

This is a machine translation from the French article here. I will try and get a better translation done later. Still, you get the jist.

Assaulted because they did not respect Ramadan [+ quick history]

Par Jeannot le 23 août 2010 By Jeannot August 23, 2010

Assaulted because they did not respect Ramadan [+ quick history]

A man who was lunching on the terrace of a restaurant in central Lyon was assaulted for not respecting Ramadan

He breakfasted on the terrace of a restaurant in central Lyon, the weekend of Aug. 15, when three youths pounced on him because he does not respect the fasting month of Ramadan.  The father of Senegalese origin, living Venissieux, was struck in the head with a glass bottle, then hit with a chair.

Transported to the hospital with a fractured skull at the back, the victim has been trépanée. The attack was filmed by a CCTV camera, but the bad images do not identify the attackers. The Lyon prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation.  According to our information, the manager of Kebab, fearing reprisals, would testify under X.

Three days later, a young Jewish woman who wore a complaint after being assaulted in a large area of Toulouse. . The victim claimed to have been taken to task by two teenagers who accused him of buying food during fasting.

The young woman would then argued that she was Jewish, which would only intensify the anger of his attackers, who, after having called a “dirty Jew”, allegedly hit on the head, by the heavy fall.

A vigil attended the scene without intervening. When questioned by investigators about the reasons for its passivity, the man explained that he respected Ramadan and so was anxious to leave in order to eat, from the sunset.

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25 Replies to “Two people assaulted in France for eating during Ramadam. One was not even Muslim”

  1. big surprise, this happened to me two years ago, the police did nothing…infact the little old lady, senior, senior, senior witnessed it and began to cry, she was visiting her son and could barely speak English, but the arabic guy screamed in arabic as he hurled the stone, jusst missed my head….me sauntering along chewing on my granola bar, also carrying Israd Manjis book, the Trouble with Islam, near the subway….the psychotically brain conditioned damaged cops, demanded to know why I was carrying the book, and then just dismissed my cause, because when I checked about it later at the community nearest station,,,there was absolutely no record of it….

    • … the psychotically brain conditioned damaged cops, demanded to know why I was carrying the book, and then just dismissed my cause…

      Guess how much respect these Muslim thugs have for their sheltering and protective local police? ZERO! Cops like these will be frog marched to the chopping block double time along with the nearest rabbi.

  2. I guess this story is indicative of how ‘mighty’ the French muslims feel about themselves in their little islamic englaves.
    There’s no shortage of muslims in my Toronto neighbourhood.
    They congregate in grassy areas/parks during the Ramadan afternoons.
    I guess the easiest way to fast, for some folks, is to get far away from the kitchen and out of the house altogether. Oh, what piety, eh?

    In honor of these two victims of vigilante-Sharia I will head out for a plate of baklava later.

    Just up the road is a Lebanese bakery/cafe.

    I go there in the afternoon, since the place is empty during Ramadan. (Well, prior to sundown.)

    If you’ve never enjoyed an afternoon plate of sweeet, messy, delicious baklava in front of a half dozen fasting muslim bakery/cafe employees, you don’t know what you’re missing.

    1.) Fresh, well-made Baklava
    2.) Stares and glares from hungry muslims
    3.) The sh/t-eating grin on my face while I gorge on the fresh baklava.

    Too bad they don’t serve beer.
    A honey lager would go great with some Baklava. 😉

    • If you’ve never enjoyed an afternoon plate of sweeet, messy, delicious baklava in front of a half dozen fasting muslim bakery/cafe employees, you don’t know what you’re missing.

      Good on ya, mate! Show those sand-loving, lamb-eating swine how it’s done in the West. Whilst I’m no fan of honey lagers (real Pilsners like Tuborg Grøn or Augustiner-Bräu for this Viking!), I’d cheerfully spot a sixer for us to guzzle in front of those drooling idiots. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dianne, that is application of sharia, plain and simple… When a mahoundian is found guilty of committing a crime by an infidel judge or jury, its (not his) relatives usually scream “racism”, “justice? This is bullshit” and so on because, in their sick minds, their crimes against us are nothing that they should be found guilty of and/or punished for.

    The cops’ disregard for what you went through and their refusal to file a report on what happened is exactly the same damn thing, but done by dhimmis instead of sharia judges or saudi-style “virtue” cops.

  4. I don’t understand why Muslims complain so much about fasting during Ramadan. I used to work at a place where we didn’t get to eat all day but no one complained. I’ve gone on a four day fast with no food and no water all day and all night, kept working and exercising and never complained when I saw someone eating. In fact, I never told anyone I was fasting since the New Testament tells Christians to conceal their fasting. I don’t understand where these people get off. I’ve read Muslims actually gain weight during Ramadan from all of the food they gorge on in the evening.

  5. Ramadan achieves nothing spiritual at all. It’s all a well-publicized public display of false piety. They only gorge themselves at night, so why should they even be hungry during the day? More than once I’ve had to fast for 24 hours for a medical thing, but it wasn’t so bad. By making a fuss they attract attention to themselves. Ignore them.

  6. Paula, having lived and worked in the middle east I can confirm what you say is correct. Working hours for muslims (not non-muslims) are shortened during ramadan and many sleep through much of the day. Many well-off arabs take long vacations abroad to avoid fasting altogether, so much so that one particular middle eastern government was forced to reduce the number of exit visas being granted during this time.

  7. To JoeKafir of Toronto,

    You know. I would never do that in a Muslim shop. You know why? Are you sure they wont add anything to that baklava. There are several examples of Muslim shop owners adding feces and other materials to the pastry or other food items.

    Also if you dont support these Muslim shops in any time of the year that would reduces some Zakat money and less violence in the world.

    I started boycotting all Muslim shops.

    • I started boycotting all Muslim shops.

      Simplest is best. When confronted with a life-and-death threat like Islam, binary options become the only truly sensible choices. It’s this precise calculus that will see Islam existentially obliterated.

      Muslims simply adore any “middle ground” because that’s where they can kill with impunity (“Oh, that was just someone from the tiny minority…”). There is no middle ground with Islam.

      The Koran’s central lesson is: KILL OR BE KILLED (by peaceful Muslims!).

      In some ways, it’s really quite alarming watching people learn this fundamental natural law over and fucking over again. Long ago, Darwin traced their biological trajectory and who are we to interfere with that inexorable process?

      Travel to some Muslim shithole tourist trap and get yourself beheaded. Darwin would approve.

  8. Raj,

    I totally get what you’re saying.

    The baklava that I just ate was FRESH, FRESH.
    The bakery employees are ‘piling up’ the various desserts for the post-sundown-post-fasting rush. They are making all of the baklava and such for their fellow muslims, not for me, so I don’t worry.

    I walked in to the counter where, standing at eye level, and two feet away from me, is the baklava case. A woman came from a few feet away and scooped my baklava into a box directly in front of me, at no point needing to turn away or take the baklava from my sight.
    I’ve been in there once before to get baklava a few years back, so I know their set-up and routine.

    That being said, would I walk into a kebab restaurant, in the same ramadan situation, and order a plate from the kitchen?
    NO NO. For exactly the reasons you stated.

    My bill for the half-pound of baklava and root beer was $6.72.
    A small gesture, akin to the MoToon I draw every time some muslim nut tries to kill a cartoonist or takes to the airwaves, irregardless of geographic location, and attempts to tell the citizens of Western countries what they can and can’t draw in their free societies.

    Honestly, I too avoid giving my ‘jizya’ to muslim businesses.
    I don’t eat at halal restaurants.
    I don’t eat any halal food. (No more Asian Delight samosas. Even their veggie samosas don’t sit so well in my stomach anymore.)

    For what it’s worth, Raj, I normally buy my baklava from a non-halal Greek bakery.
    Which is luckily just a couple doors down from where I get fresh-out-of-the-fryer, non-halal samosas.

    • Honestly, I too avoid giving my ‘jizya’ to muslim businesses.

      Too right! There’s only one ‘jizzya’ they deserve, and I’ve got it right here.


      It really is that simple. A portion of all zakat and jizya must go towards financing jihad. Any Muslim who contradicts this is a LIAR blasphemer worthy only of immediate execution by the nearest, more pious, arse-lifter.

      As the brilliant Pat Condell noted:

      …every concession to Islam is the thin end of an even bigger wedge“.

  9. AS I have saidbefore if they want to live in a perfect Muslim society, under Sharia Law I suggest they return to whatever ‘Islamic Paradise, they came from and leave us Infidels the hell alone. However as I have stated many times when it comes to Muslims it’s always their way or no way.

  10. Don’t let muslims rule over u while u still can rule yrself. Don’t regret later when yr children gets bullied by muslims or yr daughter raped & killed by muslims devils… bware of muslims in yr country. we hd enuf problems with muslims in our country bcos muslims rules over us and we hv to adjust ourselves even it’s too difficult for us. Let me remind u european & western countries, our country once was not muslims dominated, but becos our forefather were too good & lenient to these muslims immigrants who are ungrateful lot that cuased us hardship these days. BEWARE! of DOGS was signs of the past. Right now you must put sign in your vicinity “BEWARE! of MUSLIMS”

  11. ALL muzzies are members of the same evil murder cult. They ALL worship the same repulsive madman mohammed. ALL muzzies see the koran as their “holy book” They ALL need to be exterminated!

  12. I’d like to see the muzzies try to pull that shit in the USA.
    We all have guns. We know where the muzzies in our neighboorhoods live, what they drive, where they work, where their kids go to school. They are sitting ducks. We can take them out whenever we want.

    • Permit me to say that this sentiment is a more persuasive one (especially for any Muslim readers) than your previous reply—however unendurable the provocation [cough] Notre Dame [/cough] it arose from.

      PS: Welcome aboard. It’s certainly refreshing to read sentences not devoted to splitting hairs. As Oscar Wilde was reputed to have observed:

      It’s best to mince one’s words very finely as it makes them so much easier to eat afterwards.

  13. Muslims are a pest wherever they are. But this is not the real threat. What we should worry is they way they breed, much faster than,forget humans, they even outstrip rats. Soon Russia, Israel, and many countries Muslims will become a majority as they breed faster than non-Muslims. Even in a high birth rate country like India, they outstrip the Hindus in birth rate. Can u imagine what will happen to the countries with low birth rate countries like Europe ?

    • Can u imagine what will happen to the countries with low birth rate countries like Europe ?

      Yes, it’s called the “Muslim holocaust”, and no-FUCKING-body even wants (nor dares) to talk about it. This coming purge of the Continent will be part of a Third World War where it’s all too likely that Russia and Red China will (as they are already doing) side temporarily with Islam in order to deconstruct the West—only to then, just as quickly, turn around and rip Muslims a bright new shiny nuclear asshole … or twelve.

      I suppose that the ummah realizes how Red China’s Xinjiang Uyghurs are their own personalized “canary in the coal mine”. Not that they would scruple at doing the exact same fucking thing to all kufar (even as they screech about the CCP’s de-Islamization policies).

      The only disquieting aspect of that little birdie’s song is in how Muslims will feel an increased sense of desperation and fight even more brutally (as if that’s bloody-well possible to imagine). After all, any justification (regardless of how [cough] cartoons [/cough] flimsy) to ratchet up Islam’s perpetual Cycle of Violence™ is welcomed by Muslims: No matter how many of them have to die as part of obtaining that excuse. I give you how Paleostinians grinningly hurl their infants into IDF crossfire Baal’s furnace.

      Too late will our remaining world learn that one of the only alternatives to Maotown’s non-expulsionary ideological cleansing is a forest of smoking chimneys. As I’ve noted since the time that stories of the Uyghur pacification first surfaced: With all humanitarian considerations cast aside (as the PRC most certainly will do) how Communists deal with a large Islamic population will be one of the only alternate object lessons Westerners ever get a chance to see.

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