Bus driver fired in Niqab passenger controversy

What was this driver thinking. Everyone knows that the laws the rest of us obey do not apply to Muslims. Sheesh, when we we ever learn?


the Copenhagen Post April 14-2009

Union to challenge dismissal of bus driver fired in Funen case of niqab wearing passenger

A 41-year-old bus driver who made headlines two weeks ago after refusing to let a woman wearing a niqab onto his bus was fired on Tuesday by his employer, Fynbus.

According to the bus driver, the woman showed him a monthly pass, which has a photograph of the pass holder on it. When he asked her to lower her veil so he could be certain she was the woman pictured on the pass, she refused, whereupon he told her she could not ride on the bus.

The woman attempted to re-enter the bus four times and was removed on each occasion.

The driver’s labour union, 3F, indicated that they believed the firing to be a political statement and are therefore challenging the dismissal.

2 Replies to “Bus driver fired in Niqab passenger controversy”

  1. Hi, interesting topic. He really had a poor understanding of Islam, or the woman’s side of opinions…

    However, its difficult to figure out for western people to make sure who they are ..Reasonable but still not equal understanding of people who has different cultures in Western countries. Sad enough….

  2. My opinion is all niqaab women should be ready to just lift the fold of the niqaab when showing their buspass. And then lift it back down. Simple. Take the bus photo in such a way with niqaabs fold up.


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