This week’s Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files

This week’s stories remind us once again of how ‘old fashioned’, rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’, irrational ideology. The Loony Left in its mission to create a better, more thoughtful world continues to cast aside what they consider the useless notions of public consultation, debate and majority consent in favour of their gentler, wiser, dictatorial approach. Initially we at vladtepesblog were reluctant to post these stories, as we felt they may provide more data for the social engineers of our cities to expand their role of government interference in our personal choices and anything else enjoyable. Quickly concluding they will rail on regardless, we got over it. Enjoy.

#1. From The U.K.  Man Banned from Buying Flowers. Co-op Supermarket customer David Houlgate wanted to buy some flowers for his daughters but was denied the purchase after store staff told him they had ‘passed their due date’. Despite the fact that the flowers had been reduced for sale and had some life left, the grocery had slated them for destruction.

‘I can understand not selling food which has gone past its sell-by date – but flowers? I did tell the manager that I wasn’t planning on eating them, but she insisted I could not have them”, Mr. Houlgate said adding, ‘It’s frankly ridiculous that flowers cannot be sold to someone willing to buy them simply because they are past their sell-by date.’ Co-op’s customer relations officer reiterated store policy stating, ‘In the case of plants and flowers, we are unable to guarantee the quality of these products after their expiry date, therefore instruct the store not to sell them.’

A man was told he could not buy a bunch of tulips because they had  reached their 'use by' date

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