Wonderful video of Dutch people protesting for Geert.

This is heart warming. Maybe the Dutch aren’t such Dodo’s after all. I mean Dodo not in the sense of stupid, but in fact the Dodo was a very friendly and curious, trusting bird who in fact which was slaughtered into extinction, ironically by Dutch sailors, because they couldn’t resist walking up to them to see what all the fuss was.
Maybe Islam is the revenge of the Dodo. But in any case, its wonderful to see these ordinary folk of all ages come out and support freedom as personified by Geert Wilders. They have my deepest and most sincere affection, dodo jokes notwithstanding.

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7 Replies to “Wonderful video of Dutch people protesting for Geert.”

  1. I think that many leftists have not kept up with the way the ‘left’ has changed over the last 20 years. Those who are prosecuting this case, when they lose, will have their destructive agenda exposed and hopefully will be run out of town on a rail. Maybe some who have traditionally supported the left will learn from all this.

  2. Geert is the onmly person I have heard of so far who is courageous enough to come right out and speak the truth. People, esp. the simpering, ignorant leftests, are so confused, it’s a shame. What the non-Muslim world needs is an education. Let Wilders teach. Hurray for him ! Stand by him ! He’s a savior !

  3. My family and I survived a totalitarian government by escaping to Canada, and starting from scratch, so have first-hand experience how beautiful freedom truly is.
    Islam is not a religion, but an idealogy which controls every aspect of one’s life, and limits freedom of speech, thought and every other aspect of behavior.

    Islam is a hate-filled idealogy which is successful in countries with little or no educational standards, where the radical minority (imams) control people, keeping them ignorant, dis-empowered and under their thumbs. This is perhaps why Islamic countries have no technology, no innovation, no literature & no intellectual achievements – just oil reserves. They are using that as currency to establish a global caliphate so a totalitarian way of life will bring civilization back to the seventh century.

    As to leftists espousing the Islamic cause, it’s perfectly understandable. Every leftist I have ever met is the same ignorant “idealist” who thinks socialists can be our friends, that they are peace-loving & hard-working, and that it is the conservatives who are evil because they refuse to drink the Kool-Aid. They believe unions are great because they force higher & higher wages on businesses, that bigger governments mean more efficiency and more jobs, and that the way out of debt is to print more money. Much like that disaster Obama, currently working hard at bringing a world Superpower to Third-World status.

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