Pakistan: ISI Paid For Boat To Transport Mumbai Attackers

Interesting STRATFOR SITREP. So, back in the days of the Bay of Ton Kin (sp) this would most certainly have meant war. Of course, so would the sinking of the Chon An not long ago. It seems the whole idea of letting rogue states aquire nuclear weapons is that they can then make random harsh hits on their ideological enemies for no actual direct gain and everyone is afraid to act in retaliation as they may get nuked for it.

I hope people think this through before Iran is permitted to get the bomb.


July 16, 2010
David Headley said Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) gave Lashkar-e-Taiba 2.5 million rupees ($53,000) to buy a boat to carry the Mumbai attackers from Karachi, The Times of India reported July 16. The terrorists then hijacked an Indian fishing boat at the Pakistani maritime boundary to reach Mumbai. Headley has identified two ISI officers who handled the attackers through a voice sample, and Indian investigators have information indicating that ISI chief Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha met one of the handlers, Sajjid Mir, who is currently held in a Pakistani jail. All of the information has been shared with Pakistan, an Indian source said.

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  1. What, did Mahmoud and Kim and whomever is running Pakistan all go to the same dictator school? Who would even think of such devious stuff? (well, other than Adolph Hitler) This is how it’s going to be folks-just like the man says. Either we get on this right now, and get a little dirty, or it’s going to grow to full size. Imagine nuclear Syria, nuclear Arabia, nuclear Myanmar, nuclear Gaza, nuclear Panama, nuclear Liberia, nuclear Zaire…..

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