Hijab on the pitch.

Here we go again. A Canadian makes a personal choice to follow a religion. She then chooses to participate in a public activity whose mandate clearly stipulates that all must abide by set regulations. She chooses to agree to those regulations. She then however, on behalf of her religion, chooses to break those established rules and yet expects that those rules should be changed to accommodate her.

So now, as if the rules she earlier agreed upon are somehow arbitrary and unnecessary, she preys upon our tolerance and goodwill in an attempt to break down the very freedoms that afford her the opportunity to choose in the first place.

I have no doubt that given the choice, should there have been a majority of Muslims within the league, it would be mandatory for all female participants to wear hijabs, regardless of their religion, with no apologies proffered. One has only to turn their attention to many swimming pools in major Canadian cities to see that, despite decades of hard fought battles to end gender discrimination, it is once again being re-instated in the name of sensitivity to Islamic demands (not to mention that basic rules of hygiene and safety are also being ignored under the pretence of cultural forbearance).

It is now time for us to clearly state and compel those values and the rules they stipulate to those who choose to reside within our society. Why? Because they are BETTER than those they wish to replace them with. There! I said it! So sue me!!

Father Grace

From The National Post.

Teen cut from team for wearing her hijab.

MONTREAL . A Quebec teenager who referees soccer games has been cut because she wears a hijab on the field.

Sarah Benkirane has been refereeing games on Montreal’s West Island and in Vaudreuil, Que., further west, for about two years, and was shocked last week to get a call from the Lac St. Louis Regional Soccer Association telling her she was fired.

“It seems so unfair,” said Ms. Benkirane, a 15-year-old Muslim who lives in Vaudreuil. “It’s always tucked into my shirt, it’s not hanging and it’s part of my religion. It doesn’t make any sense.”

But the decision makes sense to the general manager of the association and to the Quebec Soccer Federation, which unequivocally backed the Lac St. Louis decision this week.

“The uniform has to be worn properly, like every other referee,” said Edouard Saint-Lo, general manager of the Lac St. Louis association. “It’s a shirt, shorts, socks and referee shoes. There’s no jewellery, no hijab on the head. You’re not even allowed to wear a cap.”

Michel Dugas, communications co-ordinator of the Quebec Soccer Federation, said it would be illogical to have a referee wearing a hijab tell players they couldn’t play with a hijab.

Furthermore, the Federation Internationale de Foot-ball Association, soccer’s international governing body, revisited the hijab issue again just this month and stayed firm on its position that hijabs can’t be allowed on the soccer field, he said after the Quebec federation held a news conference Monday to respond to inquiries about Ms. Benkirane’s dismissal.

“The decision is that players and officials shall not display political, religious, commercial or personal messages or slogans in any language or form,” Mr. Dugas said. “That’s a very recent decision, and the federation has to respect the rules laid out by FIFA.”

Mr. Saint-Lo said the reason Ms. Benkirane was relieved of her duties is not because there was a change to the rules, but because someone finally noticed they were being broken when she wore a hijab as a referee.

“It’s not my decision, but I have to reinforce the rules,” he said. “I have no personal opinion on this.”

Ms. Benkirane thinks the decision is offensive.

“It’s just a sign of my modesty and how I choose to express myself,” she said in an interview. “I thought we were free to practise religion in this country if you’re not hurting anyone else, and I’m not hurting anyone else.”

Sport hijabs are offered for sale online and Muslim women wearing hijabs play FIFA-sanctioned soccer across the Middle East, Australia, Ontario, British Columbia and the United States.

But Iran said this month it was lodging a complaint against FIFA after it barred its women’s team from playing an Olympic qualifier for wearing hijab.

In 2007, after a controversial decision to ban a girl from playing soccer in Quebec, FIFA backed Quebec’s ban on hijabs. That gave the Quebec Soccer Federation a green light to maintain its controversial prohibition of hijabs from the province’s soccer fields.


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  1. Yes, and the biggest supporters of these lunatics wearing backward religious costumes from the 18th and 19th centuries, are the sikhs who bullied Canadians into submission over them wearing their ridiculous costumes in our society to the point where everyone is now ‘supposed to be obligated to accept them in all walks of life’, when in actuality, they are representative of a backward extremist cult that forced its costumed way of life into the faces of decent Canadians mandating they accept these manifestations of their cults as the status quo in Canada. There are tens millions and millions of people who think like I do, and one day when this group is mobilized and in a position to force the politicians to have the guts to take back the incidious decision to allow us to be bullied by these backward costume wearers. (Which means additions and alterations of the constitution created by that thug trudeau, who truely was a pseudo intellectual as he was unalbe to see implications of the multi-culti cultural relativism paradigms,
    ) And the ones who should be leading the charge are the ones who don’t need to wear their religious costumes, the sikhs who ar living in the 21st century. The so called moderate islamics, (choke, splutter, what a joke, where are they) I’ll tell you where they are, shivering in their boots, afraid to speak out because of repercussions
    from those whole control them and everything they say and do, the main thrust of their cults, the extremists who set the tone, make the rules, enforce the interpretation of their pathetic doctrines.
    No hijabs in any sports, what so ever, you backward psycho lunnies.
    Check out the crackpots who work for Canada Post in the large sorting rooms, and all other cracked backward religious fanatics who work in factories, and the money, pain, suffering they cause to supervisors, managers and all sorts of business people who must deal with their bullying. Special condition,s special rules, changes in equipment costing thousands and thousands, just to ensure the safety of these pimples so that they can wear their costumes.
    Some who get hired, then afterward put them on, so that the owners and managers must then have huge fights about the proper dress regulations/
    Or, the backward appeasing of all the public recreation centers where the islamics have now bullied into submission in every city in the country, gender apartheid swimming and exercise conditions….putting us back several decades
    The arguement is that the stupid do gooders actually think they are being tolerant and good people to allow this for the poor islamics who are just trying to integrate.

  2. Creeping sharia wins one more round of media coverage.

    Islam works its deadly magic on unsuspecting societies by insisting that mandatory headgear worn by women (and all other “religious” clothing) are a matter of choice, not imposed by force.

    Last year I overheard some young Muslim women talk about how they have to hide their preferred jeans and other clothing from their brothers, fathers and other male relatives for fear of physical punishment or worse. That made me sick to my stomach.

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