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First of all, I would like to mention that today is VTB’s 1st birthday. We have been doggedly blogging for one year today. I wish to take this opportunity to thank especially Grace who researches tirelessly every day for stories especially of Canadian interest that has often caught the attention of the general blogosphere. We started out happy to have four or five readers a day and now are enjoying what I am told, is a good readership for a blog only one year old on a daily basis.

Also the readers of this blog. Because you come and read and comment, it is the juice that keeps us working. Thank you for making this a space you visit. It really does mean a great deal to us especially when you leave a comment.

Also through this blog I have had the chance to meet some truly wonderful thoughtful and dedicated people who have committed themselves to the cause of freedom of the individual usually at great expense to themselves both financially (as this is a very time consuming vocation) as well as no small amount of personal risks as there most certainly are groups out there in pretty much every city in the western world and beyond now, who would do harm to those interfering with the agenda of the various kinds of fascism now threatening all of us.

I would like to particularly thank The Gates of Vienna as well as The Religion of Peace for their support in terms of information as well as general insight and the amazing amount of hard work they do for the cause of raising awareness of the imminent dangers that face us all.

There are dozens of other blogs however from which we have drawn information and inspiration not least of which is Ezra Levant who is a tireless fighter for freedom of speech, One of the corner stones of the anti jihad. As it has been said,

“Take away all my rights and just leave me freedom of speech and I will win the rest back with just that one”.

Many more can be found in our blogroll to the right.

On to some links:

I like all of us I’m sure, have concerns about various political parties who claim to wish to work for the maintenance of indigenous European peoples and cultures. How can we know they are not secretly fascist parties working for a sinister agenda?

As we have seen, many parties in Europe who are in fact classically liberal have been so maligned as an attempt to discredit them by those who are indeed truly fascist. Geert Wilders is constantly referred to by the European press as being ‘a far right Dutch politician’ when of course nothing can be farther from the truth.  I enjoy pointing out to anyone who views him that way that if they can find any far right politician in world history who has been a vocal supporter of homosexual rights, of minority and most importantly individual rights such as to smoke marijuana (A stupid choice but not anyone else’s to make for you) and a staunch supporter of Israel and Jewish minorities than OK Geert is far right.

No one yet has found such an example.

Even so, I have had my concerns about the BNP in the UK. They are often accused of being a front for a kind of neo-nazi movement. I still am not sure but I did find this video from the BNP to be very instructive:

There are other examples of classically liberal parties in Europe which are painted with the labels of fascism. This is a dangerous tactic. It likely will backfire on all of us. Notably the German Pro-Köln. To quote from the Gates of Vienna:

Pro-Köln Gets the Vlaams Belang Treatment

by Baron Bodissey

Under the suffocating strictures of politically correct Multiculturalism, any conservative nationalist party in Europe is certain to be demonized as “neo-Nazi”. In some countries it is all but impossible for a truly conservative party to emerge. Anyone who publicly admits to right-wing convictions is instantly vilified by the political establishment and set upon by the hounds of the media. For this reason, European electoral choices usually amount to Socialism, More Socialism, Extra-Strength Socialism, and — just for variety’s sake — Socialism With Added Environmentalism.

This is especially true of Germany. The legacy of the Third Reich — and the fallacious labeling of the Nazis as “extreme right-wing” — has guaranteed that any conservative movement in Germany will be anathematized as Nazi or fascist. There simply isn’t any other option.

The anti-Islamization movement Pro-Köln is no exception. Like Vlaams Belang in Belgium, they became “neo-Nazi” from the moment they appeared. The legions of Antifa have frequently been dispatched to their events to harass and beat up the “fascists” if they dare to assemble publicly.

The irony of all this is that the real neo-Nazis — the fellows who go in for brown shirts and swastikas and sell posters of Hitler on their websites — are opposed to Vlaams Belang and Pro-Köln. They’re not fond of immigrants, either, but those Muslim chappies hate the Jews, so they can’t be all that bad, now, can they?

Our Flemish correspondent VH has kindly translated an article about neo-Nazi opposition to Pro-Köln. But first he offers these observations:

The neo-Nazis are in general opposed to all such contemporary freedom-loving right-wing movements. The neo-Nazis are first of all Socialists (anti-capitalist, anti-Western society) and also anti-Semites. The overlap of the neo-Nazis with the anti-fascists is therefore substantial (aside from the issues of nationalism/globalism and immigrants).

They view Islamists in certain respects as like-minded in their opposition to Western society. The neo-Nazis, like the Antifa for instance, are heavily opposed to Geert Wilders and the PVV: they even demonstrated (video) against Fitna and Wilders on the evening the film was released. With this action the neo-Nazis actually were the very first to do so.

And now VH’s translation from the Pro-Köln website:

Neo-Nazis are standing against Pro-Köln

In addition to the old parties and the militant leftist extremists’ environment, now the publicly scrutinized German neo-Nazi scene has also found a new enemy: Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW!

On several internet forums that are mainly read by various government services’ inspectors, the neo-Nazi scene shows a dedicated interest in a new enemy: Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW. With foam raging from their mouths for several days now, the right-wing militants are lashing out at the law-abiding and rightist-democratic pro-movement.

The old parties apparently have in the defense of their power cartel found bizarre new allies. The verbal derailments of the General Secretary of Nordrhein Westphalen, Groschek (SPD) and the Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma (CDU) are easily surpassed by the Nazis, although with some spelling errors.

To read further please click here to Gates of Vienna

Here is a link on the issue of wife beheading. Not a sentance I ever saw myself writing in my lifetime, from Jihad watch. This is quite an eye closer. The numbers are a lot higher than one might actually think.

O’REILLY, HOST: And all over the world, fanatical Muslims — some terrorists, others just enraged citizens like Hassan — are beheading people. The United Nations estimates that 5,000 women may have been murdered by Muslim fanatics, some by getting their heads chopped off. With us now, Dr. Dawn Perlmutter, a ritual murder expert who has been studying the situation.

First of all, these are honor killings. This Buffalo, New York, thing where a Muslim man is insulted by the woman. She commits adultery. She divorces, whatever. He has the right to kill her. Is this widely accepted in the Muslim world? You know, do moderate Muslims believe this?

DR. DAWN PERLMUTTER, RITUAL MURDER EXPERT: Absolutely. This is ingrained in rights of purity, in ideas about the afterlife. A lot of what has to do when somebody is disrespected or dishonored by her filing for divorce, he has to restore his honor through blood vengeance, and it becomes a symbolic act…

As a last thought or rather observation, I cannot help but notice that when we started we had what we called, ‘the outrage of the week’. Some news bite that was truly anathema to the 21st century usually by Islam but often by the irrational left and of course dhimmi western leaders that would sacrifice fundamental principles of liberal democracy to appease Muslim invaders. Notice  I do not say immigrants. There are many Muslims who really do come to the west for a better life and are fighting as hard as we, and often harder to stop the jihad. Groups like Muslims Against Sharia for example. It didn’t take long before the acceleration of outrages against civilization escalated to one a day and at this time, as a blogger, instead of searching for events to post, the chore has become trying to determine what is worth blogging in a sea of horror. Even as I type this, tips are coming in concerning arrests and crimes of a political nature as part of a mosaic of events which is the hallmark of the jihad on western civilization.

What began as an effort to raise awareness of the seriousness of the threat and the fragility of the miracle which is liberal democracy, has become more than a full time job of ringing the alarm for a war that is not only already taking place, but one which we are losing before most know it is even on.

Thanks again to all who read us often or occasionally. This blog is for you.

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