Al Queda threatens to attack France for resisting sharia law re: Burqa

AQIM threatens France over Sarkozy’s Burqa remarks

In a statement released on Tuesday through several jihadist websites and entitled “France, the mother of all evils,” Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) threatened France over President Sarkozy’s remarks last week that the “burqa is not welcome in France.” In the statement, Abou Mouss’ab Abd Al Wadoud vowed on the part of all the “mujahedeen in the Islamic Maghreb,” to “take revenge on France” and to target its “interests wherever they are.”

He also pointed out that the French President’s remarks, which he said were fuelled by hatred, signalled a “new war against our sisters who wear the Niqab.” He urged all Muslim to fight “this hatred with another one, more devastating.”

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