A German Father: “I Am A ‘Concerned Citizen’. Go Ahead, Ridicule Me.”

Preface: “Concerned Citizen”, besorgter Bürger, is a recent, sarcastic pejorative for people who criticize the government’s “refugee” policies, implying that only losers would be concerned. Example: “I wonder if Germany can handle that many migrants” – “Haha, look at this concerned citizen!”

An original translation from Achse des Guten.

I am one of them. A concerned citizen. Now go ahead, ridicule me.

Thilo Schneider
I have a 19-year-old daughter. She is, in my opinion, a pretty and ambitious girl, funny and sensitive. Back then, 36 months ago, I did not care if she went to town or to a club, on her own or with a friend. I thought it was cool when she and her girlfriends took the train to visit other major German towns, maybe party. She is young, full of life, it is her bloody right to explore the world.

These times are over. I am worried. I have lost faith in the state protecting her and her girlfriends when I’m not there. I lost trust that the people she will meet will respect her dignity and her integrity. I am worried for her. I don’t want to constrain her, but I lose sleep when she’s not home. We did not read for her at bedtime, and we did not do math homework with her, so that some asshole from some weird country gropes her because, in his eyes, she is an “unbeliever slut” and “worthless”. And I don’t trust that anyone will help her if she is in duress. After all, she is “only” a “German”.

I am aware that there are also filthy pigs among those “who have been living here for a bit longer” [Merkel’s recent expression to avoid the word “Germans”], who can’t keep their hands off others, but in my opinion, this is not an argument to invite people in, sort of as a “compensation”, who have a — let’s say “conservative” — view of women, and where our state isn’t even interested in who they are, how old they are, and what they are up to.

I am sorry that she can’t grow up in the same free country that I grew up in. I am sorry that she can’t go to a swimming pool without taking care, without constantly being on the lookout for whether trouble is imminent, and without keeping “an arm’s length distance”. As if anyone whose entrance ticket I subsidize with my tax money would care. Thank you to those who opened the flood gates without examining who is coming in. I imagine that neither I, nor my children deserved this.

Perfect target for “the new arrivals”
My son was beaten up by Russians. Just because. Because they could. He did not fight back, to prevent worse. He was right. There is no point in resisting. Our children were not raised in, and for, violence. This makes them, when the state fails, perfect targets for the “new arrivals”. The “integration industry”, which battens itself at the public trough, does not even watch in indifference. They watch as appeasers, insulting and downplaying, spitting on the victims of the collateral damage of their protégés who allegedly “seek refuge”.

We spend Christmas behind concrete barriers, the controls at concerts are stricter than at the airport. And, yes: some districts with predominantly newly arrived inhabitants are now filthy and dirty and not a good place to live. Because it is the people living there who lack any consideration and respect for other people’s property, because they have completely different challenges and desires.

They have no obligation to the greater common good outside their own family and clan. And those zones are under the rule of the relevant clans. And they behave accordingly. They hate me, and the country that reached out to them when they were in need. They still like to take our monthly welfare cheques.

And I am getting older and wondering where I can find affordable living, where I won’t have to dwell under threat for life and limb. Yes, I am concerned. I am a concerned citizen. Now go ahead and ridicule me.

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    • It’s too late for Sweden. The guys are pussified.
      Britain: They are terrified of their worst enemy – the Police.
      Germany: too late. There are too many of them and the same problem, the Police.
      So, what do we have left?
      Belgium: It’s too late, too many of them.
      France: I don’t know about that one.
      All I know: A civil war of the Crusade type is coming up.

      • Whites all around are not willing to give up their lives or freedom at this point yet, obviously. Im sure you are correct, a horrendous war will be fought all over.

  1. This is where the sparks will fly which finally ignite a wildfire that’ll sweep Germany and (then) Europe with such ferocity to where politicians, law enforcement, and even the military simply will feign confused amazement as they gingerly step aside and watch civil war engulf The Continent.

    Anyone (regardless of badge, uniform, or office) who attempts to intervene had best very carefully consider which side to take. Those who choose wrongly will find little in the way of leeway or forgiveness when infuriated mobs start taking apart willkommenskultur at the seams.

  2. The thing about this Muslim immigration situation is that they are on course to win this war if enough time passes before the public wakes up to the danger. When the point of critical mass is reached, it will all be over. They will have won. And what is that point? I don’t know…around 20% of the population, maybe…or 25%… They breed way faster than we do and they vote monolithically so that percentage ought to do it. For instance, France is approaching the dead zone and will be passed the point of no return soon. Every day that our left wing continues to bury their heads in the sand as they pray for the enemy is a day closer to the Muslim victory. The entire left wing is acting as traitors…

  3. The concern is, what more dysfunctional people have the government now brought as their friends into your home?

    The U.S. President’s ‘Natural Born Citizen’ rule (which logically means from two born-in-America parents), was a very wise one. For the child would have grown-up up with a father and with a sane-mother culture. People did not grow out of wedlock back then when this edict was written. Any child that was, was easily, very easily spotted as the only one to be psychologically dysfunctional with issues.

    Move on to the present… President Clinton and Obama were fatherless. They are Bastards.

    “William Jefferson Blythe Jr. (February 27, 1918 – May 17, 1946) was an Arkansas salesman of heavy equipment and the biological father of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States.”

    Virginia Adele Gash (m. 1935–1936)
    Minnie Faye Gash (m. 1940–1941)
    Wanetta Ellen Alexander (m. 1941–1944)
    Virginia Dell Cassidy (m. 1943–1946)
    Henry Leon Blythe (1938–2009)
    Sharon Lee Blythe (b. 1941)
    William Jefferson Blythe III (b. 1946, posthumously)

    “Clinton said that he remembered his stepfather as a gambler and an alcoholic who regularly abused his mother and half-brother, Roger Clinton Jr., to the point where he intervened multiple times with the threat of violence to protect them.”

    You bring Socialist East Germans, Muslims and Sexuals into your country, and you have millions more Bastards surrounding your daughters and sons for a leg-over.

    Communists and Muhammadans take the children way from their fathers.

  4. Over? Too late? As if.

    How about a new kind of class warfare invented right here and right now? The Civilized class vs Survivor class.

    There are no-go zones in western European countries that have been created with 5, 6, 7 or 8 % tard density. (I realize official stats may underestimate the real numbers, however…)

    Giving up is hardly an option.

    Why? Because it’s less about us than about our progeny. If you have no children then you must still have love of some sort. Love brought you here. I realize that Europe seems to be run by childless, selfish tyrants who take perverse pride in flushing their own cultures down the toilet. Kids or not, maybe they are jealous, angry people who would rather burn down the house than see others live fulfilled lives. PerfectChild explains this aspect much better. But if you are childless you must not be passive. In fact you have less to lose. Your coming leader may be childless for this reason. And make no mistake, your leader is in your midst. Your leader may be you.

    If 5-10% of the population can create no-go zones, what can 90-95% do? This is you. 90-95%, still. How can anyone say it is over?None of us were raised in a culture of violence. It is, in fact, our supposed civility and prosperity that have dropped our guard to existential fact–the struggle for survival. It is as if the very idea that the struggle to survive is perverse. After all, how can the issue of survival be relevant in such well-engineered, well-heeled societies as ours? Indeed, Multiculturalism is a load-bearing beam of social engineering that is failing the stress test with less than 10% load! If only Trudeau’s father Pierre could see what he wrought. Of course, such architecture is probably designed to fail by cultural Marxists.

    Survival has been outlawed by our Dear Leaders as a vulgarity. Yes–a disgusting vulgarity personified by the likes of Donald Trump and Victor Orban. These are the vulgar heroes who have fought their whole lives. Trump in the trenches of the construction business and Orban out of the shithole of Soviet communism. Our “civilized” class cannot fathom Trump, because their own lives are so far removed from the notion of basic survival. This is why Hillary called his supporters Deplorables (stupid people who dare consider that their own survival is under threat). Survival for the Civilized class means putting the cork back into the wine bottle. The whole concept of survival has been supplanted by a twisted and false philanthropy for the planet. I always thought philanthropy was a rich man’s game. Instead, students who once learned about the history and brutality of the Ottoman Empire and Muslim slave traders now learn about saving the planet. Climate change and gender fluidity and killing the patriarchy have become their priorities instead of recognizing the caliphate at their door. –A poor man’s global philanthropy suitable for the garden variety well-meaning dupe. You know him. He’s the smuck educated just enough to not know better.

    No one, but no one comes from Trump’s world of commercial construction without learning to fight every day. Any aversions to confrontation are quickly eliminated for survival’s sake. It is no coincidence that western societies are dividing into Civilized and Survivor classes. How about introducing this concept to your next neighborhood Antifa meeting? Confront all postmodern ideologues with this “class struggle”. Reply with it in arguments over climate change and islamophobia. Ignore what the opposition says just as did that British interviewer of Dr. Jordan Peterson. Create this narrative.

    Survival will be relearned and the Survivor class is growing.

    Imagine for a second a professional animal trainer. Normally such a person trains dogs or horses or lions for circuses or film, right?. Now imagine the horror of watching the trainer teach dogs to commit suicide. –Teaching them to run purposely into an oncoming truck, for instance. –Training them to go against their own instincts. Disgusting, isn’t it? So what’s the difference between this and Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Canada, main-stream media, teacher’s unions, civil servants, left-wing lawyers, your neighbor, your brother, and on and on? Their soft lives and corrupted opinion leaders have conditioned them to forget that they are still animals who must recognize threats to their existance. They don’t even recognize the animal kingdom as something they are a part of. I suppose it’s easy to forget such things when you’re too sophisticated too survive.

    The western european percentage of invaders remains less than that of Israel and Russia, yet you don’t see Russians throwing up their hands in defeat. The reason we do is because there is no more demoralizing a foe than a traitor. Most Russians love Russia and still eliminate traitors from their midst. We don’t. We vote them into office. We call our countries things like Post-national.

    It is my hope that natives constituting the 90-95% demographic balance don’t start creating their own no-go zones. I hope they don’t start making the police feel uncomfortable. I hope police who arrest people excersizing their freedom of speech don’t feel uncomfortable in the neighborhoods where they live. –Living amongst neighbors they will soon arrest.

    Giving up is not an option. There is no place to hide. The Civilized class is making sure of this.

    • What is no longer taught in western schools is that freedom for the little people can when weapons that didn’t require years of training but could take an armored knight off his horse were developed. As long as this fact was taught people remained semi free, but once they got the chance the wanna be dictators 1) started teaching that you don’t fight no matter what and 2) stopped teaching were freedom comes from. We are once again living through a time when the citizens have been taught that rights come from the government and the government can remove them when they want. Those who believe these paradigms are called civilized.

      The survival class either knows where freedom comes from and where rights come from or know that they don’t want to be slaves.

      Yucki has said that what is happening is a culling of the herd, the members of the human race who have become so civilized that they have lost their will to survive will not survive. When this happens the average intelligence of the human race will increase by a fraction of a percentage point.

    • Outstanding, johnnyu! This is the sort of work I was hoping to see you contribute here at Vlad Tepes Blog. Your ability to articulate concepts and compress them into memes takes your writing a step beyond much of what appears on the Internet.

      Some notes:

      Kids or not, maybe they are jealous, angry people who would rather burn down the house than see others live fulfilled lives.

      This hearkens back to the old anti-Puritan joke about: “The type of people that live in constant, nagging fear that someone, somewhere, somehow is having a good time.

      If 5-10% of the population can create no-go zones, what can 90-95% do?

      This is one of your best memes yet and needs to be shouted from the rooftops. That a tiny percentage of Muslims have successfully cowed vast swaths of Western Civilization is so outrageous to where this simple fact alone should be enough to fuel all the wrath needed for repulsing these tiny raiding parties.

      After all, how can the issue of survival be relevant in such well-engineered, well-heeled societies as ours? Indeed, Multiculturalism is a load-bearing beam of social engineering that is failing the stress test with less than 10% load!

      Again, yours is a superb encapsulation of how fragile Multiculturalist doctrine really is (not Western Civilization). Instead, we are gulled into believing that our painstakingly constructed Western societies are so degenerate and end-phase that a mere 10% influx of destabilizing agents (e.g., “immigrants”, “refugees”, illegal aliens, etc.) is all it takes to collapse these time-tested social structures.

      This is, perhaps, one of the most egregious aspects of Postmodernist assumptions about the West’s destiny.

      Survival for the Civilized class means putting the cork back into the wine bottle.

      This is one of the only places where I experienced a hiccup in your writing. It would seem as though you are alluding to: “Putting the genie back into the bottle.” However, that is traditionally used to describe an impossible task, and everything you are writing about lies entirely within the realm of possibility.

      This is one reason why my own preferred term is, “bottleneck”. Regardless of outcome, Western Civilization is headed into a massive bottleneck (in fact, a triple bottleneck – but that is a theme I am developing for a future essay).

      The fact remains that stoppering the inflow of these renegades will not be enough. Expulsion of their existing enclaves and nests (or hives) will be required as well. The single issue of demographic displacement dictates this end result.

      –A poor man’s global philanthropy suitable for the garden variety well-meaning dupe. You know him. He’s the s[ch]muck educated just enough to not know better.

      Again, right on the nail head! Modern public schools walk this lunatic tightrope of providing just enough education to where its now-malleable graduates can be freely manipulated, but deprive them of essential skills like critical analysis and logic to where they are incapable of reformulating their (spoon-fed) thoughts.

      The culpability of modern educational institutions—with respect to propagating this suicidal Postmodernist doctrine—is of stupendous proportions. Cleaning out the Augean stables of “higher learning” will remain a priority until these treasonous, self-loathing bastards are permanently ostracized from regular society.

      Imagine for a second a professional animal trainer. Normally such a person trains dogs or horses or lions for circuses or film, right?. Now imagine the horror of watching the trainer teach dogs to commit suicide. –Teaching them to run purposely into an oncoming truck, for instance. –Training them to go against their own instincts.

      Why does the image of a “Palestinian” child wearing a bomb vest spring to mind?!? The glitch being that Muslims (and their children) are not taught any aversion to death. All of which makes Islamic ideology so incredibly dangerous when injected into the midst of Western Civilization.

      Small wonder that these invaders find it so easy to convert Postmodernism’s spawn and felonious prison convicts (i.e., those that have successfully abandoned the moral constructs of civilization).

      I hope police who arrest people excersizing their freedom of speech don’t feel uncomfortable in the neighborhoods where they live. –Living amongst neighbors they will soon arrest.

      Am I the only one who felt as though the message here went slightly astray?

      If so, I will accept responsibility for this. However, for law enforcement officers to continue their collaboration with deconstructionist Liberals and not be made to experience at least some pangs of conscience is not necessarily the best recipe for success.

      All of that aside, thank you, johhnyu, for an excellent summary of what survival will require in these not-so-slowly-imploding Western nations. I applaud your willingness to contribute and look forward to seeing more essays like the one above. Bravo!

      • Thanks NR. –Don’t really know at times how these things will come off…

        The cork in bottle reference was just to sarcastically illustrate the Civilized class’s ridiculous degree of separation from real-world and real-people concerns. Similarly, the police discomfort comment was, again, strategically sarcastic. Thanks very much for the good read!

        • Thank you, as well, johnnyu. Your above clarifications were (in all sincerity) everything I could have hoped for. Please pardon me if I demonstrated an almost stupefied immunity to even the most obvious sarcasm on your part.

          It’s just that, nowadays, far too often this modern world exhibits displays of illimitable idiocy that prohibit something which I’ve always held in the highest “esteem”. Namely, giving individuals the benefit of the doubt.

          Then again, that’s just me … or, as Bennet Cerf* would say, “Always letting off esteem.”

          * INSANE SIDEBAR: While this is likely (and understandably) meaningless to you, johnnyu, I just spent almost a half-hour searching for the author of that “esteem” joke. All the while, that comedian’s name irritatingly hovered at the edges of my memory (like a telephone number whose last digit you just cannot recall).

          Much to my own astonishment (even after scrolling through most of a massive database of comedians), my thoroughly muddled brain managed to summon forth the name of Bennett Cerf.

          Anyone who reads his profile will be stunned at the role this one individual played in shaping mid-twentieth century American culture, right down to naming “Random House” publishers (much less publishing authors such as William Faulkner, James Michener, and Ayn Rand).

          I’m going to go waaaay out on a limb here, johnnyu, and attribute to your inspiring essay, my otherwise pachydermic ability to recall a writer whose name appeared in a dogeared comedic compilation that I bought from the bookshelf of a Silicon Valley thrift shop well over THREE DECADES AGO and have not thought about (save for the “letting off esteem line”) more than a half-dozen times ever since.

          Even after an hour of all this online scribbling, I remain flabbergasted at having been able to dredge up this long-forgotten writer’s name solely at the behest of embellishing this more-than-well-deserved reply to one of this website’s newest and most deserving authors (i.e., YOU).

          PS: Anyone who thinks that this is merely a paean to my own recollections could not be more wrong. Without the excellence of johnnyu’s writing, there’s little way that I would have ever been inspired enough to dredge up Cerf’s name from the morgue of my personal library.

  5. Beautiful, poignant, Johnny.

    I’ve only a disjointed response, struck with what amounts to your plea:
    “If 5-10% of the population can create no-go zones, what can 90-95% do?”

    What if a critical mass within the 90% is soft on terrorist murderers, grooming gangs, and honor killers? Promotes the sale of baby body-parts and subsidizes polygamous wife-beaters? Appeases Hezbollah and sells aircraft to Twisted-Ragheads seeking to exterminate the Jews?

    I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption [TB], and the burning ague [pandemic influenza], that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it [taxes, pensions].

    And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you. [Lev. 26:16-17]
    If only TEN righteous individuals could’ve been found in Sodom and Gomorrah, the Lord would’ve spared both cities. [Gen. 18:32]

    They were doomed.
    And though Lot knew disaster was imminent, so timorous and so dilatory was the Lot family response, they had to be taken by the hand and dragged away by angels.

    Human nature. Frustrating. Not enough angels these days.

    Europeans have chosen to tolerate evil. Again.

    I don’t blame this generation for complicity in genocide, but they demonstrate a pattern of passivity in the face of evil that can’t be denied. They made a series of convenient compromises, allowed the State to think for them and to relieve them of their personal responsibility.

    They ignore the mass murder of Christians abroad, pretend not to see heinous crimes before their own eyes. This time either they confront evil, en masse and in force, or they themselves will be destroyed as a people.

    To do so, they’ll have to marshal their great positive energy, pick up the Cross and carry it like their proud ancestors. Once pulsating, blood tells.

    The Survivor class will strategize. Organize militias, alliances. Evacuate an essential core along with the vulnerable. Build exile communities of families, fortified physically and morally. Make babies.

    And, in time, G-d willing, they will return to reclaim what some among them threw away so carelessly.

    Biblical analogies that might fit don’t always work. The militantly secular take any reference as a challenge to reason, while the ‘enlightened’ prefer apologies to moral absolutes.

    Christians are less familiar with – even made uncomfortable by – the dense layering within the Old Testament. It’s such rugged terrain they flash forward to the New Testament allusions to it, together with lessons drawn from it, to derive spiritual comfort. A doctrinal approach can interfere with close reading of a passage.

    Start with Genesis in the Garden of Eden and work forward.

    Resist the impulse to flash forward to Isaiah and Revelation! Stay with the mortal toil. Don’t presume deliverance just because it lets you relax in passive anticipation.

    The Old Testament is all ups and downs, a tapestry of the vicissitudes of life that depicts many distinct personalities in a vast array of circumstances and societies over time and space. Cyclical history, not apocalyptic.

    They’re all human, they’re all flawed. They suffer for the the bad behavior – sins – they tolerate or indulge. From the intimate family, it scales up to the tribe, and then the collective of many tribes that organize societies of great complexity.

    It’s their own fault when they come to grief. An individual prophet warns them, but they fail to correct course, and they suffer the consequences. Which are catastrophic: proportionality wouldn’t be sufficient for didactic clarity.

    That’s the justice of an avenging G-d.
    Whose mercy is equally certain and exponentially greater.

  6. This is where you find a weapon. Preferably a gun, but anything lethal will do. You don’t wait for the attack, you plan to deal with it.

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