Germany: Hero Police Dog Apprehends Refugees For Sexual Harassment – Female Witnesses Announce To Press Charges Against The Police

An original translation of a press release by the Bundespolizei NRW. (update: we have included a statement of the police at the bottom)

BPOL NRW: After sexual assault in the main train station Dortmund – Federal Police Dog Ivo Apprehends Suspects
13.11.2017 – 10:22

Federal Police ‘Officer’ Ivo. Photo: Bundespolizei

(ots) – Sunday morning (November 12.) sexual harassment against two women on the square in front of the main train station Dortmund was reported. In the manhunt for the suspects, police dog Ivo was able to apprehend three of the suspects. Another suspect was apprehended with the active support of an innocent bystander.

Around 04:00 AM, Police Dortmund informed the Federal Police at the main train station that two women had dialled the police emergency number. Several men were harassing them on the yard in front of the train station.

As part of the search, a large group of men was noted at the northern exit. When they spotted the Federal Police officers, they fled in the direction Nordstadt. Several Federal Police officers pursued them, among them police dog Ivo.

In the Keuning Park, several of the suspects tried to hide, whereupon Ivo was called to action. He picked up the scent of the men and was able to apprehend three persons (18/22/27) in the shrubs. The men froze there, apparently impressed by the barking dog, until the officers were able to arrest them.

One Federal Police officer was able to arrest another 24-year-old suspect at the entrance of the Keuning park, with the help of an innocent bystander.

This deployment against the suspects was observed by two women, who documented the efforts, and noted the license plates of the police cars. Addressed about their demeanor, the women announced that they intend to file criminal complaints against the Federal Police officers. They did not specify what it was exactly that they held against the officers.

According to the two aggrieved women (24/34) from Hamm and Werne, the suspects insulted them, touched them inappropriately, spat on them, and pushed them.
The arrested men are Iraqi nationals, all of wom have asylum applications pending, and who reside in Wuppertal, Bochum and Witten.

The Federal Police have opened investigations against the men for insult, sexual coercion, and sexual harassment. Investigations are ongoing.

Rundblick Unna obtained a statement by police spokesman Volker Stall as to the two women who announced to sue the officers.

  • The witnesses are, at least apparingly, no compatriates of the four arrested Iraqis, have no migration background. Possibly, but this is not validated, they are from the leftist milieu of Dortmund
  • The action was absolutely normal within the frameworks of how suspects are arrested when they resist orders
  • Ivo, the impressive police dog, kept the men in check solely by his presence and barking. Neither did a suspect suffer a bite wound, nor did the officers act improper to the situation, Stall pointed out. “Everyone just did their jobs.”
  • “So we face possible charges calmly”, he added. But it did make him wonder that, when police officers stop a sexual assault on women, that of all people, other women threaten them with criminal charges.

9 Replies to “Germany: Hero Police Dog Apprehends Refugees For Sexual Harassment – Female Witnesses Announce To Press Charges Against The Police”

  1. …noted the license plates of the police cars.
    Keeping tabs on the _police_ is part of the new normal.
    At a minimum, let them know they’re accountable as bureaucrats [Dr. Bill Warner] to other bureaucrats. If nothing else, they’ll file a report with names (Mohammad-1, Moh-2, etc.).

  2. I hope this splendid beast humped the leg of every last suspect that was apprehended.

    All of these magnificent hounds should be trained to “embrace” their quarry in such an intimate manner. Extra points for dental indentations and exsanguination.

  3. This reminds me of what that ex -Hungarian Secret Service agent was saying the other day about how the left have set conditions for the migration invasion. One method was setting the legal conditions whereby any resistance was met by well organised heavily financed legal actions.

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