Remember: Muslims are always victims, non Muslims, especially white ones, are always oppressors

“Let’s not forget that just because this one was fake, you are all guilty anyway”

Muslims fear backlash over hijab hoax as school takes heat for press conference

[…] Police initially announced they were investigating the incident as a hate crime, sparking outrage in Canada and abroad as several political figures weighed in, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who declared: “That is not what Canada is.” […]


The revelation touched off a second wave of outrage from critics, with some targeting the girl with hateful comments online.

The backlash has sparked fears among Muslims that it will inspire more discrimination in the future.


“This will probably be used as an opportunity to downplay all the times that Muslims come out and speak out against Islamophobia,” Sabrine Azraq, of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, told CTV National News.

Azraq says it’s important to push back against the anger generated by the false story, saying it should not be allowed to “derail the very serious matters that are happening in this country.”


Human rights activist Amira Elghawaby echoed Azraq’s concerns, adding that she hopes it does not discourage hate crime victims from reporting real incidents.

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17 Replies to “Remember: Muslims are always victims, non Muslims, especially white ones, are always oppressors”

  1. Your bias and paranoia with the Muslim world is worrisome,and that’s being mild.Fortunately,its not typical of Canadians.

    • Ron, care to point out what benefits the “Muslim world” has ever brought to any free nation other than inspiring Jefferson to create the Marines? How much of the “Muslim world” should be brought into “Canada” or is there a limit?

      “Canadians” are typically thought of, globally, as “nice”. The Middle English origin of the word “nice” is “foolish”. Maybe you’re the nicest man one could ever meet.

    • And you, Ron, have never been part of their inner circle. So, you don’t know.
      You know nothing, not even the life of their ideal guy – Which they refuse to discuss. Ask yourself what is wrong with this guy?

  2. Frock Girls and Clock Boys
    Are Socialist Presidents’ joys.
    The more The State gives away,
    The less-derserving they pay,
    The Virtue of Sainthood deploys.

  3. Being born in Canada and I used to say « I am a refugee from Quebec » who came legally to USA to work full time…
    You have to know that anyone moving from any « shit hole country » have a better shot in life in Canada, US and Europe.
    It is a disgrace to see people trying to destroy those country from within.
    Canada , thanks God , has US…on their borders. Remember:
    « When the French and the British were looking for a new king brave Americans and Canadians joined together against the British for freedom » and America become the land of the braves…
    Tell your kids.
    Tell your brothers and sisters…
    Tell your friends
    God bless America…Dad,mom,Allen (Navy capt)

  4. Oh by the way…the shooting in Quebec mosque is like the shooting in Las Vegas…you are not aloud to ask questions !
    The answers are buried with the weapons of mass destruction with Obama birth certificate, Harvard GPA, LSAT, GPA Columbia University
    in Iraq…Libya, Syria, Afghanistan.
    Canadians and Americans are hard working people. Our countries have been taking over. Our sons and daughters have been used by oligarch to fight their supremacy and more wealth while our most precious « gift » which is freedom has been taking away.

  5. It was a hate crime, just not an anti Islam hate crime. It was an anti-Western Culture hate crime, one that happens way too often and is excused by the leftists and soon forgotten because of the newer attacks on Western Civilization.

  6. The Koran says that Muslims should not be friends with a non-Muslim! Certainly this cannot be a message from God. Doesn’t it make sense that all the people within God’s creation should be friends and good neighbors with each other? Which means to respect each other. Which means to rape no one and to kill no one just because they disagree with your religion. The Muslims have been sold a false bill of goods.

  7. I think anyone that supported the girl, and it was the stupid majority, feel like fools.

    To be honest: most of us are terrified to even look at them in public for fear of being accused of whatever.

    The true victims are us. And that is the message we must pass to our elected officials.

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