Protest for Islamic face covering disguises

Here is a video of more grateful Islamic immigrants to Europe showing their eagerness and appreciation for all the good things they received at the expense of European nations, and how they hope to integrate and contribute. H/T Baron Bodissey

Was that the Al Queda Jihad flag watermark in the above video? Or are they just full of hate to see us, in our own countries.

Oh look! Talking bags! If only the unknown comic had thought of this:

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7 Replies to “Protest for Islamic face covering disguises”

  1. You should warn people not to listen to these vids, especially the second, with headphones. The sound is so high pitched it’s possibly ear damaging.

  2. Currently the year is 1431 according to the Islamic calendar, a full 5, 3/4 centuries behind…….nothing more to say really. Oh, except for the fact, that I suspect many Belgian restaurants must be missing some nice, white tablecloths and linen shops who are flat out of bed sheets.

  3. I hope the spineless, liberal,apologist, will kiss any butt to get elected Politicians that allowed this mass invasion are enjoying the fruits of their new loyal constituency. M0st of these feckless office holders are worse than prostitutes , now that the ‘ genie’ is out of the bottle all you will hear from from these fraudulent lackeys is a plea for calm, understanding, and tolerance, while the invading hoard bleeds the host country, on the dole and getting a free education with such arrogance that is sickening.

  4. I would venture to say they are more like several hundred centuries behind. Why? Because despite the spewage of most Muslim appologists when certain ‘traditional’ Islamic practices are raised, baby rape was not normal in Arab culture in Mohamed’s time. That was a particular innovation of their special little prophet, just like ending adoption so that Muhammed could have sex with his adopted Son’s wife. In other words, normal compassionate cultural and legal norms existed at the time of Mohamed, which is not at all surprising as the Arabian peninsula was all Jewish, Christian and Pagan (Meccan) at the time. So their norms back then would have seemed comfortable to the western world.

    Mohamed’s innovations actually set Arabia back to a time that in fact may never have existed at all for all we know. I am unaware of any other culture or period of history where what is considered blessed behaviour in Islam, would not be thought of as an unimaginable crime to the rest of humanity. So let’s say some prehistoric, primitive man may have used such force based and hedonism based logic. Then we are into the hundreds of centuries, that is to say, if it ever existed at all.

  5. How many of these protestors in burqas are actually women and not men staking out sites for robberies and the like?

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