From the editor of Inspire magazine.

 There has been a lot of talk about the magazine Inspire. The one thing that some people are talking about is they can’t find it. Only makes sense for a rational person to want to see something before they comment on it.

So here is page one.

Allah says: (And inspire the believers to fight) [al-Anfal: 65]. It is from this verse that we derive the name of our new magazine. The word used in the verse is “harid” which is commonly translated as incite. However, the word should properly be translated as inspire, motivate, or encourage. The word harid in Arabic carries none of the negative
connotations that the English word “incite” carries. To the contrary, it actually has the opposite meaning. The authoritative Arabic lexicon “Taj al-Arus” quotes the classical Arabic language scholar al-Zajjaj as saying that the verb hari? comes from the adjective harid, which means “a person or a being that
is perishing.” Therefore, he says that when you inspire someone towards something using the verb harid, you are saying that unless they do what you are inspiring them to do they would perish. So the word harid is an inspiration that saves a person and guides them towards what is good for them.

 harid is the word used in the above-mentioned
verse. According to this meaning by al-
Zajjaj, Allah is commanding His Messenger
to save the believers from perishing
by inspiring them to fight. This meaning is
supported by another verse in Qur’an where
Allah ??  says: (O you who believe! Respond
to the call of Allah and His Messenger when
they call you to what will give you life) [al-
Anf?l: 24]. Imam al-Qurtub? states that this
verse is referring to jihad. It is jihad that gives
this nation life. We survive through jihad and
perish without it. Our history is a testimony
to that.
This Islamic Magazine is geared towards
making the Muslim a mujahid in Allah’s
path. Our intent is to give the most accurate
presentation of Islam as followed by the
Salaf as-Salih. Our concern for the ummah
is worldwide and thus we try to touch upon
all major issues while giving attention to the
events unfolding in the Arabian Peninsula as
we witness it on the ground. Jihad has been
deconstructed in our age and thus its revival
in comprehension and endeavor is of utmost
importance for the Caliphate’s manifestation.
Under the media foundation of al-Malahem,
we present the first magazine to be issued
by the al-Q?`idah Organization in the
English language. In the West; in East, West
and South Africa; in South and Southeast
Asia and elsewhere are millions of Muslims
whose first or second language is English.
It is our intent for this magazine to be a
platform to present the important issues
facing the ummah today to the wide
and dispersed English speaking Muslim
readership. We also call upon and encourage
our readers to contribute by sending their
articles, comments or suggestions to us.
We ask Allah ?? to assist us in this endeavor
and to guide you and us towards the truth.

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  1. According to this meaning by al-
    Zajj?j, All?h is commanding His Messenger
    to save the believers from perishing
    by inspiring them to fight

    It gets worse… According to Raymond Ibrahim’s essay, When Will Westerners Stop Westernizing muslim Concepts?, the jihad against us is supposed to be an act of altruism and love… Yep, altruism and love to “free us from the misery of rejecting mahound and its (not his) imaginary alter-ego allah.”

    Mahoundian epistemology gets scarier and scarier the more you know about it…

  2. You know, Kafir, I’m not prone to believing in the supernatural, but that thing about Islam getting more and more evil the more you study it is true. It’s as if the whole thing was conceived by Satin Himself. The depth is astounding, do you ever get to the bottom? Is our whole Western notion of evil simply the reflection of Isam; did they create us?

  3. i haven’t yet read the whole magazine, but from this excerpt i think it will be a huge success if Allah wills. this will contribute to the polarization of the world’s population, and build up the conflict between good and evil. the suffering of millions of people in this world is caused by the actions of a few western leaders, and it is up to the Muslims to free the world from tyranny. the Mujahideen are the only people opposing the western tyrants, and so we should do our best to spread their messages (just like this blog is doing). we should get more bloggers to release more excerpts from the magazine for the Muslims online.
    Lastly i would like to remind the believers that truth will prevail, but we have to be patient. we cannot rush the plan of Allah. Allah’s plan is strong and it favors the Muslims, so be patient and let the kufar intoxicate themselves with their lusts for now, but soon they will witness the fruits of their actions. and they (the kufar) can never claim that their lives in this world were perfect, yet they march headlong to their doom.

  4. Mark Iannicelli also known as Muhammad Li
    Chugach View
    1280 East 17th Ave. Apt. 228
    Anchorage, Alaska 99501
    Dear Brothers and Sisters ,
    Please forward this letter to Inspire magazine , Hezbollah, Taliban, and all Jihadist.
    My name is Mark Iannicelli but I am also known as Muhammad Iannicelli, Muhammad Li, and Mark Muhammad Li.
    I am a victim of nonconsensual human experimentation and systematic debilitating torture. I was surgically implanted with microscopic probes. Probes can have different functions. Some probes burn. Probes can shock, probes can itch , Probes implanted in my brain can gather intelligence wirelessly on a laptop from a long distance.
    Some implants can slowly destroy organs over the years like my heart kidneys and liver.Probes by a company called Verichip have a model called “The Border” and are used to track people by G.P.S.. In Brownsville, Texas I was refused entry into the United States by U.S. Customs and U.S. Immigration. When I illegally crossed the U.S./Mexico Border the Border Patrol videotaped me crossing the Rio Grande River.
    Perpetrators like the U.S. Secret Service, F.B.I. , U.S. Marshalls. , C.I.A. and the military.
    Other technology implanted into myself isV2k (Voice To Skull).
    It is my theory that all Muslims taken prisoner at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and held in an American Prison. (I read that there was a secret C.I.A. prison in Thailand)After prisoners are released they can slowly have their health damaged and be under constant surveillance.
    Their heart liver and kidney can slowly be damaged like mine over many years.This is an evil enemy that must be destroyed all over the world.
    The following websites can help you understand: , contact the people at , , , and ultradocs.htm.
    In the Holy Quran it says Allah gives his blessing to those that free a slave.
    Approximately 550 people and myself are slaves of the U.S. Government and we need a safe place from America with a Neutron microscope , doctors and freedom fighters that can capture interrogate and bring us justice by putting them on trial because America will never do it.
    These evil lower forms of life are an example why the U.S. Constitution is fake and that the justice system of America revolves around money.The U.S Constitution promises life , liberty, and happiness.
    A jihad “FIQ” that would be more popular would be exposing the covert evil of these scientist and their crews of thug lowlifes that travel with them.
    Can you find them, torture them, and videotape them as they tell about all the surgical procedures, funding, victims and murder. With all their intelligence exposed the world would hate them and no one would care what happened to them if you could broadcast it to the world.
    A trial and their heads cut off would be just punishment as they have had approval money and assistance from every federal law enforcement agencie’s Office of Commerce ,Science and Technology includingthe senate, Congress, Dept. of Justice, U.S. Treasury Dept., the military and Intelligence agencies like the U.S. Secret Service, C.I.A. and N.S.A..
    When I was teaching English at Haoshi Foreign Language School in Dashiqiao, Yingkou College of Vocational Technology in Yingkou , The Northeast Agricultural University in Harbin and Line Start Foreign Language School in Kunshan I was harassed and watched by the American perpetrators. The People’s Republic of China knows their identification from issuing Chinese Drivers LICENSE AND THEIR COPIES OF THEIR PASSPORTS. I WAS IN THE People’s Republic of China from 2002 -2006.
    Wherever I go they follow and I will be glad to lead them to you so you can capture them. They will usually be road bound in cars, they carry and give out cash for people to signal by placing their index fingers in their mouths at different distances when I am in the area so they can use the public to aid them in surveillance but they use people for harassment too.It is my hope that they are captured interrogated , videotaped and killed. I wish I could free myself and the other victims.Due to counterintelligence tactics be warned that they may impersonate me drunk on the phone, in letters, on the internet and make crazy statements, derogatory sexual statements,disrespectful statements or they may attempt to try and gather intelligence.I will contact later if I can get out of the country alive. I have already encountered false arrest , beatings, tear gassing during a false arrest at the Anchorage East Complex Jail. One tactic they do is they tell people that are of other minorities and cultures that I am secretly prejudice so at the University of Alaska at Anchorage I am mistreated.
    Mark Iannicelli a.k.a. Muhammad Li

  5. I believe the interpretation, of Allah says: (And inspire the believers to fight) the word fight in that passage refers to the -fight for faith.
    Not to literally fight.

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