Unhappy With Accommodation: Refugee “Youths” Demolish Hostel and Police Car

Germany – Unhappy with being placed in a small town, four Afghan refugees vandalized their accommodation with chains and wood laths. They then smashed the windshield of the arriving police car and fled into the nearby forest. There, a large police contingent was able to arrest the youths. The affected accommodation is a therapeutic living group for traumatized, under-aged refugees. It remains uninhabitable for the time being.

An original translation from Straubinger Wochenblatt:

18.11.2017, 16:28 h (CET)
Disturbing pictures from Falkenfels: “People Are Terrified”

County Commissioner Josef Laumer and Member of Parliament Alois Rainer visited the refugee accommodation in Falkenfels.
FALKENFELS After four residents vandalized an accommodation for unaccompanied underaged refugees in the district Hirschberg of Falkenfels (Wochenblatt reported), a crisis summit was held. County Commissioner Josef Laumer and representatives of the operating society, of police, municipality, the office for youth and foreigners, and of the government of Lower Bavaria’s supervision for accommodations, discussed the current situation and determined the line of approach for the future.

In the meantime, the County Commissioner and the Member of Parliament Alois Rainer and Mayor Ludwig Ettl visited the scene.

„This must be prevented by all means in the future, and must not happen again“, said Laumer. „People in the village don’t feel safe anymore. But it is our job to be there for the people in our region. The protection of the public has got utmost priority for me. Therefore I pressed for the three main culprits not returning here. Not to reward them, but out of consideration for the locals’ fears and concerns. Besides, there are many points where we hope for help from Berlin.“

The rioters are four youths (15, 16) from Afghanistan. Three leaders of the gang won’t return to Hirschberg, the administrative district office announced. Besides, there will be a reworked „Crisis and Protection Concept“. Among others, the maximum occupancy in the institution will be six persons. At the time of the riot, seven youths were accommodated there, who had been sent from different youth welfare offices in Bavaria. The accommodation is designed for traumatized, and psychologically conspicuous young people, and is the sole therapeutic institution for underaged refugees in Lower Bavaria.

The executive director of the “Care Association 1:1 Social Partnership registered society“ who operates the accommodation raised eyebrows.
While police had initially estimated the property damage inside and on the building, and at the police car, with 20,000 Euros, the manager now quantified the damage as roughly 3,000 Euro. Wochenblatt have obtained further photo material from the havoc inside the accommodation, which remains uninhabitable. It remains open as to whether the institution will open in Hirschberg again, after the damage is fixed. The operating society announced to relocate the accommodation, as soon as “a suitable location is found elsewhere”, the County Commissioner said.

Germany: Hero Police Dog Apprehends Refugees For Sexual Harassment – Female Witnesses Announce To Press Charges Against The Police

An original translation of a press release by the Bundespolizei NRW. (update: we have included a statement of the police at the bottom)

BPOL NRW: After sexual assault in the main train station Dortmund – Federal Police Dog Ivo Apprehends Suspects
13.11.2017 – 10:22

Federal Police ‘Officer’ Ivo. Photo: Bundespolizei

(ots) – Sunday morning (November 12.) sexual harassment against two women on the square in front of the main train station Dortmund was reported. In the manhunt for the suspects, police dog Ivo was able to apprehend three of the suspects. Another suspect was apprehended with the active support of an innocent bystander.

Around 04:00 AM, Police Dortmund informed the Federal Police at the main train station that two women had dialled the police emergency number. Several men were harassing them on the yard in front of the train station.

As part of the search, a large group of men was noted at the northern exit. When they spotted the Federal Police officers, they fled in the direction Nordstadt. Several Federal Police officers pursued them, among them police dog Ivo.

In the Keuning Park, several of the suspects tried to hide, whereupon Ivo was called to action. He picked up the scent of the men and was able to apprehend three persons (18/22/27) in the shrubs. The men froze there, apparently impressed by the barking dog, until the officers were able to arrest them.

One Federal Police officer was able to arrest another 24-year-old suspect at the entrance of the Keuning park, with the help of an innocent bystander.

This deployment against the suspects was observed by two women, who documented the efforts, and noted the license plates of the police cars. Addressed about their demeanor, the women announced that they intend to file criminal complaints against the Federal Police officers. They did not specify what it was exactly that they held against the officers.

According to the two aggrieved women (24/34) from Hamm and Werne, the suspects insulted them, touched them inappropriately, spat on them, and pushed them.
The arrested men are Iraqi nationals, all of wom have asylum applications pending, and who reside in Wuppertal, Bochum and Witten.

The Federal Police have opened investigations against the men for insult, sexual coercion, and sexual harassment. Investigations are ongoing.

Rundblick Unna obtained a statement by police spokesman Volker Stall as to the two women who announced to sue the officers.

  • The witnesses are, at least apparingly, no compatriates of the four arrested Iraqis, have no migration background. Possibly, but this is not validated, they are from the leftist milieu of Dortmund
  • The action was absolutely normal within the frameworks of how suspects are arrested when they resist orders
  • Ivo, the impressive police dog, kept the men in check solely by his presence and barking. Neither did a suspect suffer a bite wound, nor did the officers act improper to the situation, Stall pointed out. “Everyone just did their jobs.”
  • “So we face possible charges calmly”, he added. But it did make him wonder that, when police officers stop a sexual assault on women, that of all people, other women threaten them with criminal charges.

Funny incidents in Germany: Woman makes 7 Assaulters Cry, and Merkel’s Husband’s Wardrobe Malfunction a silent Cry for Help?

1, Sexual Assault? Police stops seven crying men in downtown Essen: “Woman sprayed us with teargas”
July 24., 2017

Essen. Mysterious Incident in Essen: Police are trying to shine light into the dark of a possible assault on Friday to Saturday night.
At 2:09 AM, a witness informed the police and said that a group of young men was assaulting a young woman at the cathedral on Kettwiger Street.
The woman might have defended herself with a self defense spray. Thereupon, the seven young men allegedly ran away.

Police stops the group of men
Some of the men ran into Kettwiger Street towards Viehofer Street. Here, the police officers stopped them shortly thereafter, near a discotheque.

The men who reside in Essen and Castrop-Rauxel explained crying that they were sprayed with teargas by a woman.
But police were unable to find the woman. It remains unclear if it was dangerous battery on part of the woman, or a sexual assault by the men.
The officers filed a criminal complaint that same night.
Police ask witnesses, and especially the young woman, to get into contact with the Police Essen. The service line 0201-8290 will be operating 24 hours for hints and questions.

2. Is Merkel’s Husband’s Bayreuth Wardrobe a Silent Cry For Help?*

Coincidence or Silent Cry for Help? Merkel and husband at the opening of the annual Bayreuth Festival on Tuesday.

Angela Merkel and her husband attended the opening of the annual Bayreuth Festival for a performance of Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Netizens have noticed the odd wardrobe malfunction of her husband, 68 year old quantum chemist, and professor, Joachim Sauer. Coincidence or a silent cry for help?

* We are satirizing SJW responses to the American First Lady’s tweets, and wardrobe choices 😉

Cuba: No-one ever moves there for a better life. But people die trying to leave

Today, our hard working Nash Montana took these photos at Times Square in New York, showing that already, the USA is taking a turn towards reality, and Trump hasn’t even packed his bags for Washington yet.

These reminded me of a conversation I had with a relatively wealthy friend of mine who was talking about how great Cuba was, and how Trudeau was more or less right to praise Castro.

My winning point was that no one but no one has died trying to escape the USA for a better life in Cuba, proving the point that you cannot possibly claim Cuba is this wonderful place to live when it is in fact, a prison.

Subsequent to that, a couple of thoughts occurred to me.

His point about Cuba having an amazing medical system and all kinds of doctors, is negated by the fact that the Red Cross is forbidden from entering Cuba to check on its medical facilities. So that is likely pure fiction.

Then I wondered whether or not anyone actually had ever left a Western free nation for a better life in Cuba and then I remembered from my youth here in Canada that yes! There actually was!

There was a terrorist group in Canada called the “FLQ”, who caused the current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s father, then prime minister Pierre E. Trudeau to implement the War Measures act in response to a string of terrorist actions, from mail box bombs, to kidnapping and targeted murders.

Eventually a deal was reached where several members of the FLQ agreed to accept exile in Cuba instead of a lifetime in a max security prison in Canada.

If memory serves, they could only hack 4 years in that communist paradise, which they chose because it was such a wonderful example of anti-West, anti-colonoialization communism.

They then went to France, and again, if memory serves, after some time there, they ended up choosing to return to Canada and finish a jail term.

One of them, Paul Rose, ended up being a politician in Quebec for the NDP Quebec, ultimately renamed as a socialist party.

So even given a choice between a lifetime in prison in Canada, living in Cuba could only be hacked for 4 years.

As this post is mostly from memory and a few google searches, I would welcome, and be fascinated by any corrections and additions in the comments.


Russians put on Springtime for Hitler, but for real

Check out 2:57


A explanation has been sent in to Vlad that helps us to understand that this odd seeming event from the perspective of Russian culture.

Thank you Albrecht.

I don’t even know where to begin. You have to be brought up in Russia, with all the fundamental antipathy to anything Nazi, to know what is going on here. There is no glorification of the Nazi ideas here at all. Anybody watching it from that viewpoint has no other way but to correctly understand the premise of the story: love at first sight is capable of transforming even the most hardened and brainwashed monster. Inside of every human is a soul, capable of better things. The members of the jury though made fun of the choice and wacky things that the “German soldier” started with like shooting the lady immediately and missing. The contradiction between what the pair (typically one pro dancer and one movie actor) selected and how well they performed the actual dance made everybody wince but there was not much more than that. I wouldn’t give this non-story any significance whatsoever.
What I also personally didn’t like: anachronism of using Frank Sinatra in the times of WWII. That did not compute. But then again, they were trying to attach it to the celebration of the “Cosmonaut day” (a big deal in Russian history).

Creator of The People’s Cube, faces 5 YEARS JAIL for anti-terror posters

This is a much more important story than most that you will find on the MSM this week. Please help make people aware of it.

Write up at The Rebel here:

German authorities evict hundreds of leftist squatters to make room for illegal migrants


Many of these people are reportedly members of ANTIFA.

This is not the first time their squats have been cleared out to make way for the people they called us all racist for opposing. But it never gets old.

The leftists decided to light the night with burning other people’s cars as a response

More tomorrow when we get it translated. For the moment, Egri Nok tells us that these are ANTIFA who have been evicted from a squat to make room for migrants and they rioted and burned cars as a consequence.

A similar thing happened in March which we reported here. 



Open-Air Museum Hessenpark – Free admission for “refugees”, everyone else pays, even dogs.

An Original Translation by Nash Montana With much thanks

From this German language Website:

A lively debate is taking place right now about the pricing politics of the open air museum, Hessenpark. Hartz IV recipients (unemployment benefits), people with handicaps, yes even dogs have to pay admission, among everybody else, except of course “asylumseekers” and “refugees” and their companions who get completely free admission. And that is exactly what drives citizens up the wall, they feel that this type of preferential treatment is nothing but discrimination and they feel as though they were second class citizens. And now the Open air museum complains on their Facebook homepage about the incredible amount of hate mail and ugly comments made in regards to their pricing politics.

But this has nothing to do with hate. People are rightfully complaining about an injustice, The guests receive free Wifi, clothing, housing incl, washing machine and dryer, heating, food, cleaing, bus and train tickets, recreational activities and much more, add to that welfare benefits and extra pocket money of 143,00 Euro. And from this pocket money a “guest” could easily spend 2,50 Euro for an admission to the Museum.

Of course all train-station-clappers and refugee fetishists immediately conglomerate and babble out their usual moralistic drivel in commentaries: Super campaign for “refugees”, great for the integration and a chance for a peaceful togetherness, shortly put, all the usual general empty phrases of ‘Gutmenschen’.

We will see how the Hessenpark will act in the near future when paying clientele will cease to visit, because they won’t be able to come up with the admission fee. Either everybody pays or everybody gets free admission.

10 000 Russians join annual anti-Muslim ‘pride’ march

Times Live.Za

Sapa-AFP | 04 November, 2013 13:19

People attend a “Russian March” demonstration, organised by the “Russian Coalition of Action” movement, on National Unity Day in Moscow. Russia marks National Unity Day on November 4 to celebrate the defeat of Polish invaders in 1612.

About 10 000 Russian nationalists marched in Moscow in an annual show of anger against the presence of Muslim migrants that has previously escalated into violence.


H/T Ross A L.

Muslim authority demands Vatican declare islam “A peaceful religion” but refuses to ever meet with any Israelis


The Star.My

Muslim envoy asks Pope Francis to take ‘step forward’

VATICAN CITY: An envoy from Sunni Islam’s highest seat of learning, Al-Azhar in Cairo, raised the prospect of restoring ties with the Vatican on Friday but called on Pope Francis to take “a step forward” by declaring that Islam is a peaceful religion.

“The problems that we had were not with the Vatican but with the former pope. Now the doors of Al-Azhar are open,” Mahmoud Abdel Gawad, diplomatic envoy to the grand imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayyeb, told Italian daily Il Messaggero in Cairo.

“Francis is a new pope. We are expecting a step forward from him. If in one of his addresses he were to declare that Islam is a peaceful religion, that Muslims are not looking for war or violence, that would be progress in itself,” he said.

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Iran to chair UN nuke disarmament conference

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

Jerusalem Post

Via UN Watch:

May 14, 2013
The Jerusalem Post
By Michael Wilner

NEW YORK – Iran will chair a United Nations conference on disarmament in Geneva this month, raising eyebrows from Western powers skeptical of Iran’s own nuclear ambitions.

The UN conference addresses not only nuclear proliferation but policies concerning the race to weaponize space, the production of radiological weapons and the stockpiling or use of other weapons of mass destruction.

In a statement issued Monday afternoon, the United States said it would withdraw ambassadorial representation at the conference in protest so long as Iran retained its chair. Calling Iran’s chairmanship “highly inappropriate,” the statement from the US mission to the UN noted that the Islamic Republic was under UN Chapter VII sanctions for weapons proliferation and human-rights abuses.

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