This says it all. “it’s our country now”

Here is a comment from Youtube on a video about the E.D.L.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture of 17 words is worth an entire nation.

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2 Replies to “This says it all. “it’s our country now””

  1. The EDL is no more of a fascist organization than the people who worked the homefront in WWII.

    Remember that, England?

    Remember the Battle of Britain?

    England is fighting a more desperate battle right now. Its a battle against political correctness gone wrong. Its about multicultural policies that have eroded what nationhood that the UK has left. Its about fighting ignorant, vote-grabbing politicians who care more for their own pocketbooks than the culture, land, and traditions that made Great Britain what it once was; a world power to contend with.

    Now the best that the EDL can expect from the liberal media is to get a few minutes air time between news of the latest atricities that Muslims commit.

    May the EDL and the western world prevail.

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