Video on ‘Salafi Islam’ in Holland.

I use the single quotes because the use of the term ‘Salafi’ is in essence a perpetuation of the myth that there is an ‘extreme’ form of Islam and some ‘normal’ form which is just like Christianity except they have more interesting food. The myth of course is the moderate Islam. Islam is and always was, a religion/philosophy of violent world domination. To understand Islam one only needs to look at life in countries where it is the dominant religion.

Link: Salafi Islam in Holland

Below, is a short MEMRI clip about fairly normal moderate typical Islam as it is practiced preached and believed around the world. Notice that as Vlad has predicted since the first post pretty much, “First we take Tel Aviv, then we take Madrid”

Apologies to Leonard Cohen

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  1. All of Islam is the same: brutal, violent. Islam is akin to wild animals of the jungle.

    The jungle animal of the wild kingdom is not unlike The Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom. In the jungle animal wild kingdom, the animals prey on and kill other animals. We can forgive jungle animals because they are allowed to act like animals. But should we forgive the Muslims of The Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom? I don’t think so.

    What happens in the jungle animal wild kingdom, also happens in The Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom. That’s what happens for introducing Islam and the inhumane Shariah Law that comes from the Muslim god, i.e., Satan, and from Satan’s minion called Muhammad the pedophile and false prophet.

    In The Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom, you have, for example, Sunni Muslim males preying on and killing Shiite Muslims, and Shiite Muslims preying on and killing Sunni Muslims. Just like the jungle animals that kill other animals, the Muslim animals have been preying on human beings for centuries and killing them. Other Muslim sects, in keeping with their favorite sport, are doing pretty much the same thing to each other. The Muslim Taliban are especially fierce and atrocious. The Taliban especially enjoy murdering innocent and helpless little girls, who seek an education.

    In The Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom, you have wild, old, depraved Muslim male sex perverted animals legally preying on little girls, as young as seven years old, and then legally raping them in accordance to the cruel, repressive Shariah Law. The wild, depraved, old Muslim male animals don’t always kill the little girls right away. Killing them sometimes comes later in keeping with an Islamic ritual called Honor Killing.

    Ah, yes, about Honor Killing. In The Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom, the devious Muslim males prey on usually daughters and kill them. The Muslim male animals, participating in Honor Killing can be fathers, brothers, or uncles. Brothers and uncles also want a piece of the brutal Islamic action. It gives them a chance to practice their religion, Islam, the religion of peace. Honor Killing saves the honor of the animal father, or whole Muslim families. In other words, it keeps their decency intact according to Muslim animal thinking.

    Muslim Honor killing can be for any number of reasons. Perhaps the daughter failed to wear a Muslim rag on her head. In the Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom, that’s good enough reason to murder a helpless daughter, sister, or niece. Any flimsy excuse will do.

    Muslim daughters, sisters or nieces can also be murdered in an Honor Killing if she gets raped by Muslim male animals. Muslims must keep their familes clean, decent, and without blemish, so they murder daughters, sisters, or nieces, who were raped by Muslim animals. Another good excuse for an Honor Killing is if the daughter, sister, or niece smiled or talked to an “infidel,” especially if the “infidel” is a Christian or a Jew. According to Satan’s Bible, the Islamists call it the Qur’an, “Jews are apes and pigs,”(Sura 2 Verse 65). So how dare a Muslim daughter, sister, or niece smile at an “ape or a pig.” There are many other excuses for an Honor killing. The idea is to keep Muslim families decent, wholesome, and honorable. Sometimes Dhimmis agree. That’s why they convert to Islam, the religion of peace.

    In The Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom, sadistic Muslims can’t wait to catch petty thieves stealing a loaf of bread, maybe a can of beans, or a handfull of vegetables. Worse than wild animals, sadistic Muslims chop off hands, feet, and gouge out eyes of the petty thieves of either sex. According to some studies, Muslim sadists commit these atrocities to get their “jollies.” For a normal human being, this is hard to understand.

    In The Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom, Muslims prey on and murder women by stoning them to death. When women are being stoned to death, Muslim crowds cheer and have a field day. Apparently, it’s something that Muslims enjoy. This is hard to fathom for a person with a human brain. In one respect, the animals of the jungle do differ here from the Muslims of The Muslim Islamic Animal Wild Kingdom. The animals of the jungle don’t cheer when they prey on and kill other animals.

  2. Disturbing things, certainly. And, there are definitely American “experts” predicting the demise of the U.S., that it simply cannot continue, and how an alternate wave of “civilization” will become dominant.

    This has happened before. In the early to mid 1970s, in the midst of the Vietnam debacle and the disintegrating Nixon administration, marxist-leaning “experts” declared America in a terminal decline, how the Soviet system and its satellites were the wave of the future.

    Yes, we should be aware of our weaknesses and shore ourselves up against any internal threats. But don’t write us off just yet.


  3. A few points if such a video were made would include such things as:the establisment of christian east timor and the jewish state of israel,establishment of tourist resorts in muslim lands where infidels walk about in swimwear and drink alcohol served by muslims,berber pride in their language tamazigh now taught at university level in tunisa (a clear harking back to pre-slamic arab values),rise of ex-muslim websites and associations of ex-muslims (we have one in the UK),building a catholic church in Quatar and Sikh and Hindu temples in UAE, the black conquest of muslim Lybia with that country now forty two percent black (the same is happening to yemen but is not so advanced as yet),military conquest of iraq, afghanistan (though at huge cost it is nevertheless a huge humilation of Islam),oil price collapse as both the nation of iraq and iran need oil to be at over a hundered dollars a barrel to break even (the financial bleeding of islam),the start of a new state sponsered religion in turkmenistan by the former president Turkmenbashi (mosques are now plastered with quotes from his writings from his holy book the Rukhnama),strong nations like Denmark standing up to muslim bullies and publishing and re-publishing cartoons of mohammad, the rise of motercycle gangs in denmark to directly take action against muslim violence with the publication of the jackel manifesto,the western public totally sick of islam or suffering from islamo-nausea despite mainstream media propoganda designed in order to put a good face on islam.

  4. The military defeat by India of Pakistan several times. A humiliation once again. The military defeat of arab by isreal several times. A building of a wall to keep them out by isreal. A building of a wall between India and Bangladesh to keep Bangladeshi muslims out of india. The flooding of muslim homes with western entertainment.

  5. And last but not least in the UK (of all places ) the emergence of the English Defence League. A group that will take protest on to the streets of Britain. Check them out on the web! Totally non-racist (anyone can join) group who are fed up to the back teeth of extreme islam and and its arab supremacist, racist, homophobic, anti women (stone them to death for adultry etc) destroyers of all cultures and relgions except that of the Arabs. Like I said, previously, the Berbers are now trying to break free of the arab enslavement in North Africa with a great pride in their own language and culture.

  6. Snowy:
    It has taken me a couple of reads to understand where you are coming from on all this. I will leave your argument as a stand alone one. While I think there may be some merit to it, the danger of Islam destroying civilization from the Hindus to the Chinese (the least threatened) to Russia and western Europe and North America is grave. Let’s hope Islam enjoys many many more seriously humiliating defeats in the near future.

  7. snowy le blonde, I don’t mean to be nasty; I’ll leave that to the evil Muslims. But you said that Islam is the destroyer of all religions except Islam. Friend, Islam is the destroyer of ALL RELIGIONS INCLUDING THEIR OWN. These crazies are also killing each other. The Sunni Muslims are murdering the Shiite Muslims every day. The Shiite Muslims are murdering Sunni Muslims every day. The Taliban Muslims are killing other Muslims. The maggot infested Taliban especially enjoy murdering Muslim little girls all because these children want an education. All the other Muslim sects also enjoy killing each other, and not just “infidels.” Don’t forget your Honor Killings. Satanic Dads murder their daughters. The truth is that Islam was founded for the purpose of exterminating human beings, ALL HUMAN BEINGS, EVEN MUSLIMS.


  8. Dear Eeyore my point in this list of examples is that things move the other way against muslims all the time. I understand the gravity of the situation with regards to this muslim menace but my feeling is that they are starting to feel quite confused. I believe within islam itself there is a feeling that maybe islam has played its cards too quickly and the situation is nowhere near being a clear and consistent set of victory after victory for islam; the situation on the ground is quite muddy, hazy and confused. That being said one must press on and do the best one can to contain and destroy this beast called Islam. The fight is forever because Jihad must be waged until all are converted to Islam.

  9. Dear Philip thanks for being nice to me! I understand the violence within Islam as being for the purpose of terrorising muslims so that they do not deviate from the path of Arab religion and culture. Any deviation could open the floodgates and so the weakest members of society the children and females must be accorded the most severe restrictions and have an example made of them should they start a deviation. The consequences for deviationa are always strict and are meant to terrorise muslims who want to break free so that united as one body under Islam they can then concentrate on attacking the infidel. This internal violence of islam is all part of the plan of conquest.

  10. Strange how often I see, on pages like this, the statement that muslims worship satan. Perhaps, if they did, they would be busy getting on with their lives, eating too much drinking too much, enjoying sexual orgies and taking responsibility for everything they did, rather than shoving the responsibility onto an imam or mohamed (“he told me to do it”).

    They worship a god – this is the core of the problem. Please do not loose sight of the fact that this religion is a theocracy at its purist.
    Neither satan, lucifer or prometheus. This is al’lah – a black meteorite stone, symbolising the creator. That same creator referred to in the old testament of the JC bible.

    Calling the muslims satanists is just ink-clouding/smoke screening whatever.

  11. Oh yes, and please note: In most languages on this planet, the word(s) for god are semeiotically equivalent to good (god/good; gott/gut; budda/buda; etc.)
    whereas, particularly in the English language the baddy is very bad, as in d’evil (of evil).
    So, everything your god says is good, especially killin’ infidels.

  12. gsw, some people might think that Muslims worship that black cube in Saudi Arabia, but they don’t. I know that many Muslims are confused. In reality, I know that Muslims worship Satan, a real entity. I realize that many people of the world don’t believe in the reality of Satan, a cunning fallen angel. I’ve had many real experiences that I will not talk about here, but Satan exists.

    Some people don’t believe in a Supreme Being, but a Supreme Being exists. Here, too, I’ve had enough real experiences that let’s me know that a Just God exists.

    One thing is certain, the True God is the God of the Ten Commandments. As the Muslims reject the Ten Commandments, they also reject the True God.
    The True God is the God of Justice, Infinite Love. We have a free will. We may choose the God of the Ten Commandments, or we may reject Him.
    Muslims reject this God. Muslims cling to a god that is unjust, violent, cruel. That god is Satan. Jesus said: “By their fruits you will know them.”

    When a person follows the Ten Commandments, his “fruits” are beautiful. Mother Teresa comes to mind.

    When a person breaks the Ten Commandments, his “fruits” are cruel, violent, satanic. Here, the pedophile, child molester, diaper chaser, liar, polygamist, whoremonger, adulterer, owner of a private whorehouse, slave owner, wife beater Muhammad comes to mind.

  13. GSW: I do not enter discussions of this nature except purely in the academic, as it is for most intents and my purposes, irrelevant. However in that spirit, the Islamic description of their god would appear to be a kind of ‘fun house mirror’ image of the gods described by the ancient Jews and later, the Roman-Christians. If one examines each on an attribute by attribute basis as assigned by each group (simply no other way to quantify these other than by assigned attributes) clearly the Muslim deity is an inverse representation of the Jewish-Christian one. Yes, one was most certainly plagiarized from the other, as the Jewish one was likely plagiarized from the Zoroastrian dualism, (although the Jews placed much less emphasis on the god of evil-darkness than did the Zoroastrians, Christians and Muslims) even so, one cannot fairly say they are the same god even if that claim is made by the Muslims, and I am not entirely sure it is, given the proprietary use of important terms within Islam.

  14. Islam is not a religion as the rest of the world sees religion. It is not concerned with spritiuality, nor is it concerned with universal morals or ethics. It is merely concerned with power and conquest.

    Ever since Mo the Thug and his band savaged the Arab penninsula over 1,300 years ago, the leaders of the cult have made it clear that their aim is world conquest by any means necessary.

    Europe fought Islam for close to 1,000 years, yet during the past 70 years has seen fit to embrace the enemy it hated for so long. Yet the enemy has never let up its hatred for Europe since the defeat of the Ottoman Turks on Sept 11, 1683 at the gates of Vienna (though it did not help the Balkan states that much, who still suffer the inemnity of Muslims).

    Now is the time, now is the place. We must stop the spread of this control system if the rest of the civilized world is to survive.

    Their aims are clear. Our aim should be just as clear.

    May the civilized world prevail, as well as truth, justice, equality and democracy.
    Kufar and proud.
    PS Did anyone notice that the English defence League members were holding up an UNDAMAGED Isreali flag in one photo as they were being ushered into a subway station? I find it odd that this “racist” group would not deface such a charged symbol with a swastika. Perhaps the EDL is not so racist after all…

  15. @Philip Saenz.
    *The True God is the God of Justice, Infinite Love*
    Are you talking about JAHWE (smash the heads of the babes against the rocks;And thou shalt stone him with stones; And utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain)
    or do you mean Jesus (Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.)

    If it is the latter, I agree with you, however, I too have a Kings James bible and I HAVE READ IT!!

  16. @Eeyore
    I fear we are all “preaching to the choir”, of course they no longer claim that the black meteoric rock is Al’lah – however, when Mohammed insisted on throwing out “all the other rocks” in other words the idols of Al-Uzza, Al-Lat and Menat, leaving only the idol of Al-lah, it is possible he was under the impression that Al-lah was the idol, fallen from the heavens.
    Still, there isn’t much difference between Al-lah and the Abrahamic Jahwe in terms of smiting and punishing.

  17. gsw, I’m not interested in what happened, or might not happened hundreds or thousands of years ago. I’m interested in what is happening today– stoning women to death; Muslim perverts legally raping little girls every day; lashing women until black and blue every day; Muslim suicide bombers killing innocent people every day; et cetera, et cetera, that are happening every day. Do you get the picture? I’m trying my best to see what we can do about these atrocities that are going on every day. I’ve noticed that criticism does help. Things are changing because of world criticism.

    I’m not going to waste my time about things in the distant past, if indeed they did happen. I’m interested in the present. I can see the bombs going off on television almost every day. So long kid. Have a good day.

  18. @Philip Saenz
    He, I’m with you all the way. 100% secularist. If you had ever read any of my postings you would realize that I DESPISE Islam (as should all women), I was replying to the point that the muslims don’t worship a meteoric rock.
    BUT: We do need to care about what happened hundreds of years ago because the islamic education profs are currently teaching OUR CHILDREN that islam is, was, and always has been a peaceful ideology (Peaceful as in temp. truce).
    Their history books contain misleading info so that they can say to children in democratic lands – look we are just like you. Allah ist just another name for god, you are allowed to worship your god, we must be allowed to worship god. This means more mosques = more shari’ah courts = more propaganda = more submission of women & girls.
    I have a garden, pulling at the weeds doesn’t help – you have to grab then at the root and yank them out.
    Referring to al’lah as satan just feeds their cause: “look at all these islamaphobes, calling us satanists – buh huh.” Since even out (UK) dhimmi MPs can see that this is insulting, they ignore it.
    Better to shout the truth and make them prove us wrong – which they cannot.
    So, my point is forget satan, al-lah is already bad enough.

  19. gsw, Allah and Satan is one and the same. I stick only to Islam because I’m fighting only Islam. It’s impossible for Muslims to prove that Allah isn’t Satan since Allah teaches only evil. Nowhere does Satan’s Bible, the Muslims call it the Qur’an, teach a lesson on Justice, Morality, and Love of Neighbor. Satan’s Bible doesn’t teach ethics. NOWHERE!! That proves to me that Allah is Satan, and that the Qur’an is Satan’s Bible. I will teach differently when Muslims or anyone else can prove to me that Satan’s Bible, the Muslims call it the Qur’an, has anything holy to offer. IT DOESN’T. Show me a holy passage in Satan’s Bible.

    If you want to destroy Islam, go to the core and continue hammering every day by pointing out the rot and evil of the Islamic core. Sooner or later people will see the light. Of course some Muslims have already seen the light and converted.

    By their fruits you will know them. Where is the fruit of Islam? That’s another core of Islam to point out. Why are all 57 Islamic countries backward Third World Countries? Answer: Islam is rotten to the core. Find the rotten cores of Islam and continue hammering on them every day.

  20. I understand what you getting at, however, the problem remains that there is a religion of satanism (Read: Alistair Crowley) based on Lucifer/Prometheus. I would like to see Islam banned, but falsely calling it satanism, which it isn’t, just makes it harder for us to fight it.

    They are already using semantics to undermine our allies and thus our culture. Therefore, we must fight back by attacking their use of NewSpeak, not aiding it.
    For example: The PC crowd has redefined islamaphobia, which actually means an irrational, paralysing fear of Islam causing one to avoid confrontation, freeze, conciliate and/or run away (which exactly describes the EU government at the moment), to mean those of us who fight islamic nazi-ism.

    I realize that the words satan and the devil are synonymous in the christian teachings, however in the secular world they are not.

    (p.s. If people want to be muslims, fine, just no concessions, no special rules/laws exceptions etc. and no mosques!).

  21. gsw, I don’t think you understand Islam. On the other hand, RR West understands it better than you do. RR West gets it. There is nothing pretty about Islam. Islam is SATANIC. ISLAM GETS ITS SOURCE FROM SATAN.

    See if you can understand the following: The authentic Muslim is truly a very evil person who is practicing Islam. In other words, this Muslim person is satanic, who follows the teachings of Satan’s Bible, a book that Muslims call the Qur’an. An authentic Muslim would make an excellent disciple of Alistair Crowley. Alistair Crowley would make an excellent disciple of Islam, an excellent follower of Muhammad. There is no difference simply because they are both evil, SATANIC. Muhammad and Alistair Crowley both got their source from Satan.

    There is something that I know that most people don’t know, but I don’t want to go into that here because you would probably brush me off as a nut case. But I will say that I know exactly what I’m talking about.

    There are so-called good Muslims. These Muslims, in reality, are not true Islamists. They just think they are. They are actually confused. These folks are not following the evil passages of Satan’s Bible called the Qur’an. In other words, they are not SATANIC. The literally good Muslim isn’t actually a “good” Islamist. Why? In reality, this person is a person who practices ethics. He is more like Jesus Christ than he is like Alistair Crowley and Muhammad.

    Alistair Crowley and Muhammad probably would have made “good,” actually evil, friends. I can understand that Islam can be very confusing. It takes a while to “get it.” I got it rather quickly because when I started studying Islam after 9/11, I almost immediately saw that Islam is the antithesis of the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments were given for the benefit of people. For example, “Thou shall not kill.” “Thou shall not steal.” “Thou shall not commit adultery.” “Honor your father and your mother.” These commandments and the others are for our own benefit because they produce harmony if we obey them. Islam is the complete opposite. That’s why I say that a “good” Muslim is actually a very evil person. Whereas an “evil” so-called Muslim is actually a good person. Is it confusing? Of course it is!!! That was and is the whole purpose of Islam, to confuse people. Islam masquerades as a religion, but in reality, Islam is a very evil ideology, A SATANIC IDEOLOGY. IN OTHER WORDS, ISLAM GOT ITS SOURCE FROM SATAN.

    If the truly good Muslim could understand what Islam is asking of them, more of them would convert. They are confused, and I think you are also somewhat confused, but not RRWest. RRWest gets it. Also Eeyore. Understand that I cannot change my position simply because I know certain things that most people cannot understand. No one can deter me from believing differently because of certain knowledge and experiences that MOST people don’t understand.

  22. Philip Saenz
    “gsw, I don’t think you understand Islam”. Gosh you just don’t get it do you?
    OF COURSE I understand that Islam is a thoroughly evil ideology disguised as a religion. Most of it made up BS. As a female who grew up in England I am well aware of it’s insidious takeover policies. I HAVE READ THE BOOK! OK, so I read the Qur’an in English but, believe me, it lost nothing in the translation.
    Trouble is, you see it all from a religious perspective. We who are against Islam should not be fighting amongst each other, we should be fighting AGAINST islam.

    Please accept that their are, among us, those of us who can despise and hate the islamic doctrine, regimes, ideology and sudo-religion, without wanting to replace it with another religion.
    Muslims practice the first 3 of the 10 commandments far more strictly than do the christians, thus no pictures are allowed of mohammed “lest he be worshipped”, whereas nailed up Idols of christ can be found in most catholic churches.
    Disobeying commandments 5 & 7 can get you stoned to death in islamic states. Thank the Light that this is so no longer so in secular countries.

    Actually, I am against the ten commandments. I have only 1 commandment. *Mathew 7:12.* Look it up!

  23. many may say what they will about about religion , from it’s start in the dim past , horrendous behaviors down through the millenia , the good and evil that has come from it , what is in it’s dogma , and which interpretation is correct or incorrect ….it matters not .
    WHAT MATTERS is the observed behavior TODAY , in the here and now , WHAT IS BARBARIC and WHAT IS CIVILISED ?
    WHICH of them holds to primitive superstion ? WHICH of them causes humans to kill their own children based in a warped , perverse notion of holiness , an act not even seen in the animal kingdom , for most species fiercly protect their own young .
    WHICH of them considers itself so far above the rest of humanity , that its dogma actually permits and demands subservience by all non-members , and THAT eventually and ultimately under the pain of DEATH .


  24. Islam is not a religion , it is a cult , not unlike the notorious THUGGEES of India , which btw was composed of Brahmans and … MUSLIMS .

    Today , one need only look around ….WHO was it that said : “you will know a tree by it’s fruit ”

    WHAT is the “fruit ” of islam ?

    Of ALL the worlds religions and cults , WHICH of them would cause a stranger to fear for his life , simply because he is not a member ? Which would impose the choice on that stranger to – CONVERT OR DIE ?

  25. Islam has too many weapons in its arsenal to stop it.
    It has taquiiya – the Islamic doctrine that allows lying to infidels and even other muslims as long as it is done to advance Islam or kill infidels. Non-muslims remain stupid and naive as they don’t even know that Muslims are allowed to and are lying to them with statements like “islam is a religion of peace.” The muslims have so much oil money to bribe the world’s non-muslim governments into accepting Islam. Their Islam sanctioned severe mistreatment of women forces their wives to put up with their abusive husbands and breed like roaches and overwhelm other populations very rapidly. Quran 19:71 – all muslims will go to hell first. The only direct path to heaven is to die in an act of violence against non-muslims – which is why All muslims secretly support terrorism and terrorists. It has islamic law or sharia that forces all women and non-muslim men to become slaves to muslim men. By Islamic law, anyone who converts out of Islam must be immediately killed.
    All of these occult teachings of dominance can only be created by a crafty and evil spirit like Satan.

  26. … and we a back to blaming satan. Please, people, do not attribute this evil to some super-omni entity. We are fighting evil people, not evil gods, angels (fallen or otherwise), with practical, terrifying aims.

  27. GSW:
    From a secular point of view, Satan can be said to be an archetype of a certain kind of antisocial destructive force, to which the teachings, actions, culture and base code of Islam are a rather stellar example. If one looks at the alleged teachings of Jesus, specifically the parts of the Torah he preached such as ‘love thy neighbor…’ and other similar ideas, and compare them with Mohamed, it can be fairly and reasonably said that Moe was and remains ‘The Anti-Christ’ whether one is religious or no.
    All this to say, that overall I find most observations of Islam to be of ‘Satan’ (whether you see him as an existential Christian god of evil or merely an idea) to be fairly accurate. My issue is, do these observations encourage people to become more stalwart and resolute in their determination to fight Islam.
    The answer is yes, and no. For some it does. It allows the courage of one’s convictions and faith to fight. I appreciate this and even borrow it myself from time to time (please note at no time am I offering any of my personal beliefs whatsoever) yet for others, it is a dismissal of Islam to the realm of the divine. Many Christians will say, albeit in much more poetic language, ‘this is god’s mess let him sort it out’.

    To them I would say that as God required the Jews of the ‘old testament’ to fight for what lands god promised them, so also would he require by the same logic, man to defend himself against the most pernicious evil loosed upon this earth in the past 1400 years.

  28. I look upon the term satanic as a synonym for the word evil. As such Islam qualifies as evil and much more so than the organised worship of Satan or Lucifer by Alister Crowley etc. So yes Islam is a form of Satan worship because it worships evils and this is shown by the actions of muslims worldwide and throughout the centuries.

  29. OK, I can live with those descriptions. I just get riled when I realise than the tax payers are financing an ideological takeover – disguised as a religion.
    Referring to it in religious terms reinforces the idea that tolerance must be applied and makes it a lot harder to fight.

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