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8 Replies to “Daniel Greenfield on the war with Islam: “We are winning” (Even if it doesn’t look like it)”

  1. Very good, give the man a real big standing O.

    Remember everything he said is true and it applies to the left as well as Islam, Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America. He did and the vast majority of the American citizens don’t want the change to last, they want America to be a free nation with a small government that leaves us alone. This is why Donald Trump is doing so well (he is even if the polls don’t show this fact) he will win because the people are tired of the self proclaimed elite trying to invade all portions of their lives and force us to live the way they think we should.

    The regular readers of this blog know that the left and Islam get along so well because both are totalitarian ideologies.theologies and they think that because we believe in freedom we are weak. We will win because as long as we fight they can’t win and there will always be people to step up and say that freedom isn’t going to die on their watch.

    • THanks I didnt notice that something went wrong with the export and cut off the end. ill fix later today. Meanwhile, he had to deliver a 30 min presentation in 17 minutes so his solution was to talk really fast ! 🙂

  2. I am a political liberal, yet I am under no illusions as to the threat that Islam poses to the world. After 30+ years of studying this pseudo-religion, I can assure you that there is nothing positive or spiritual about it. Moreover, I know many political liberals who realize the danger of Islam, and that number is growing daily. Friends, it is not liberalism that allows Muslims to literally get away with murder – it is politically correct stupidity. It is the pipe dream of multiculturalism. Remember: It was that devoted conservative, George W. Bush, who first assured Americans that “Islam is a religion of peace”, and “terrorists have hijacked Islam”.

    Instead of lobbing insults at liberals, therefore, why not do something constructive and condemn ALL western pundits, government officials and politicians who keep propping up the lie that Islam is a positive force in the world? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, at least for the present. Let all individuals who recognize the threat of Islam, liberal, conservative, anarchist or Martian, join together and insist on telling the truth about this evil. We can argue differences of political opinion after the current crisis passes. As you recall, the democratic West made common cause with the communist Soviet Union to defeat Nazism during WWII. Defeating communism came much later.

    As to Daniel Greenfield and all the brave souls like him – God bless them! The man is right in saying that we are winning this fight. Truth always prevails in the end. Islam is deadly. That is the Truth.

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