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One Reply to “New Pat Condel video”

  1. Great video. And it’s interesting to reflect on how dogma is imposed on fools by dishonest clergymen without being questioned, whereas in Buddhism and Judaism questioning the principles of those two faiths are actually part of following them.

    The other extreme, and the worst of the worst as far as one’s delegating their ability to think to madmen is concerned, is that which is never to be questioned, the “religion” of poverty, slavery, misogyny, ignorance, illiteracy, TNT-suppositories, hypocritical homophobia, racism, body odor, parasitical behavior, cave-dwelling, livestock-molestation, Mein-Qurampf-thumping, terrorism, child-murder, woman-beating, dishonor crimes, obesity (especially among those “oh totally starved by Israel” “palestinians”), pedophilia, lack of initiative, the as-dangerous-in-a-man-as-hydrophobia-in-a-dog fanatical frenzy, and just about every single example of plain evil I can think of.

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