Macedonia: Illegal unidentifiable muslims (UMI) Refuse Humanitarian Aid Because Of Red Cross on food package

Or, ‘Beggars can be choosers when they are muslim’

There is unsubstantiated text at the Liveleak link which is here. But what does seem correct is that many uninvited undocumented invaders in Macedonia are rioting because they are not given the correct islamicly sanctified food. Apparently, if you are muslim, beggars can be choosers. Violent ones at that.

An event in Macedonia

Protest in front of the court:

Macedonia Protest Unrest Leaves 20 Police Injured

Police have restored calm after ethnic Albanian protesters clashed with riot squads at a rally against the jailing of alleged extremist Muslims for the ‘terrorist’ murders of ethnic Macedonians.

Below, a video of a giant tard gathering protesting terrorists getting convicted.

The tards, carrying Hamas and Hizb’allah flags chanted, “We are not terrorists” etc.

There may be more I will add to the post when I find it.

Thank you M for the links. Very interesting indeed.

Macedonia. The story behind the picture.

Yesterday I posted a picture of angry Muslims marching with the jihad flags in Macedonia. I used a smart-ass caption and linked to GoV for the story.

Now more is emerging. It seems that 20 arrests of hard-core Muslims took place in Macedonia with 5 of them being held in custody. The crime was murdering a bunch of regular folk who were out fishing for the afternoon.

Many weapons were found and explosives and so on. As a result, hundreds of Muslims marched in the street demanding their release carrying flags of jihad and chanting “Death to Christians” etc.

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