Fairfax, Va-massive bust near the popular and growing radical Dar al-Hijrah mosque

May 15, 2009 ·  From Fairfax Gov and Silent Majority. Fairfax County Police led a massive bust near the popular and growing radical Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA Fairfax County, home to Falls Church, one of the major frontlines of Islamist aggression. We have:

On Wednesday, May 6, over 135 law enforcement personnel participated in concluding a year-long undercover investigation. Operation Build America
was launched in May 2008 to better understand the criminal activity
taking place in and around the Build America Shopping Center. The
shopping center is nestled in the Skyline community in the 3800 block
of South George Mason Drive. Community concerns of illegal activities
in the shopping center coupled with indicators that crime was in the
upswing sprung the operation into motion.

The investigation successfully infiltrated several criminal
organizations and businesses operating around the center.
police officers identified nearly 40 people suspected of criminal
activity that ranges from property crimes to crimes of violence. The
undercover operation successfully recovered stolen firearms and illegal
narcotics including cocaine and marijuana.

Collectively, 143 criminal arrest warrants and 15 search warrants were issued in this undercover operation.

The success of the operation can be attributed to the coordinated effort of several units and agencies:

  • Fairfax County Police
    • Criminal Intelligence Division
    • Organized Crime and Narcotics Division
    • Special Weapons and Tactics Team
    • Mason, Sully, and Mount Vernon Police District Stations
  • Town of Herndon Police Department
  • Department of Public Safety Communications
  • Fairfax County Code Enforcement Strike Team
  • Fairfax County Office of the Sheriff
  • City of Alexandria Police Department
  • United States Marshals Service
  • United States Postal Inspector’s Office
  • Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board
  • Northern Virginia Gang Task Force
  • Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control

The following people were arrested:

  1. (No Photo) Juvenile, currently 18, Alexandria area, charged with
    distribution of marijuana, distribution of stolen property, burglary,
    distribution of a stolen gun.
  2. Mohamed Abubaker
    Mohamed Abubaker, 20, 431 North Armistead Street, Alexandria, charged
    with distribution of marijuana in a school zone and possession with
    intent to distribute.
  3. Moustafa Moustafa
    Moustafa Moustafa, 44, 3701 South George Mason Drive, Falls Church,
    charged with money laundering and four counts of receiving stolen
    property. Continue Reading →