Muslim mother hid bomb manual in her burka and ‘considered turning her children into human bombs’

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From The Daily Mail:

By David Williams and James Tozer
Last updated at 12:14 AM on 03rd November 2009

Threat: Houria Chahed Chentouf hid a memory stick containing thousands of terror documentsThreat: Houria Chahed Chentouf hid a memory stick containing thousands of terror documents

A mother of six tried to smuggle ‘a mini encyclopedia of weapons making’ into Britain by concealing a small computer memory stick under her burka.

Moroccan-born Houria Chahed Chentouf, who was obsessed with the idea of Islamic holy war, had tied the device into her sleeve.

But it fell out in front of police when she was stopped at Liverpool’s John Lennon airport after she arrived from Holland.

The stick contained contained more than 7,000 files that might have been useful to terrorists.

Hand-written documents also seized by anti-terrorist officers showed the former tax official was considering whether she and her children should become human bombs.

The chilling note indicated that she was prepared to sacrifice her life and that of her children for the sake of her religion.

She wrote: ‘Myself and my children would seek revenge, we would be bombs for the sake of this religion, may Allah forgive you.’

Chentouf, 41, who has dual British and Dutch citizenship, had ‘developed an obsessive interest in Jihad and the more extreme forms of Islam’ though internet chatrooms, Manchester Crown Court heard.

She was yesterday sentenced to two years in prison after admitting two offences of possessing documents likely to be useful for a terrorist.

However, she walked free, having served her time on remand after her arrest in October last year.

Liverpool John Lennon AirportLiverpool John Lennon Airport: Where the memory stick was found (file image)

Judge Michael Henshell told her a ‘huge amount’ of material was found on the device – a pen drive – but said there was ‘no evidence you intended to pass it on to anybody’.

The court heard that Chentouf, who has addresses in Manchester and The Hague, has a mental illness triggered by the death of a family member, and had previously tried to harm herself.

Her behaviour may have been affected by this and her culpability was at the lower end of the scale for the offence, the judge added.

Officers say that, while they don’t know what her intentions were, it was clear she had connections with terrorists around the world, including a man jailed in Holland.

Police said Chentouf, who is divorced and was planning to move to the UK permanently, had become agitated as soon as she was stopped at the airport and when she made a pretence of bending down to scratch her leg, the pen drive fell out.

She was charged under the Terrorism Act 2000.

The memory stick contained more than 7,000 files, 6,500 of which were put on it two days before she travelled to Britain.

It was described by police as ‘a mini encyclopedia of weapons making’ and included an explosives manual for the ‘Brothers of the Mujahadeen’, an ‘encyclopedia of Jihad’ and instructions for settingupa terror training camp.

There was advice on how make bombs ‘maim and kill as many as possible’.

Searches of computers and laptops at her home revealed she had had chatroom conversations with militants.

The telephone numbers of radical preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed – who said the British public and government should be blamed for the London bombs that killed 52 people in July 2005 – were found.

Chentouf, who moved to Holland from her home city of Tangier as a 19-year-old, has children, aged four to 16, who are with her former husband in Holland.

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