Please examine this 2013 article by Daniel Greenfield in the torch light ofTurkish riots across Europe this week

There is a concept that Daniel introduced me to in this article that haunts me.

It is the geopolitical tool of Military Colonists.

Here is his article and yes, while it is 100% applicable to the Islamic migration invasion of Europe which is easy to see, and the one in the US Obama engineered and the one Trudeau engineered for Canada, which seem harder to spot in the media but far easier on the streets, this article screams to be read in the more traditional use of the term, as Turkish expats flex their muscle across states not fully obedient to Erdogan’s will.


Black Lives Matter exposed as Muslim front group

Or at least colleagues for the purpose if the destruction of the West.

And by coincidence, this:

This is the typical behavior you would expect from supporters of a racist hate group. Because that’s what Black Lives Matter is. A racist hate group associated with black nationalism. Its supporters have rioted, looted, murdered police officers and now vandalized churches.

Yet somehow this hate group is as sacrosanct as the Nazi Party was in Germany. People have lost their jobs for merely criticizing Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile this is what the hate group’s backers do.

A church, a house and other personal property were vandalized with graffiti that said “Black Power” as well as vulgar words Saturday morning in Danville.

The Rev. Brian Martin of Christ the King Lutheran Church on Franklin Turnpike said that at around 7 a.m. Saturday, police notified him of the vandalism.

“Black Power,” “BLM and vulgar words were spray painted on the outside of the church.

The house next to the church and a shed were vandalized as well. Reports of an apartment complex with similar graffiti also spread.

And another church was also targeted with Black Lives Matter graffiti as well.

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Glazov gang with Daniel Greenfield and Raymond Ibrahim

I would like to suffix this video with some additional reasoning to support the position of these gentlemen.

The natural bond that exists between a mother and child in islam is already broken and overpowered by the need to support, and be seen to support islam as the dominant set of memes in one’s life overall. We see this both in honour killings and in mothers proud to send their children out as walking bombs to kill the unbelievers and achieve virgins in paradise.

The motive of the misnamed ‘honour killings’ becomes clear when you read Reliance of the Traveler, the section on killing without retribution where it explains that should a child or grandchild dishonor the religion, not the family or tribe except by extension when they dishonor the religion, that the parents may kill the without retribution from the umma or islamic community.

So it should not be difficult to comprehend how muslims could turn on their non-muslim casual acquaintance or other non-blood relation in this fashion if they can actually murder their own children with pride.

The second point of additional reasoning is investment. Typically the human being, and likely domestic animals to a degree, tend to favour a thing they put a lot of work into. For example, beyond the natural bond of a mother to her children, there is the incredible amount of work and self-sacrifice which is often the case with raising children. This goes a decent distance to explain what a parent will do to protect a child as they are also protecting their own investment. Muslims who are religious, especially the men, may go to mosque 5X a day and adjust every facet of their lives to fit in with the sharia on even the most basic matters. When a person has that kind of investment in a system of thought, they likely would have no hesitation to turn on a non-muslim with whom they have a casual or business or even closer relationship.

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