Afghan migrant murders Swedish GF, keeps her head in a suitcase in his flat

For more on the story please see RAIR Foundation article here.

There were some stories on this posted to the Reader’s Links, one of which listed other items he kept in the suitcase with his girlfriend’s head. I will post the links when I find them.



Islamic State insults and threatens the UK and US and decapitation-propaganda video of Alan Henning.

I believe they have just beheaded leftist and lover of Islam and Muslims, British journalist Alan Henning as well.

Here is the last footage of Mr. Henning before he was taken hostage. He is now dead by decapitation.

Islamic State propaganda video with decapitation of Mr. Henning here.



Inside the Oklahoma mosque. To behead? Or not to behead. That is the question that plagues them.

An apostate from the Oklahoma mosque reached out to Robert Spencer to counter the official narrative that whatever muslim that committed whatever classical atrocity in the name of islam which was described as a desirable behaviour by canonical islamic scripture was actually the act of a crazy person and had nothing to do with islam.

Mr. Spencer did an article about his conversation with this gentleman a few days ago and then did an interview with him over Skype and Fox’s Meagan Kelly also did a similar piece with this man sometime after Robert Spencer had interviewed him, although the FOX piece was released before the Spencer interview.