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6 Replies to “Mark Steyn: ‘What if the world did turn Muslim?’”

  1. Mr. Steyn is right on target again. In the warped mind those afflicted with the mental disorder Of Liberalism that seems fine, however they would be the first ones to be sanctioned in a ‘hell on earth’, a perverted religious ‘New World Order’.

  2. Telling like it is.

    Next time you encounter a Liberal ready to call you out as a racist, or even worst, politically incorrect, just ask them how many Liberal socialist parties there are in the democratic Islamic nations, those very few in Dar al-Islam.

    Would that be a big fat zero?

  3. Kaffir_Kanuck
    And if they are not leftist they must be conservative that is about how far their minds can comprehend.

    Actually i believe Islam is much more like the leftist then right wing.
    They both hate capitalism, they both require large government they both require government regulation of everything and so on.

  4. Do you folks remember a Dutch “justice” minister saying that if a majority of “Dutch” citizens (of Moroccan and Turkish origin, of course) wanted sharia for the Netherlands, their wishes should be granted through democratic means?

    Now, by the same token, why is it wrong for the Dutch to democratically resist sharia and opensewerization/islamization by supporting Geert Wilders? Or for Flemish voters to do the same by supporting Vlaams Belang? Huh? In this case, the sharia monkeys are all up in arms against democratic means, aren’t they? Their shameless double-standards couldn’t get anymore disgusting or hypocritical.

  5. And, by the way, it isn’t only leftards who wouldn’t want to live in the mahoundian world… Most mahoundians don’t wan that either, and their endless hordes of bogus* asylum seekers are proof of that.

    Not too long ago, the Religion of Peace featured a “Picture of the Week” depicting Afghan bogus refugees at the British-French border, praying to mahound’s imaginary alter-ego allah to help them make it into Britain. The caption read something along the lines of “why is it that they have to pray to get into an infidel country, instead of praying for their own mahoundian open sewers not to be the horrible places that they are?”

    *A mahoundian seeking asylum in the West, given how those of their ilk, once no longer faced with the danger of being sent back to the dunes and caves they’re from, work tirelessly to recreate in their newly-adopted countries the exact same conditions from their places of origin used as an excuse to obtain refugee status, is a bogus asylum seeker by definition; and, therefore, having never had anything to run away from, should never be given asylum in the West. Too bad PC/MC nonsense has never allowed this issue to be treated as it should, except when a few politicians who get it, such as Geert Wilders, speak out on the issue.

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