More on the Quebec Niqkab woman.

Turns out CTV and CBC not surprisingly have sanitized this story quite a bit, omitting more onerous demands that men not face her etc. in the class. This women clearly went in with the intention of agitating and eventually going to the HRC. The plain fact is, this was tactical. The women never intended to go there to learn French, but to teach sharia for control and profit. Another thing that really annoys me about the Canadian attitude. In the CTV video below, you see some professional Canadian from some Multi-Culti board or another use the usual platitudes of compromise and balance. Utterly emetic.. To these spoiled civil servants, when a Muslim demands that all Jews in Canada be dead, they believe that it would be a satisfying decision just to make them all really really sick.

Thanks to our reader Kaffir_Kanuc for finding this Gazzette article:

An unidentifed woman wears a niqab. A judge's decision not to allow a woman to wear the Muslim head covering has sparked a legal and religious debate.More Images »

An unidentifed woman wears a niqab. A judge’s decision not to allow a woman to wear the Muslim head covering has sparked a legal and religious debate.

Photograph by: Phil Noble/Reuters, np

Quebec Immigration Minister Yolande James authorized the expulsion of a Muslim woman from a government-sponsored French class at Cégep St. Laurent, a report said Tuesday.

The student, an Egyptian who is a permanent resident of Canada and who wears a veil over her face known as a niqab, apparently refused to reveal her face in class and insisted male students not face her, according to La Presse.

The Cégep tried various ways to accommodate the woman between February and November 2009. But the situation became tense and created problems at the school.

Roger Giroux, the director of francization with the Quebec Department of Immigration, made several requests to the woman for her to remove the veil at the risk of being expelled. She refused and insisted that Giroux’s ultimatum be confirmed in writing. Giroux informed the woman in a letter that she was indeed required to remove her niqab in order to participate in the class, since part of the objective of the class is to encourage interaction with other students.

The woman was informed, however, that she could take the same class on the Internet.

The woman has since then apparently complained to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which will study the complaint in the coming months, La Presse said.

The woman initially agreed to remove her niqab when meeting with a female student advisor and when posing for her school ID card. She also agreed to receive some instruction without the niqab from a female teacher in an isolated area of the school.

The school’s accommodations extended to allowing the woman to give an oral presentation at the far end of the classroom facing away from other students. It became difficult to provide the woman with the instuction that is part of the curriculum, the La Presse report explained, because it involves teaching proper elocution and seeing how a person pronounces words in French.

The report notes that although there are regular requests for special accommodations in French classes for cultural reasons – some of which are deemed acceptable and some not – the cases rarely lead to expulsion. This was the only student expelled because of that among 39,000 students last year.
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Below, please find a nicely sanitized version from CTV news:

Same tactic tried in England:

interesting analysis:
thank you don’t bend over for allah

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  1. In the Province of Quebec they can beat up Jews, burn down Synagogues, take over student councils and publish hate propaganda masquerading as “student agendas”, march in the streets carrying placards threatening to usurp our society, and self ghettoize themselves in enclaves that resemble their countries of origin far more than they even remotely resemble ours and La Belle Province hardly twitches… But now they have threatened the French language…. SO NOW IT’S PERSONAL!!!

    Father Grace

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