Naomi Wolf: ”The Pfizer Documents contain evidence of the greatest crime against humanity in the history of our species”

We have a lot of time for people who spoke up against the shots when it still mattered, meaning when people still were taking them and maybe could be convinced not to, and were making a personal sacrifice for speaking truth about them, like various forms of the new ostracism the left practices against those who question its diktats.

Naomi Wolf is one of those. Below, is a 15 minute excerpt from her speech at Hillsdale College and contains a lot of solid hits to Pfizer at the stage we need to be at now of the entire issue. That would be, ‘Who knew what and when’. And when you learn what Pfizer knew and when they knew it, anything short of pitchforks and torches would be irrational.

The entire presentation can be seen here at Hillsdale’s own site.


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7 Replies to “Naomi Wolf: ”The Pfizer Documents contain evidence of the greatest crime against humanity in the history of our species””

  1. While speaking at a conference in 2018, Wuhan Institute of Virology and collaborator and gain-of-function advocate, Dr. Ralph Baric, advised attendees on how to make money in the next pandemic.

    Their wealth and power is increasing with monkeypox.
    Put simply, Covid-19 was not an epidemiological event, it was a money laundering scheme, a smokescreen for economic / social restructuring towards total control and a massive psychological operation.

    Two and a half years later, as bureaucrats and politicians wind down the Covid restrictions in order to quell growing unrest, we can be assured they will insist on retaining the right to re-expose them at will.

    I do not have Alzheimers and I will never forgive the monsters who allowed and urged peoplekind to get the vaccine. I shall never forget Justine Trudeau going on TV and urging little children to get the vaccine. NEVER

    • Very early in this calamity, Professor Delores Cahill, warned of Cytokine Storm, Immune priming, the messenger mRNA starts expressing the virus.

      Literally you can not get rid of it because the source of the viral protein you now have becomes like a genetically modified organism.

      Your body is expressing the virus protein and slowly your immune system tries to get rid of it, but you never can because it is now part of who you
      are. It is integrated.

      The people who get the vaccine, will become a genetically modified organism, that will be making a virus protein as well as their own human protein.

      The virus triggers an antibody response that normally happens over 2 weeks. The antibody response will now activate and realize that this viral protein is in every cell in your body.

      Antibodies will start attacking their cells and organs. People will go into septic shock and then the organs will fail.

      She was ridiculed, mocked and blocked by the collaborators.

  2. The long version of Naomi’s lecture provides a more complete case as to what is going on. My question then becomes: If the C-19 plandemic and the injections are a Maoist line of effort against the West, then why are other current examples of lines of effort not also rooted in Mao’s homeland? After all, communists pretty much invented the art of asymmetrical warfare and mass brainwashing.

    Climate Change, Transgenderism and the Uke war are all lines of effort that are incredibly damaging, and senseless, to our societies. Our corrupted leaders divulge inadvertently the huge, invisible Chinese body sitting next to them, influencing their orbits (and decisions) that are invariably antithetical to our well being. The southern border issue is a drug and weaponized migration issue (Opium Wars payback as a concept is a convenient distraction to the real goal, I think.). The North American crime epidemic is that problem’s drug-driven brother. By the way, how does the U.S. southern border issue differ from the European southern border issue of 2015?

    Everything is on purpose, no one is stupid or naive (except us), Soros only criticizes the CCP for theater, and we will lose if we don’t smarten up right now. Naomi is right. The CCP wants our land and resources, not us. Every line of effort has depopulation of the West at its root.

    • An awful lot of people on the street know what the globalists are up to, unfortunately our politicians are the people’s enemies.

  3. This conspiracy to defraud — via malfeasance — would not have been possible here in America without the implementation of Obama’s crown jewel: the Cares Act.

    I’ll leave it to you to connect-the-dots of this despicably evil act of Congress.
    Remember: the purpose of the Act was to SUBORDINATE the vast majority of healthcare (hah!), the doctors, hospitals, medical records, medical equipment makers, etc., to the DIKTATS of Federal controllers: CDC, FDA, NIH, and so on.

    That Obama — he sure was one shrewd operator, in the service of his master: Satan.

    • Retrospect serves us much evidence governments made specific moves to enable the attacks they were planning in the next few years.

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