Three videos from the past dozen years or so, that reveal what the UN really is, and what they really plan to do to its member states

Like the EU and other supranational organizations, their current intention, if not at founding but now certainly, is to dissolve the polities that make up their constituency and remake them as all one thing under their rule. If one could come up with a Latin phrase for that, it might be solve et coagula. 

Below are three videos that I hope will convince the reader that this is the case. None of these are exactly opinion videos. One is the head of the UN himself explaining how freedom of speech must be eliminated world wide. The other two deal with a motion passed by the UN to which all left-leaning Western nations, which is damn nearly all of them, conformed. Once you see them, you will recognize the effects of the UN migration compact in our own immigration policies, and how they are reported on.

This first one is a dissident group within the EU trying to stop the UN Global Compact on Migration. It is accurately described. Notice how he describes what we know to be the Discourse Theory method of criminalizing opposition to the consensus view, in this case on dialectic negation of local populations through mass migration.

Below, the ONE report I have ever seen that was an honest report at the UN about what that body had passed:

This last one is the head of the UN himself. A life long communist. He explains how he is going to negate all freedom of speech world wide. I post this one from time to time, so if you have seen it before, you are forgiven if you skip this one.

Remember: Muslims are always victims, non Muslims, especially white ones, are always oppressors

“Let’s not forget that just because this one was fake, you are all guilty anyway”

Muslims fear backlash over hijab hoax as school takes heat for press conference

[…] Police initially announced they were investigating the incident as a hate crime, sparking outrage in Canada and abroad as several political figures weighed in, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who declared: “That is not what Canada is.” […]


The revelation touched off a second wave of outrage from critics, with some targeting the girl with hateful comments online.

The backlash has sparked fears among Muslims that it will inspire more discrimination in the future.


“This will probably be used as an opportunity to downplay all the times that Muslims come out and speak out against Islamophobia,” Sabrine Azraq, of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, told CTV National News.

Azraq says it’s important to push back against the anger generated by the false story, saying it should not be allowed to “derail the very serious matters that are happening in this country.”


Human rights activist Amira Elghawaby echoed Azraq’s concerns, adding that she hopes it does not discourage hate crime victims from reporting real incidents.