Cameron reminded me of someone when he was speaking in Turkey

I know I already posted this speech to Vlad. But there was a certain something about his speech that reminded me of another famous speech by another British Prime Minister.

Here is my feeling about Cameron’s shocking dhimmitude. By the way, it is well worth popping over to the original video on youtube and reading the comments. Some are very good.

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8 Replies to “Cameron reminded me of someone when he was speaking in Turkey”

  1. I surely must admit that there is some resemblance between Chamberlain and the present guy on Downing-street number ten. But I do not think that Turkey is bad enough to be compared with Nazi-Germany. I know that the present Turkey is occupying the main part of Kurdistan and a small part of Cyprus. I know that Greece is still having bad memories about the occupation of the Greek isles by Turkey, I know that Turkey is sending ships to Gaza to provoke a war between The Holy Land (in this case Israel) and the Arab world. But in Turkey there are no concentration-camps for Jews (not jet). They would like to but they are afraid I guess.
    The Turks like to sell their junk to Europe, washing-machines are from Turkey now, and my new Levi’s (Jewish jeans are coming from Turkey!), they are not a good as Levi’s from Italy of Belgium but when they are sold for the regular price the salesman makes more profit.
    By the way, did you know that almost all hard-drugs like morphine and heroine is coming to Europe through Turkey, their Afghan Muslims brothers are working their but off on the fields to harvest the papaver (poppy). All money made by the Taliban went first through Turkish hands. Closed borders would keep that merchandise out. If you know what I mean. Who will benefit more open borders to Turkey?

  2. And have you seen “Midnight Express”? Where a young innocent European man is put in a Turkish jail. One innocent young virgin-like man in jail with all those hairy fat Turks who haven’t seen a non-hairy back and a non hairy butt in their live! All those sweaty and hairy fat Turks would like to play “tickle me Elmo” with that young and innocent (at that time still virgin) man.
    The Turks in jail are lining up to give their Turkish sausages same European action. It must be horrible to share one prison cell with 20 or more Turkish inmates, heavily breathing and with a filthy bad breath grin. I guess it will be party all night long.
    I can only say this, if you love your virgin butt stay out of Turkey!

  3. Why am I not surprised!

    Established parties whether they are conservative , liberal or socialist , they are all the same garbage, but with a different name,

    England have a new prime minister and another one in the spirit of Neville Chamberlain!

  4. As if I do not have enough reason to either detest or mistrust anyone – including Jews or erspecially Jews such as Harold Pinter, Gerald Kaufman or the chief rabbi of England.

    England today, especially these elites like Cameron who comes from a very wealthy land owning family, is tryingto deal with the sins of their fathers, as are the Germans, unlike the spanish who do not want to know of anything of their bloody past or the french who are living off the past.

    The Germans are determined to build a great future; be best friends with Israel, work, work, work, study, study ,study. Recognizant of their murderous past, prepared to discuss; filled with a small degree of self loathing. Without Germany, not too many bright lights to compete with the USA or Japan.

    The British are a treacherous lying lot who deserve to be slaves to the muslims. I am amazed how many votes Gordon Brown obtained in the last election. Does any brit know of ” browns bottom”? Do a google search. Every head of every instituion in the uk is going muslim, in slo mo.

    Polite hate of jews, israel, america, christianity is common to the fish and chips gang. Maybe thereare some in the MI6 who know that Israel is their ally but I have watched enough of the BBC and read enough of TheGuardian to realize that this bunch deserves to be on all fours toward meccah or makkah, all the time. Their women – except Melanie Phillips – deserve to be in niqabs, because their men will not protect them. All their men will do, can do, is wiggle their hips and say tsk tsk.

    The number of votes for gordon brown convinced me of that. the only issues are where do canadians, americans, russians and israelis stand on the issues?

  5. vanhetgoor The Germans were present during the Turkish genocide of Armenian Christians and took notes. Unlike Germany, Turkey refuses to admit to it.

  6. What a perfect fool; he doesn’t know what he’s doing at all. This is very depressing. Somehow, the Muslims/Socialist continuum has managed to make this happen. In Elite circles, any sign of knowing what you’re doing is met with cries of “racist, islamaphobe, Geert Wilders, Nazi, and as a result, only people who know nothing are allowed to stay in the inner circle. Finding the truth and thinking for yourself is strictly forbidden. In this age, merrit means nothing, only one’s ability to shove those nagging questions down into a deep hole and get with the politically correct narrative are rewarded. We could lose this. We could really lose this. Is it going to come to civil war?

  7. Our side isn’t even being allowed to fight. Can’t see a civil war if its just them, and our leaders do nothing but surrender and beg to be defeated. How can we even have a civil war, which would indeed be preferable to being dhimmis under Islamic or leftist totalitarian rule.

  8. CAMERON you are fullll of baloney ! You dont know waht you are taliking about ! resign before it is too late your country will be at the mercy of TURKIE and you know it so all the people will be after you ! no place to hide after Cameron they will get you Islam is not willing to give they take and conquer !

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