Islamic State insults and threatens the UK and US and decapitation-propaganda video of Alan Henning.

I believe they have just beheaded leftist and lover of Islam and Muslims, British journalist Alan Henning as well.

Here is the last footage of Mr. Henning before he was taken hostage. He is now dead by decapitation.

Islamic State propaganda video with decapitation of Mr. Henning here.



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    • @Perfectchild…..

      This, until a child is mauled, a passerby savaged, and what of these fruits of your (“your” in a universal sense) merciful stewardship of a mad dog when one day this same unchecked savagery results in the tragic loss of innocent life?

      Sometimes, speaking plainly here, tis better to ere on the side of caution and commonsense and end the life of that which lives it own in malicious and violent discontent and jealously of yours.

      Certainly not Gandhiesque but realistic and pragmatic and the same tempered with a historical literacy.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      • Gandhi won because he was fighting the Brits, if he had been fighting the Germans or Russians he would have been shot and dumped in a ditch.

  1. What is the difference of what ISIS is doing to infidels in Iraq to what Islamists have done to infidels of India? Kashmiri Pandits have faced the brunt of this of late but their religious cleansing from their own ancient homelands never gets heard. Their suffering does not touch international human rights or other groups who claim to care for the oppressed. Only Islamic separatists doing the religious cleansing are oppressed.

    • Arun, that’s a powerful set of articles, the one you linked to and the other at the site.

      All those “moderate” Muslim neighbors? This jumps up & down:

      …[Those maniacs] have (or had in early 1990’s) a lot of silent/overt support from the Kashmiri Muslim masses for one and one reason alone – they promised Nizam-i-Mustafa: the holy dream of pure Islam, defined only in negation of India and Hindu.

      Panel discussions among the uninitiated with their “naive mixture of adventure and piety and moral correctness, and imposing their fantasies,” still make me more angry than sad. I avoid them altogether.

      • Here we have a people whose idea of free Kashmir is one that requires the genocide and religious cleansing of everyone who not of their faith. But these guys are freedom fighters according to so many in India and the West. They are freedom fighters for a pure land – a Pak land (that is what Pakistan means) – just like a crazy person would say the Nazis were freedom fighters for their pure land for Germans only.

        • I certainly will, Arun, thank-you.

          From the River to the Sea,
          Palestine must be free.

          For the Europeans who march on a fine summer day chanting that ditty, they’re just supporting oppressed Arab Muslims living under Zionist occupation.

          Do they realize what those words mean? Israel will cease to exist and Israelis must disappear. Their Free Palestine is by definition judenrein.

          At this point I don’t care about these European humanitarians. I spent a great deal of my life studying, living, and working in Europe. A few years ago I decided to turn my back, as did my forefathers hundreds of years ago.

          It was my own naive foolishness to disregard the warnings imbedded within my peoples’ historic memory.

    • Only Islamic separatists doing the religious cleansing are oppressed.

      No. They just present themselves as victims more convincingly. They do the victim-thing so very well; they play their liberal, guilt-ridden patsy with great skill.

      Got to hand it to them, they’re masterful frauds. Selling their pitch far better than Kashmiri Pandits. Worlds better than the Israelis traumatized by missiles from above and tunnels from below.

      • There is a controversy now in India over a film that puts Kashimir Jihadists in a sympathetic light. Directed by a left wing Indian. The film even has a Bollywood dance scene on the ruins of a Kashmir Hindu temple desecrated and destroyed by a Muslim invader who persecuted and killed the indigenous Kashmir Hindu population. Would you ever see a film done by someone on the left or right in India with a Bollywood dance number in the ruins of a mosque? No.
        This is the state of the left in India. Jihadist are the oppressed and the genocide and religious cleansing of Kashmir Hindus is of no interest to them.

        • From the article on the film that opened on the anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday! He was non-violent, but that is not the jihadists. And Gandhi’s non-violence was no match to Jinnah and his Muslim leagues jihadi violence.
          “…As I said earlier, it endorses the perspectives and propaganda of ISI, Nawaz Sharief, and Hurriyat. It also derides AFSPA, the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act. In doing so, it belittles and demeans Indian Army, making it look like an occupation force. It romanticizes terrorists as devout heros fighting for a just cause against the might of Indian army. And if we read between the lines and interpret the metaphors in the film, we can clearly sense that it’s a treacherous call by an Indian filmmaker for Kashmir’s ‘azaadi’, funded with Indian money, and endorsed by the CBFC.”

        • More from article “The tradition of Jai Chands and Mir Zafars continues to thrive in India irrespective of who rules in Delhi. Since the film is released on 2ndOctober, on Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary, it reminds us of his approach to politics and life. He believed in tolerance and forgiveness. This is an India that is generously tolerant and forgiving to devious and wily enemies of our nation. We can even sing a prayer of praise to our killer and look at him in gratitude while he slowly severs our jugular vein, and bleeds us to death. That’s the kind of Gandhigiri we seem to be practicing.

          Should I say kudos to the filmmakers, the CBFC, the I&B Minister, and those who will go gaga over the artistic merits of the film irrespective of the fact that it questions the nation’s territorial integrity, equips our enemies with potent propaganda ammunition and weapons, and portrays our men in uniform either as fools or monsters? I don’t think I can do that. Had the film tried to portray the actual reality of Kashmir and the devious ways our enemies adopt to bleed us and blackmail, discriminate, and browbeat Kashmiri Indians, it would have been valid art in my view since true art seeks the truth. This is pure propaganda and thus worthless however good it looks. ”

          On the bright side at least there are some in India calling the jihadi propaganda film out for what it is.

        • Please don’t take offense when I say that Ghandiji made serious errors. He was a saintly individual who confused political reality with wish-fulfillment.

        • This is the state of the left in India.
          I try to understand leftist Israelis and liberal Diaspora Jews. Reading everything I can, but so far no luck.

          Might have something to do with the Generation of Love, 1968. Though they gradually took positions of importance in the despised Establishment, they never grew up.

    • @Arun

      Muslims; likened to serial killers who whimper bitterly at the vagaries of the taxing efforts of butchering the helpless and hapless, who weep at the soiled laundry needing cleaning, laundry soiled with the arterial spray of the children’s throats they so gleefully cut.


      As for your experiences Arun and the losses of the Kashmir, simply another blood soaked page of sheet music in the Ode to Madness that is the 1400 years since a 7th century lunatic spewed his first poisonous utterances into every ear that would listen, cutting the heads off of those who turned away, those who knew him for the murderous fraud and psychopathic coward he was.

      Not one region, not one people, not one religion can claim the sufferance at the hands of the Muslim and its Islam as their own currency of grievance and loss………its is a common currency and must be traded among the civilized in the marketplace and the houses of blacksmiths that turn plowshares into swords to deal, once and for all, with the Muslim and its Islam.

      Anything less simply paves the way for another 1400 years of madness.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      • Yeah, but India took a mega-monster-humongous hit.

        And continues to do so. Depredations of Jammu & Kashmir on a monumental scale don’t make headlines in the NYT or CNN or the BBC.

        Meanwhile al-Jazz serenades Rohingya Muslims just as they do Palestinian Muslims. Outrageous.

        • @Yucki,

          The misery of one people and their losses does not trump the losses and misery of another people.

          Genocide is genocide is slavery is slavery is ethnic cleansing is ethnic cleansing.

          While the sufferance of the Kashmir is horrific it does not trump the millions, virtual millions of souls abducted from Africa and sold into slavery by the Muslim. The Muslim slave trade, still in full swing today, does not trump the sufferance of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Armenians put to slaughter by the Muslim. So too the sufferance of the Armenians bears no greater grief nor do they command a place at the head of the table that hosts all of those peoples and cultures who have suffered the madness of the Muslim and its Islam.

          To do so, to wear that mantle, that cloak of greater injury, to shout to the world that my grave is filled to greater capacity, is grossly selfish and gives rise to the injurious trampling of the memory of all of those who have fallen victim to the “love” of Islam.

          Like I said;

          “Not one region, not one people, not one religion can claim the sufferance at the hands of the Muslim and its Islam as their own currency of grievance and loss………its is a common currency and must be traded among the civilized in the marketplace and the houses of blacksmiths that turn plowshares into swords to deal, once and for all, with the Muslim and its Islam.

          Anything less simply paves the way for another 1400 years of madness.”

          What divides us is the quibbling of who bears greater injury.

          What unites us is our collective revulsion of and disbelief in a 7th century mass murdering lunatic.

          What unites us are the losses we have suffered collectively.

          What unites us the desire to be rid of the cancer of Islam.

          So then, let us be united. Let us remove from our midst every last vestige, every shred of Islam, howsoever occasioned, and in so doing, let us have peace.

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

    • I just watched. That the Pandits remain in exile is incomprehensible. The Congress Party [is that right?] has to be among the most corrupt in an ocean of corruption.

      You’d think they’d know and object to being re-colonized. Those getting rich – or getting votes, same thing – by serving an alien ideology are short-sighted, to say the least. May as well be Justin Trudeau.

      Birthrate 4%, death rate 18%. May as well be paid by Pakistan & Bangladesh. The ultimate treason.

      Muslims were the ones who demanded their own state. At about 15:00, the speaker says something to the effect of, ‘Give the land back. It was taken under false premises.’

      One hopes Pres. Modi brings in a political class that serves all the people of India. Modern, secular India.

    • @Maria José et al….et al…..

      The Muslim still doesn’t, after all these years and after their fraudulent boast of close proximity to the very foundations of mathematics, understand basic arithmetic……..

      1 Leftist/Liberal Self Loathing Muslim Boot Licker……..

      in return for

      1000 Muslims……

      A thousand to one?………

      Let it rain depleted uranium for 10,000 days and one more blissful day after that just for good measure.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

  2. Henning wasn’t a journalist. He was a Manchester taxi driver, that went to Syria with Muslim charity on a “humanitarian” mission, to bring relief to Islamic suffering….

    And what did he get for his caring humanity?

  3. Ponzi schemes of Man

    Socialism: Seeing how creativity and enterprise are stultified into no-risk 40% female occupation by Political Correctness/Diversity/Multiculturalism/Taxing the Rich; the economy is stimulated by a frenzy of feeding of the bottom of the food chain by stealing from the savings of pensioners though Quantitative Easing and offering ScrewingMarriage for All.

    Communism: Seeing how terror of bourgeois thoughts are being scrutinized has created a risk-adverse go-slow treadmill of conformity and mediocrity, they stimulate the economy by announcing unachievable Five Year Goals and Plans (‘We’ll cut taxes in Five Years’ Cameroon) to gee up the flagging stallion chained to a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and sperm delivery.

    Islam, today’s flavor of fascism: Seeing how terror of humanist thoughts are being scrutinized creates a no-risk go-slow treadmill of conformity and mediocrity to be stimulated by announcing a Golden Age of a perfect Garden of Eden/Caliphate of the Middle Ages to be recreated just by killing unbelievers and taking their property and wives, daughters and boys in creating their Promised Land of whores and money.

    Sadly, the robbing of others though envy runs out and you only have taxes of the masses to increase to maintain the lifestyles of the elite, while you hold the flag.

    (Any taxi drivers reading this just follow this with your finger: There-is-no-conspiracy-of-intelligence-just-a-series-of-stupid-ideas-that-end-up-with-a-perfect-storm-of-Band-Aid-money-and-volunteers-handed-over-to-pirates-thank-you-very-much.)

    • In the UK, their Subjects stopped reproducing at high rates, in line with technology reducing the need for workers and the food quality getting poorer.
      With over a million unemployed, unskilled immigrants still kept coming and the government issued them the new European Citizenship when economics informs us that all the workshops went to China and that is where workers used to go. Always had done until now.
      That is because Socialists live under a policy of fairness. While there is still plenty of envy to go around to share the wealth, they will keep going there until it is dead and a gang-culture ensues with Islam being the most ruthless to rise to ascendancy… Until Communism wipes them off the planet for an international peace and the scorched earth left to become habitat for wildlife.

  4. Henning was an Islam apologist who according to friends was thinking of converting to Islam. The man was a fool and to the Muslims, a useful idiot.
    ISIS also claims that the blood of Henning is on the hands of Cameron and the British parliament. No it is not!
    The blood is on the hands of the evil Muslim savages that carried out the beheading. ISIS are responsible and nobody else. These barbarians should be wiped off the face of the Earth.

    • But there will be Socialists who say, “If only you rolled over and let do what they wanted Cameron we would have peace. You did it for the Homosexuals, they got marriage and the children. Why can’t you do it for Islam? Who is your adviser from Russia? We want to talk to him.”

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