Video on women in Islam.

Here is another video from STOPshariaLAWnow, the same person who brought us the stunning History of the Arab Slave trade Vlad Tepes subtitled.

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  1. There is lots of truth about all religions, read history books. All religions have a chapter of violence, including slavery and rape of women, looting and beheading, and all other types of crimes. Islam has its own that is tragic as well started right after Mohamed died.
    Most of other religions have stopped practicing these crimes and adopted more civilized terms, while Islamic groups continues to practice them and take human race 1430 years back. This is the difference

    • Hatem:

      Your comment is pablum. Sorry man, you may be a perfectly well meaning person but what you say is typical relativism and without a shred of meaningful truth.

      There is no comparison between Jesus telling a parable which involves violence and instructions to commit violence as Mohamed did day and night. Its like comparing a guy who watches die hard and a terrorist.

      Also Mohamed not only advised mass rape he engaged in it. All kinds every way he could. Even one of his ‘wives’ was a woman who’s family he brutally slaughtered right in front of her. Her son, her husband, and then he raped her that night. He made it ‘OK’ by having someone mutter a few words over it and call it marriage but lets be clear. No woman is going to want to marry the man and his other 10 wives who she has just watched slaughter her family right there in her home. Sorry.

      Most? No ALL of the other religions do not preach what Islam does. When they committed atrocious acts they did it in defiance of the scripture. When muslims commit acts of mass murder etc. it is so in accordance with scripture they often get streets named after them.

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