A short compilation of some of the peace activists at Toronto’s G 20

I wonder if these guys are gonna be on the next flotilla to Gaza

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3 Replies to “A short compilation of some of the peace activists at Toronto’s G 20”

  1. I would dearly like to know where all of these useful idiots got the funds to travel to this protest march , and who or what is pushing their buttons, these dirtbags aren’t bright enough to coordinate this type of action on their own. I would like to see these ‘demonstrators’ try these types of antics in a Dictatorship or one of those Islamic countries under Sharia Law. If not shot or beaten, after being arrested and tortured, question them and see if they still hate the ‘evil’ western nations and culture. After there is no Due Process or Habeas Corpus in those countries.

  2. Canada’s police force are either big pussies when it comes to these leftists OR thy are ordered from the politicos ( really big pussies) to do nothing.

    I would love to see the mall water hosed to the point they are completely drenched, soaked and especially in below O Celsius. How could the police allow them to burn a police car? At least 1/3 are thir because the ywill have a pension. But what of the other 2/3?

    Difficult not to lose some respect for the cops after watching this

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