Michael Coren interviews Nick Bergamini, the Carleton student attacked for being a supporter of Israel

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Michael Coren on the Ottawa machete attack

It was only a matter of time. Some of us have reported for months now that Jewish students have been intimidated and threatened on campuses across Canada by Islamic thugs. Now Nick Bergamini has been attacked with a lethal weapon and, it seems, could easily have been killed. He happens not to be Jewish but a conservative, a Zionist and friendly with Jewish and Israeli students. First they came for the Jews, then they came for their friends, then we have more Israeli Apartheid Week sessions.

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7 Replies to “Michael Coren interviews Nick Bergamini, the Carleton student attacked for being a supporter of Israel”

  1. Good for Nick, he has huge support.

    All I want is to see the bastards deported. A smooth and quick deportation mechanism, a little tweaking of our laws to bring them up to date to accommodate Islam, is what is needed in Canada, and maybe other nations can learn from our innovation. God, there’s gotta be a way to tweak egalitarian secular democratic laws to deal with murder and incitement. D’ya think we are up to it??

    It’s becoming normalized worldwide to incite genocide against only Jews and Israel. Nations incite and train whole populations to hate them. In Canada we have even our government employees’ union CUPE out in the streets giving Nazi salutes in favour of Palestinian violence! Really inspires me to pay my taxes!!

    As soon as democratic secular nations begin to take this seriously, prosecute and enact consequences on all the forms it takes – from the mosques and madrassas, hate speech protests and flag burnings, intimidation at the universities, terror front organizations – with proper consequences, we will begin to turn this mess around.

    Contrary to Obama’s diktat that there is no war does no make it so. This is a war on Islam simply because they have declared it on us even though too many people can’t digest the concept. We need to act as on a war footing.

    For a reminder, please review Undercover Mosque if you haven’t seen it already. This is in the UK but it applies to North America as well…


    Our laws were not formulated to resist a phenomenon like the Islamic ideological onslaught and it’s time to bring them up to speed to deal with it.

    Mass immigration can work in reverse too. We’ll make our country a better place.

  2. At Berkeley, a Jewish girl was attacked a few weeks ago, in the middle of campus, in broad daylight. They rammed a shopping cart into her from behind. Luckily, they caught the attacker.

  3. I wish that Canada was free of all muslims and libs ( that includes a lot of jews too).

    Muslims and lying libs have really screwed up Canada

  4. Muslims attack in large gangs because they are usually gutless to do it themselves that is why Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq only attacked in unison against Israel in 1973 and in 1948.

  5. R B Berkley had both of them arrested for assault showing that campus’s are now so afraid of Muslims that if a Jew is attacked they charge them with a crime even if, as in the case at Berkley, she didn’t even defend herself. Amazing. here is the story about the initial thing http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=20297

  6. Canada, the US, Europe and Israel need to be hit and hit hard; be it nuclear or chemical. Maybe 2x, maybe 3x until real change against Islam begins.

    I do not see how a change could happen to the west’s pansy culture towards muslims before this happens.

    Every western country, with the possible exception of Italy and Canada is lead by fabian socialists and mentally deranged liberals.

  7. Abu, you are right. 9/11 was not enough to wake enough people up, I realize that often, and hate to think that the only solution is a BIG hit. Leftism is more entrenched now as a result of 9/11… a national case of Stockholm syndrome, manifesting now in the Obama (PBUH) administration.

    I was trying to recall what countries besides Canada that have enough balls to actually say they side with Israel and I had forgotten about Italy. Geeze only two??? Maybe Poland. Pretty sad commentary on the state of the world.

    Now that Islamics are becoming emboldened to the point of absurdity, things will certainly heat up. It might take worldwide civil wars to do it. I’m with ya on this.

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