Cultural enrichment in England.

H, being the 8th letter in the English alphabet, has created a new fashion trend in the UK. Check out the T shirts in the second video where the UAF staged a counter demonstration once they knew that the EDL wasn’t actually going to show up. A clear HH on them standing of course for Islam’s religion of peace role model, Hitler. Heil Hitler being the purpose of the HH or 88. In the video immediately below. you can see the wonderful benefits that a diverse rich injection of culture has brought to the UK.

Look for the guys with the HH around 40 seconds

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  1. Was the first of these videos also shot today? If the young Mohammedans were heading for Downing Street, perhaps they were looking for a confrontation with the One Law for All demo that took place this afternoon?

    The second video clearly demonstrates how much of the East End of London has been ethnically cleansed of indigenous people, much of this flight being due to understandable fear of the Mohammedan incomers.

  2. Where is the Spirit of 1939?

    Where are those who remember the stories their grandparents told of the war?

    Where is the utter disgust against Islam/Muslims who abuse their rights to promote the very hatred that was pitted against the people of the UK during WWII?

    Are the people really that blind, that they cannot see that Islam is the older, more ogranized cousin of Nazism?

  3. Total false alarm, he’s wearing a Helly Hansen T-shirt, that’s all. Check them out on Wikipedia or Google “Helly Hansen T-shirts” and choose the “Shopping” link.

  4. Note the guy with the white “hoodie” and red wind breaker who’s shown just seconds before the HH guy… His “hoodie” has the numbers 88 on it… HH & 88 equals same difference…

  5. I know but in the post itself the author talks specifically about the Helly Hansen T-shirt, and says that their logo stands for Hitler. Which it does not.

    I live in “the frozen north” and people go around here with Helly Hansen gear on all the time. I can assure you that this does not mean that people living here support Adolf bloody Hitler.

    If you want to make that assertion about anyone – even someone supporting such an event – then you’re going to need more than that.

    On the other hand, at around 40 secs there’s a guy with a black headband on – I wouldn’t mind knowing what it says on *that* piece of clothing!

  6. You want to be careful too, Vlad. Helly Hansen are a huge firm and if they got wind of your blog making comments such as the ones in this post – deliberately linking their logo to Hitler by saying that “of course” this is what it stands for – you could land in very hot water indeed.

    It may be possible to argue that some of the fellows at this event share some beliefs with some of the poisonous ideologies that have arisen before now in human history. It may be possible that some of them wear clothing that indicates this. And if this is the case, then it ought to be pointed out.

    But this is a stretch. I think that double checking each other is worthwhile, so that none of us end up in any unncessary trouble, and so that people like your good self can continue with all the work you do, untroubled by any pointless hassles from outside parties. Know what I mean?

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