At last! East Asians demonstrate against Muslim Violence in Europe

This article doesnt specifically state Muslim violence but its pretty clear from the regions named and the insinuations. French and Vietnamese and I think Chinese people marching together to protest Islamic violence in France. However I am stunned by the fact that especially in England, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and for that matter, Tibetan and so on people do not march in giant numbers to protest the racist BBC for constantly referring to “Asian” crime or “Asian riots” etc. when it is not a matter of race at all, but of culture and religion, specifically, Islam. Some estimates have this demo at 15,000 to 20,000 people. Some wore T shirts saying “Security for all” a reference to Islamic crime against all other communities in France.

Video below the article:


Anti-violence Chinese protest in Paris ends in tear gassing

(AFP) – 1 hour ago

PARIS — Paris police tear-gassed demonstrators from the city’s Chinese community Sunday when a march to protest a spate of violent robberies descended into scuffles after a demonstrator’s bag was stolen.

Police said some 8,500 demonstrators turned out onto the streets of city’s eastern Belleville district, where they called for “coordinated and concerted” action by the authorities against the growing number of attacks.

Trouble broke out as the demonstration was breaking up with scuffles erupting between a group of around a dozen youths and 50 young demonstrators, police sources told AFP.

According to multiple witnesses, the trouble started when a bag belonging to one of the demonstrators was stolen. Police were forced to intervene and three people were arrested, said the police source.

Police tear-gassed the crowd after objects were thrown at them, prompting demonstrators to overturn cars and block traffic in the area for several hours.

Belleville is an ethnically diverse district of the French capital that has seen an influx of Asian immigrants in the last 10 years.

According to organisers from French-Chinese organisations, who distributed 5,000 T-shirts and stickers saying “Security For All”, it was the largest demonstration by the Chinese community on record in France.

“French-Asian associations are marching for the first time against the lack of security,” said the president of the organisers, Chan Sing Mo. “If the problem continues, we’ll come out again in larger numbers.”

In the last few months, Chinese in the French capital have been subjected to attacks and violent robberies by youths in Belleville and other parts of eastern Paris, and many feel at a disadvantage as immigrants.

“Those who can’t speak French or don’t have proper papers are not able to complain,” a florist in Belleville told AFP.

An article here on Blogger News Network has much more info:

Here is a video of the East Asians being attacked on the way home from the demo by what the article refers to as Black and S Asian (Muslims) who target the East Asian community for crime frequently.

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6 Replies to “At last! East Asians demonstrate against Muslim Violence in Europe”

  1. It’s heartening to see French citizens of Vietnamese and Chinese extraction standing up to the violent bullying of their Muslim neighbours, but sad to read that the demonstration descended into violence following the scuffle. We need all non-Muslims in our societies to unite against the Islamic menace. The fact that people from these East Asian ethnic groups have taken this first step in France seems to me to indicate that people are reaching the end of their tether when it comes to forced acceptance of Islam and the ugly attitudes and behaviours that it promotes. May there be many more such demonstrations.

    Like you Eeyore (and I’m sure the many people who get lumped in with Muslims) I’m exasperated by the BBC’s use of the catch-all term “Asian”.

  2. Evidently the French Government has failed it’s citizens miserably, the first obligation of government is to keep order and it’s citizens safe.

  3. Duro what never ceases to disgust me is that the BBC and other UK news agencies I’m certain claim they use the term Asian to avoid being racist when of course Islam is a motive of behaviour and being Asian is not or if it is, so much more subtly our science is not there yet. Its typical of this new period where up is down etc. Israel is evil for defending herself and is an “apartheid” state when it has 1,000,000 Arab Muslims living with full rights within it and Arab Muslims on the Supreme Court and yet no one mentions apartheid when it comes to Gazanians killing their own family members for selling property to Jews, Islamic slave trade of black people Muslim or not and Saudi Arabia and Iran’s clear apartheid on women.

    I could stretch this into a whole article but I’m sure you get the point. Its through the looking glass journalism.

  4. Its great to see that there are those who recognize the collective Muslim threat and will visibly protest against it.

    Now if only the rest of the world would do the same…

  5. The Muslim angle is the first thing that flashed into my mind when I read this in the paper, especially when they described the aggressors as “youths”. It’s really shameful of the Western media not to name names. Anyone who doesn’t know better will mistake the robberies to be committed by whites or other East Asians ie. “Belleville … has seen an influx of ASIAN IMMIGRANTS in the last 10 years.” What kind of *Asian immigrants* pray tell?

    It’s high time other ethnic minorities joined the counterjihad. I’m Chinese and it does me proud to see my people taking action against these thugs. Security For All, indeed!

    @ Eeyore
    “I’m certain claim they use the term Asian to avoid being racist ”

    The irony is in their PC pretzel minded aversion to being racist, they are being racist. Islam is not a race, Asian is a race – or at least it is racially based. Non-Muslim Asians should call out the BBC for their blatant racism in tarring all of them with the same brush. I guess all Asians are the same to the BBC, hmm?

  6. Who is this weirdo, George Holloway? Obviously, another useful idiot for Islam.
    Man, you guys are in real trouble. I’m praying for your country just like I’m praying for mine.

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