Concealing support for the English Defence League (EDL)

An interesting snippet of testimony was given today by a witness at the Leveson enquiry into press standards and ethics, which is currently being held in the High Court in London.

It is common knowledge that within the British press a “gentleman’s agreement” has persisted over coverage of certain issues: specifically, accurate reportage of the exponential growth of opposition to immigration and Islam in Europe, and the emergence of non-racist parties to address it.

This agreement originates from a 2007 conference held by the NUJ (National Union of Journalists) – which produced infamous “Guidelines” – and at which it was decided to place a Cordon de Silence around the entirety of these matters, only drip-feeding out information whenever absolutely necessary.

But the evidence blurted out by the former Daily Star journalist Richard Peppitt is a surprising eye-opener, especially given recent events and the apparent overwhelming response to them online, that would seem to suggest that the multicultural destruction of Britain was something enthusiastically backed by most people in the country.

Though the Daily Star is certainly a right-wing paper firmly read by the working class, it should be remembered that such folk still represent the clear majority of the citizens of the UK (for now); and they have been subjected to an unmitigated barrage of condemnation of the EDL by all sections of the media for some three years.

These figures were never made public at the time.

Though there have been several academic studies seeking to quantify the actual numerical strength of EDL “members” there has never been any comparable attempt to assess how much actual support they have amongst the British public (and not just opposition from liberals very adept at utilizing social media to shout the loudest). I wonder why?

It should be noted that having conducted this survey the paper and its Jewish owner was subject to withering and unanimous condemnation by the rest of the media for “supporting the EDL” when all it had actually done was seek to gauge support for the movement and actually report on it.

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10 Replies to “Concealing support for the English Defence League (EDL)”

  1. I hope you’re right, bilbo. I can think of a lot of truths that don’t seem to be “willing out” very well these days, but I hope you’re right.

  2. the NUJ guidlines are an ideological format based on a dodgy view of the world.what most people want is honesty and what this form of journalism actually does is push people to the ‘right’ .
    a chinaman and arab are not black,and if these people are deciding who is racist or not by these guidlines , then no wonder people cant trust the msm. They are speaking utter crap and it is scary.

  3. Quote: “Though the Daily Star is certainly a right-wing paper firmly read by the working class,”

    The working class generally vote Labour that is generally considered to be big government party. The lazy journalistic terms “left wing” and “right wing” have no meaning to ordinary people who are far more sophisticated and informed than the out of touch media and politicians. The guy in this video admitted how out of touch the media truly are (but they are deliberately out of touch).

    The UK media not only condemn and conceal support for anti-Islamist groups like SIOE and the EDL they also lie about them.

  4. The reason the college educated are not amongst them in equal numbers is that (I’m sure I am not suprising anyone) places of higher learning are specifically targeted by influence campagns/info wars etc.

    They also target any public and online group that is attractive to intellectuals and try to manipulate opinion in those groups. I have seen this myself in intellectual social clubs in NYC.

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