Black Lives Matter exposed as Muslim front group

Or at least colleagues for the purpose if the destruction of the West.

And by coincidence, this:

This is the typical behavior you would expect from supporters of a racist hate group. Because that’s what Black Lives Matter is. A racist hate group associated with black nationalism. Its supporters have rioted, looted, murdered police officers and now vandalized churches.

Yet somehow this hate group is as sacrosanct as the Nazi Party was in Germany. People have lost their jobs for merely criticizing Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile this is what the hate group’s backers do.

A church, a house and other personal property were vandalized with graffiti that said “Black Power” as well as vulgar words Saturday morning in Danville.

The Rev. Brian Martin of Christ the King Lutheran Church on Franklin Turnpike said that at around 7 a.m. Saturday, police notified him of the vandalism.

“Black Power,” “BLM and vulgar words were spray painted on the outside of the church.

The house next to the church and a shed were vandalized as well. Reports of an apartment complex with similar graffiti also spread.

And another church was also targeted with Black Lives Matter graffiti as well.

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6 Replies to “Black Lives Matter exposed as Muslim front group”

  1. 5:58 “You are the children of the greatest man in history…”
    A warlord, pirate, murderer, rapist, misogynist who was white and kept black slaves.

    This ability to support the violators, who put people into ghettos, is a subliminal capitulation to identify them as leaders of the herd, that makes them attack those who would bring them to conscience of this fact.

    The school teachers projecting their inferiority into children with irrational praise that makes them scared of failure. That fear locked away until reawakened as teenagers.

    And this frustration can be redirected through engineered and agitated unfairness to enable legislation, Affirmative Action or Sharia, to steal from the empirically best of humanity while claiming the acolades for themselves.

    It puts corruption – the desire for reward by any means – above everything else.

    The reign of the beautiful dictatorship of Socialism (that the American Elite are subverting the French through intimidation and street riots) or the beautiful dictatorship of Islam that the Mohammadans are foisting through terror- just depends which side of the head gets smacked first to submit.

    When people see their officials breaking the law, they make themselves follow the law more, to kiss the ring of the seal more greatly, a faith to hold onto the Ark in the temple, and that won’t save them. It is not Providence or God Willing, but that you have to confront those who hide behind the mask and expose them.

    No person is above the law like Muhammad was. If they do, they become an Outlaw, and do not have the priviledges of law. Sure, innocent until proven guilty. But Islam has a criminal rap sheet against humanity since the Founder went on script. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  2. It is very dangerous this movement for whites. We MUST HELP TRUMP WIN.IT IS IMPERATIVE

  3. All the bums mentioned on that graffiti wall were just a matter of time before one of their homies capped them, anyhow.
    Good riddance.

  4. ANYONE can see that BLM are terrorist scum bags…and militant blacks have been involved with Islam since the 60s. No shock there. The fact is that we’ve allowed our universities to be overtaken and run by extreme Leftists. So they are in a position to punish whomever they wish, for uttering the smallest insult against ANY idea that flies in the face of Political Correctness. The colleges don’t run the country, you say? Their professors can’t punish those who aren’t students, you say? EVERYONE in a leadership position of ANY of the organizations perpetrating this fascism were brainwashed AT said universities…BY said professors. Our system of higher education is a brainwashing mill that operates at the pleasure of the radical Left.

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