Islamic State’s New Killing Method — Not New, But Very Islamic

Earlier today, the Daily Mail published an article that we linked to, showing some ominous foreshadowing of an impending video with a ‘new’ way of murdering those people who interfere with the Caliph’s absolute supremacy.

An astute reader of Vlad, Chris Jones, left a comment that is very likely the exact description and explanation — not to mention scriptural justification and historical precedent — for what the Islamic State is planning to do to a certain class of people that may obstruct its rule.

In Al-Tabiri’s Tafsir (Vol. 8, pg.96), which expounds on the Sira or biography of Mohammed by Ibn Ishaq (pg.980), there is a detailed account of the horrific, sadistic and unconscionable murder of an elder woman by ripping her in half using camels pulling her legs in opposite directions.

In fact, a cartoon of this event was made and posted to YouTube. Here it is below:

Here are a couple of paragraphs from referencing this atrocity:

Umm Qirfa Fatima was taken prisoner. She was a very old woman, wife of Malik. Her daughter and Abdulla b. Mas’ada were also taken. Zaid ordered Qays b al-Musahhar to kill Umm Qirfa and he killed her cruelly.

[from Ibn Ishaq’s biography of Mohammed,  pg.980]

Here Al-Tabari explains what “and he killed her cruelly” means:

“And he killed her cruelly”. It is of the cruel method holy warriors of Muhammad espoused to kill Umm Qirfa Tabari mentions as: “By putting a rope into her two legs and to two camels* and driving them until they rent her in two.”

[The History of al-Tabari, Volume 8: The Victory of Islam, translated by Michael Fishbein, Volume 8, pg.95-97]

So once again the Islamic State is bringing back yet another authentic islamic tradition from the most reliable islamic sources — just as it did in recreating Janissaries and throwing down homosexuals from the highest structure in the village and then throwing stones at them to finish them off.

*Some Islamic texts refer to horses, not camels.

Sometimes people were killed by being trampled on by horses:

“She (Sara, a freed slave who insulted Mohammed in Mecca with her songs) lived until someone in the time of Umar b. al-Khattab (2nd caliph) caused his horse to trample her at Abtah and killed her.”

[The History of al-Tabari, Volume 8: The Victory of Islam, translated by Michael Fishbein, p.179]

Thank you CB Sashenka and Chris Jones for all the work on this.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog


Muslim Congressman Ellison’s trip to Mecca cost $13,350 — paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood

Read from Jihad Watch:

ellison, keith

“$13,350 from the group that wants to destroy the West from within

As I noted last December, when it was first revealed that Ellison’s Hajj was paid for by the Muslim American Society:

The Muslim Brotherhood ‘must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.’ — “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America,” by Mohamed Akram, May 19, 1991.

What does that have to do with Congressman Ellison? Everything. The Muslim American Society paid for his Hajj. And what is the Muslim American Society? The Muslim Brotherhood.

“In recent years, the U.S. Brotherhood operated under the name Muslim American Society, according to documents and interviews. One of the nation’s major Islamic groups, it was incorporated in Illinois in 1993 after a contentious debate among Brotherhood members.” — Chicago Tribune, 2004.

Imagine if a conservative Congressman had taken a trip that had been paid for by a Christian group that was, according to one of its own documents, dedicated to ‘eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house’ so that Christian law would replace the U.S. Constitution. I expect we would hear more of an outcry than we are hearing about this.

But in this Star Tribune article, the controversy is all about the cost and Ellison’s reporting. No one seems concerned about the nature of the Muslim American Society.

Ellison reveals cost of trip to Mecca: $13.5K,” by Kevin Diaz for the Star Tribune, October 8 (thanks to Paul):

WASHINGTON – ‘After a months-long review by a U.S. House ethics panel, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., has disclosed the amount of his privately-paid trip to Mecca in December.

The trip, paid for by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, cost $13,350, Ellison said Thursday.

The two-week trip to Saudi Arabia, which Ellison described as a personal religious pilgrimage, or Hajj, prompted little discussion until June when Ellison filed financial travel reports that failed to disclose the amount the Muslim group had paid for his travel.

In releasing the amount on Thursday, Ellison held to his previous assertion that he was following the instructions of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, commonly known as the ethics committee.

“I never had a moral objection to giving the number out,” said Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress. “But the rules said I didn’t have to, so I didn’t. Now I am.”…'”

BNP immigration stance proven correct.


from BNP home page 

200 Islamists in “Anti-Terror Detox Programme” as Muslim Council of Britain Urges Anti-BNP Vote

A revelation that more than 200 Muslims living in Britain are currently taking part in a government anti-terrorist detoxification programme, has coincided with a call by the Muslim Council of Britain for followers of that religion to vote against the British National Party.

The existence of the detox programme was revealed in a Sunday newspaper which carried a story about a Muslim youth who had been recruited into an Islamist terror cell in a mosque in London.

According to the report, the scheme is a blueprint for a nationwide programme backed by the Home Office and police chiefs to which 200 people – some as young 13 – have been referred.

The Islamists are recruiting inside mosques all over Britain, according to the reports. They show the young Muslims martyrdom videos and facilitate their travel to Pakistan to receive terrorist training.

The Muslim youth interviewed by the newspaper was quoted as saying: That was the ultimate purpose of what these men were doing: what they were doing was training people up to carry out operations in the UK.

A lot of people think that terrorists are recruited in special recruiting grounds, but the truth is that it actually goes on in mosques a lot of the time, he told the newspaper.

He said that the more advanced recruits had been sent on training exercises to the Lake District and the New Forest in Hampshire, as well as paintballing sessions in the Home Counties.

At the same time, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has urged all Muslims to participate in next months elections to the European parliament by voting against the BNP.

Significantly, the MCB announcement was first carried in the Pakistan Daily newspaper. Active participation of the Muslim community is imperative to prevent . . . the British National Party (BNP) gaining a foothold, the MCB said.

Imams and community leaders were reminded to mention to congregations during weekly prayers on Friday the importance of voting in the elections on June 4 and ensure that they were registered to vote by next Tuesdays deadline, the MCB added.

The Labour Partys website second largest group of visitors comes from Pakistan, a country which has been identified as the source of two thirds of all terrorist plots in Britain.

* The existence of a taxpayer-funded programme to steer Muslims away from extremism confirms the accuracy of the BNPs immigration and foreign policies.

Terrorism in Britain is the direct result of two disastrous policies followed by both Tory and Labour governments:

– Mass Third World immigration which has created a population pool from which Islamists can recruit.

– The worlds Muslim population has been incited by a foreign policy which has waged illegal wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

Until both these issues are addressed, the spectre of terrorism will loom large over Britain.

Islam a political target in Norway


from the BBC April 22, 2009

With less than six months to go until Norway’s general election, increasing tensions over immigration and Islam appear likely to play a significant role in the vote.

The leader of the country’s main opposition party has warned that it is facing “sneak-Islamisation”, while some prominent Muslims say they face growing “persecution”.

The heated debate is a sign that Norway, renowned as one of the most peaceful and tolerant nations in the world, is facing the same issues with its Muslim minority as are now familiar in other parts of Europe.

Siv Jensen, the 39-year-old leader of the opposition Progress Party, has objected to moves to introduce special measures in order to accommodate Muslims’ religious sensitivities, traditions and rules.

“The reality is that a kind of sneak-Islamisation of this society is being allowed,” she recently told a Progress Party conference. “We are going to have to stop this.”

Opinion polls suggest the party could win as much as 30% of the vote in the election for the national parliament, the Storting, in September.

“If the Progress Party gets to govern Norway, we will enforce Norwegian law and Norwegian rules. We are not going to allow special demands from any single group in society,” Ms Jensen added. Continue Reading →

Swat’s Taleban expand operations

from BBC

Taleban militants from Pakistan’s troubled district of Swat have expanded operations into nearby regions after a peace deal with the government.

Dozens of militants have been streaming into bordering Buner district to take over mosques and government offices.

Buner is part of the Malakand region which has just seen the implementation of Islamic Sharia law.

This is part of a peace deal with the militants who had been fighting security forces since August 2007.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain, information minister for North West Frontier Province, said he had received reports of the Taleban expansion.

Recent reports said the Taleban had ransacked the offices of international aid and development agencies working in Buner.

Some employees of the agencies were also briefly taken hostage before being released on Monday.


The Taleban have banned the playing of music in cars and are also using mosques to invite local youth to join them.

The Taleban have also started regular patrols in the district.

Buner’s police chief, Rashid Khan, said the police had lodged an official complaint over the matter.

But the Taleban are not mentioned in the reports, which only names “unknown persons” as the culprits.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain maintains that the Taleban must disarm as agreed under the peace deal.

“Even Sufi Mohammad has said that there is no reason for the Taleban not to disarm,” he said.

He was referring to the head of a local religious group who has been acting as the government’s chief negotiator with the Taleban.

“We initially adopted the path of dialogue and reconciliation, but this is as far as we can go,” Mr Hussain said.

“We implemented Sharia law as it was a demand of the people, not just the Taleban.

“If they continue with their activities, they will not have the support of the people.

“The majority of the people are now with the government. The government will not stand by and tolerate [the violation of] the peace deal.”

Meanwhile, the Taleban say they will continue to operate in the valley and will not lay down their arms until Sharia is fully implemented.

“We told [non-governmental organisations] to stay away from Malakand division”, Muslim Khan, a spokesman for the Swat Taleban, said.

On Monday, he said there was “no question” of the Taleban laying down their arms.

He said his movement’s aim was the enforcement of Sharia law in all of Pakistan.

Italy: Minister says govt must expel immigrants who fail to integrate


from adnkronos international

Rome, 22 Jan. (AKI) – An Italian Minister said on Thursday that immigrants who did not want integrate must be deported from the country. “We must fight everything that is related to violence, because our will is to integrate, however, in order to integrate we must expel all those that do not want to take part in it,” said Andrea Ronchi, Minister of Department for European Community Policies.

Ronchi made the remarks during a roundtable with members of the Italian Islamic Religious Community (COREIS) in the northern Italian city of Milan. During the meeting, Ronchi attacked the UCOII, the largest Muslim umbrella group in Italy, accusing it of supporting terrorism.

According to Ronchi, the UCOII “supports terrorism and fundamentalism.”

“For example, I have always been a supporter of a register of the imams and muslim prayers in the Italian language. I also enthusiastically support the initiative by Rome’s Grand mosque to publish on its website all sermons preached there ,” said Ronchi.

“I am not against mosques, but I say no to those tied to the UCOII, an organisation whose sources of finance must be clarified.”

Ronchi, whose political career began in the post-fascist political party, Alleanza Nazionale, was sworn on 8 May 2008 as the European Union Affairs Minister in the cabinet of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Somalia caves to militant demands

After seeing the great success other governments have had in appeasing militant Islam, this comes as a no-brainer for Somalia.  A state funeral for the recently deseased pirates is next I’m sure.


CNN April 18-2009

Somalia parliament votes in Sharia

(CNN) — Somalia’s transitional federal parliament has unanimously backed the introduction of Islamic Sharia law in the country after a vote over the issue was brought to parliamentarians Saturday.

The vote will boost new President Sharif Ahmed’s efforts to defeat the hard-line Islamic group of Alshabab, which opposes his government.

Alshabab previously declared that it would continue fighting until Sharia law is imposed in Somalia.

“Calling us anti-Islamic lawmakers is now over,” said Osman Elmi Boqore, deputy speaker of the Somali parliament, after voting ended.

The parliament’s vote comes amid high tension in Mogadishu after the killings of key supporters of Ahmed’s government in recent days.

The new form of law would replace the traditional charter, which was not as strict as Sharia law.

The strict interpretation of Sharia forbids girls from attending school, requires veils for women and beards for men, and bans music and television.

How Muslim Attackers Once Again Become the Victims

misunderstood-somali-fishermanfrom the Canada Free Press

Even before the rescue of Captain Phillips, the press was already hard at work doing what they always do, spinning the Muslim perpetrators of the attack into its victims. The current story that is beginning to rise through the bowels of the mainstream media is that the pirates are actually volunteer fisherman who have banded together to stop toxic dumping and fishing by foreign vessels.

That’s right the Somali pirates are actually misunderstood environmentalists. And once again Westerners are to blame for causing the poor Muslims to attack them.

Al Jazeera seems to have taken the lead in pushing the “environmentalist pirates” angle, naturally it then percolated through the usual “hate America” channels such as Prison Planet and Democratic Underground, and is slowly bubbling through into mainstream news stories on Somali piracy.

This of course is typical of how Muslim attackers become the victims. The first step is to portray the Muslim attackers as responding or retaliating to crimes committed against them by “colonial” powers. If that direct approach fails, Plan B involves blaming the whole thing on poverty, and “solving the problem” with aid and some “peace talks” with the more violent factions, who will then naturally play key roles in the new government. Continue Reading →

Toronto man charged for nuke smuggling

The greatest desire of radical Islam is  the ability to hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons. Muslims in all parts of the world are actively searching for the resources and technology to make this nightmare a reality. Additional story from The National Post on same issue is here.


from CNEWS -TORONTO – A Toronto man is facing charges after allegedly trying to send nuclear technology to Iran, a country under intense international pressure to curtail its nuclear ambitions because of fears it wants to produce a bomb.

The RCMP, after a joint eight-week investigation with the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, allege Mahmoud Yadegari tried to procure and export pressure transducers, which are used in the production of enriched uranium.

The UN Security Council banned exports of nuclear-related technology to Iran in 2006 because of what it considers efforts to build nuclear weapons.

The transducers, which are hand-sized, have a legitimate commercial use, the RCMP said, but they can also be used for military purposes.

“They’re critical components used in a larger device in order to enrich uranium for weapons grade product,” RCMP Insp. Greg Johnson said at a news conference Friday.

The man purchased ten of the transducers from a Boston-area company for about $1,100 each, the RCMP said. Police declined to release the name of the U.S. company that sold the transducers or the name of the company owned by Yadegari, who police said is a Toronto businessman in his mid-30s.

The police said the man set off suspicions with the Boston-area firm when he said he planned to ship the transducers to Toronto and then on to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

“We have evidence to support the fact that its ultimate destination was Iran,” said Johnson.

It’s alleged Yadegari took steps to conceal the identification of the transducers so he could export them overseas without the required export permits.

Yadegari is charged under the Customs Act and Export Import Permits Act, and is also accused of violating U.N. sanctions on Iran. He is a Canadian citizen who emigrated from Iran in 1998, and is in custody awaiting a bail hearing next week, police said.

Penalties under the Export Act alone include fines of up to $1,000,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

Iran insists it is enriching uranium to produce nuclear energy for civilian purposes, but the United States and some European countries accuse Tehran of secretly seeking to build nuclear weapons.

Iran has all of the components and required materials for a bomb, said George Webb of the Canada Border Services Agency.

“What they have to do is take it and enrich that material to a very high level,” said Webb. “I don’t personally believe that they are there yet. However, they’re very, very, very close.”

Project American Shield, a program run by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch of Homeland Security, has agents meeting with manufacturers of technologies that can be used in nuclear production in order to alert them to suspicious purchases by foreigners.

“We make them aware of red-flag indicators of suspicious activity and what they should do when they encounter suspicious inquiry from abroad,” said the ICE’s Tim Gildea.

Those suspicious indicators include someone looking to pay cash, and probably too high a price for the technology, expressing an urgent need for the material or proposing a circuitous shipping route.

The charges against Yadegari follow an investigation by the RCMP, Canada Customs agents, The Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security.

In February, U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration said it would seek to end Iran’s nuclear ambition and its support for terrorism.

That drew an immediate rebuke from Iran’s envoy to the United Nations, who said Iran has never and will never try to acquire nuclear weapons.

Our armchair jihadists

An interesting look inside London, England’s  Muslim sub-culture.


Times Online, April 12-2009

After being shot, Sami Yousafzai fled Pakistan for London, thinking he was escaping Islamic extremism. He was shocked by the menacing support for the Taliban he found here

I still don’t know who wanted me dead. I’d been sitting in my car one day last November, not far from my house in the northwest Pakistan city of Peshawar, when a group of strangers walked up. One of them pointed a pistol through my window.

I remember that he wore a turban and shalwar kameez – the tunic and baggy pants common in the area – and that he had a long beard, dyed red with henna.

He shot me in the chest, hand and arm and then fled with his friends.

Miraculously, none of the bullets hit any arteries or vital organs. As soon as a doctor had patched me up, I booked a flight to London, where I planned to lie low for a while to rest and seek further medical help for a bullet that was lodged in my arm.

But more than that, I just wanted to be somewhere calm and safe, far from AK-toting gunmen, the suicide bombers and the daily, random violence of Pakistan’s borderlands.

My sense of relief at being in London didn’t last long. In one of the city’s many south Asian neighbourhoods I saw a tall young Afghan who reminded me of my would-be assassin, striding down the street like a bad dream. He, too, had a long beard and wore a shalwar kameez plus a big, loose turban of white silk.

Anyone dressed like that in Islam-abad would immediately have been picked up for questioning by the police. I had flown halfway across the world to get away from killers who resembled this young Londoner. I stared after him until he was gone from view. Continue Reading →

Algerian jailed for spraying urine, feces on food


From CNEWS April 14-2009  LONDON – An unemployed chemist was jailed Tuesday for spraying a mix of urine and feces on food, wine and children’s books in several British stores.

Sahnoun Daifallah was sentenced to nine years in prison after being found guilty of four counts of contaminating goods.

The 42-year-old Algerian carried a mix of his waste in a container of weed killer concealed in a laptop bag, a court found. Using the nozzle, which poked out of the bag, Daifallah was able to spray large areas, leaving a powerful stench and causing tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Daifallah’s first target was the Air Balloon pub and restaurant near the town of Cheltenham, which he visited around lunchtime May 14. Kate Rochead, on duty that day, told The Associated Press she didn’t know exactly what area he sprayed.

“All we know was that it was a horrendous smell that was left behind,” she said.

Daifallah next visited a bookstore in neighbouring Cirencester, dousing hundreds of books – most of them in the children’s section.

Two days later he struck in the nearby suburban area of Quedgeley, where a customer spotting him squirting the frozen french fries at a supermarket. Daifallah then drove six kilometres to another supermarket, where an employee in the wine section noticed him acting suspiciously and reported an overpowering stench. Both supermarkets were closed for two days for cleaning. Shoppers reported suffering from rashes and nausea.

Local police said the products weren’t handled by customers, but Morrisons, one of the supermarkets targeted, said a small number of goods were returned as a precautionary measure. Tesco, the other supermarket hit by Daifallah, declined comment.

Police were able to identify Daifallah using security camera footage. When they raided his home, they found a stockpile of the substance and plans to spread it. Plastic bags containing excrement were marked with the names of cities on them.

Daifallah represented himself at Bristol Crown Court, where he pleaded not guilty.

Judge Carol Hagen said Britain’s security agencies had labelled him a high risk to public safety. Authorities have already begun deportation proceedings.

Bus driver fired in Niqab passenger controversy

What was this driver thinking. Everyone knows that the laws the rest of us obey do not apply to Muslims. Sheesh, when we we ever learn?


the Copenhagen Post April 14-2009

Union to challenge dismissal of bus driver fired in Funen case of niqab wearing passenger

A 41-year-old bus driver who made headlines two weeks ago after refusing to let a woman wearing a niqab onto his bus was fired on Tuesday by his employer, Fynbus.

According to the bus driver, the woman showed him a monthly pass, which has a photograph of the pass holder on it. When he asked her to lower her veil so he could be certain she was the woman pictured on the pass, she refused, whereupon he told her she could not ride on the bus.

The woman attempted to re-enter the bus four times and was removed on each occasion.

The driver’s labour union, 3F, indicated that they believed the firing to be a political statement and are therefore challenging the dismissal.

Taliban claim more land in Pakistan

 Wow. Nobody saw this coming. Did we?

25swat_600REUTERS April 13-2009

Pakistani Taliban begin imposing rule in new area

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistani Taliban are imposing their rule in a Pakistani mountain valley they took over last week, spreading fear in the area only 100 km (60 miles) from the capital, police and residents said on Monday.

 Surging militant violence across Pakistan and the spread of Taliban influence through the northwest are reviving concerns about the stability of the nuclear-armed U.S. ally.

 Pakistan is crucial to U.S. efforts to stabilize neighboring Afghanistan but the government has been unable to check militant attacks in its cities let alone stop insurgents crossing into Afghanistan from border strongholds to battle Western forces.

 Clashes erupted in Buner district last week after scores of Taliban moved in unopposed from the neighboring Swat valley, where authorities struck a deal with Islamists in February to enforce Islamic law in a bid to end violence.

 Buner residents formed a militia, or “lashkar,” to resist the militants and 13 people, including eight Taliban, three policemen and two villagers, were killed in clashes.

 Authorities say they are negotiating with the militants to persuade them to withdraw but the Taliban have stayed put and appeared determined to take over the valley, police said. Continue Reading →


chowder-headFrom the Sunday Express

EASTER is evil, proclaimed Muslim preacher of hate Anjem Choudary last night as he plumbed new depths by delivering his vile attack on the holiest Christian festival of the year.


The message was posted on Choudary’s website Islam4UK, which is a group inspired by exiled cleric Omar Bakri that wants the “flag of Allah” to fly over Downing Street. An article on the site claimed that Easter was merely a “pagan festival” and “nothing to do with Jesus”.

Firebrand cleric Choudary, who led the insults against a parade of British soldiers in Luton last month, denied writing the article, but when asked if he believed Easter was evil, he said yesterday: “I think that anything that’s non-Islamic is evil, I do believe that, yes. To attribute a son to God is anathema to Islam and I do believe that it’s an insult to God.”

When it was suggested that Christians might be offended, he said: “It’s not insulting to disagree with people’s beliefs. I’m not saying that Christians are evil.” He said Christians should “accept the final message of Mohammed and come back to the true monotheistic faith”.

He added: “Christianity, like all religions that are not Islamic, is misguided. Anything outside Islam is not good and you have good and you have evil, don’t you?

“Jesus was a messenger of Allah and he will return one day and show the deviations and misconceptions of Christianity. Easter is not in fact part of Christianity in the first place – it has been invented, it’s a pagan festival.”

His rant came as he backed a decision by Muslim-led Tower Hamlets Council in east London to allow extremist Anwar al-Awlaki, who has links to Al Qaeda, to broadcast a series of video messages last night to a conference at the Brady arts centre, Whitechapel, which is publicly owned.

Jihad Galore and the Toledo Whore

A fine history lesson.

from the Austraian Islamist Monitor

Battle of Higueruela


How often in conversation with a Muslim, do they quote Spain as the crowning achievement of Islam, where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in harmony for about 800 years?

And when you mention the killings and massacres, you are told that the Spanish Inquisition was much worse.
This is a misconception, since the Inquisition in Spain was responsible for only between 4,000 and 5,000 lives.

Yet in 1066AD, in a single day, muslims murdered over 4,000 Jews because Vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela had risen to a position greater than them, and of course, this upset the Muslim sensitivities. 

History tells us that the Muslim invasion started in 711AD and that Spain, or al-Andalus, was Islamic until 1492 when Granada fell to King Ferdinand, the Christian king of Spain.

Spain then provides an excellent case for studying how Islam might work in a Western civilization today. It is both timely and relevant to examine this period in history, and we know that after the Madrid bombings in 2004, Osama bin Laden has called for the retaking of Spain for Islam.

Certainly it is true that the Muslim invaders of Spain believed in the Holy Trinity, the Islamic version, of course, 1) Booty, 2) Women and 3) Slaves!

Does a critical look at history support this romantic view that al-Andalus was a model of Islamic harmony, and what does it say about Jihad Continue Reading →