Germany: Syrian “Youths” Trash Store, Attack Detective

Essen – As Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung reports, Sunday evening, seven Syrian “youths” vandalized a store in the mall of the Essen train station.

Two detectives of the Tchibo store noticed how outside the store, a group of “youths” were harassing a woman.

They told the youths to behave. Upon this, the youths bolted into the store, knocked down display stands, and tore out shelves, to attack with them the detectives.

Two plainclothes policemen who were patrolling the train station came to help and called reinforcement. In the end, two dozen police officers were needed to overpower the adolescents. One detective had to be taken to hospital.

The seven young Syrians who are between 13 and 18 years old were released from custody later the same day. One of them was carrying a knife on him. Federal Police are investigating for damage of property, battery, grievous battery, and breaching the peace of the land.

The Tchibo sales ladies received psychological help.

Photo: Bundespolizei

9 Replies to “Germany: Syrian “Youths” Trash Store, Attack Detective”

  1. “The Tchibo sales ladies received psychological help.”

    And offered asylum in a civilized country?

    Or just cultural sensitivity training.

  2. Two dozen police were needed to overpower the youths when in reality one bullet is all that was really needed !! Absolute power is all these criminals understand !! They were later released. I am sure they understand the message. The message to me seems to be clear, they can do whatever they want and there is no punishment !! The time will come when the leaders and powers that be will pay more than a political price for allowing this to happen !!

  3. Germany: Syrian “Youths” Trash Store, Attack Detective

    Horrible as it may sound, and heartless as it may seem for me to say so … these (relatively minor) offensive events may well be the best that average German people can hope for. I full well realize just how revolting this may appear to be.

    Just as how seismically unstable (i.e., earthquake-prone) geographic regions might hope for repeated and small-scale geological disturbances (or dislocations)—which best minimize the likelihood of overwhelming seismic catastrophes—soon enough, indigenous European peoples may surely (“And Don’t Call Me Shirley“) gain an appreciation with regard for how crucial it is that local populations gradually obtain a well-honed sense of what awaits those who might foolishly ignore the more abrupt modes of Islamic predation.

    As in, Germans will quickly learn to ignore (or beat the living crap out of) obnoxious “yoots”.

    Deprive whatever indigenous European populations of any opportunities to gently adopt modified voting patterns or other less-abrupt methods of problem-solving—specifically with respect to unrestricted “immigration”—and, Hey Presto!, those once-admirable but now, lamentably gradual shifts in belief will (with astonishing swiftness) morph into the sort of “right wing”, and “intolerant behavior” that so much of Eastern Europe already has been accused of practicing to such a ridiculous extent.


    As always … go figure.

    (Tags be damned, I’m posting this!!!)

  4. The store workers needed psychological counseling because they are weak, lilly-livered individuals with soft brains. If anything, Europe needs more intolerance and more racism. What exactly is the reason why a white European shouldn’t be racist? Does anybody know what the official reason is?

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