‘Baroness’ Warsi calls Melanie Phillips, “Mad Mel”

I thought this might be a good time to do some comparing. Here is the article where Warsi dares to call Melanie Phillips, ‘Mad’. If she meant angry, then she would of course be correct. Any sane British person should be good and angry at this point, their anger directly proportional to their sanity I would say. But I think she means ‘mad’ in the other sense. Bereft of reason. Let’s check that out. Here are some Phillips clips all from within the last year or so. Firefox users may have to click here to see the clip immediately below.

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And another really excellent interview with Mel on Israeli TV:

And yet another where Melanie is called to task for calling the Itemar murderers, the people who butchered an entire Israeli family, man women, child and baby in their sleep, “savages”. Now if you can’t call that savage, then what exactly does the word mean, men who leave the toilet seat up?

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5 Replies to “‘Baroness’ Warsi calls Melanie Phillips, “Mad Mel””

  1. Melanie Phillips is a great soldier in the battle against islam, HOWEVER,, she has some very uptight backward views on women and how they dress. This likely comes from her left wing history, all the years of work at the Guardian, and her own personal experiences. I looked up her comments on the slut walks after reading a shocking article she wrote on the subject and she completely misses the point on why women all over free democracies are having slut walks which were started by a cute little sexually aware and attractive red head in Toronto. On this one, Melanie sides with the islamics and the backward lunatics regardless of their religion or misoginistic mentality or madona complexes, while enjoying whacking to porn, that gender unequalist men might think, and their sheep following unorgasmic women who think the way a woman dresses invites rape from idiots who can.t control their sexual urges. Rape is a crime of violence Melanie. In this regard she is Mad Mel and I sent her an email regarding what I have just said after reading her articles and watching all the youtube videos on this subject.

  2. I bought Mel’s book Londonistan. She makes a lot of good sense in that and is good defender against the kind of kuffarphobia we see from Baroness of darkness her supreme stupidity Warsi. On her other view I have nothing to say as I am cute redhead myself and noone is going to tell me how to dress.

  3. Melanie Phillips presents a logical, intellectual argument in these interviews which people should give more credence to, instead of trying to undermine her point of view because it confronts their own misconceptions.

    I heard absolutely nothing in these two clips which I disagree with because I could hear what Ms. Phillips was actually saying, and it is the truth.

  4. From the perspective of the average ignorant Muslim and Brit, anyone with a title, no matter how bogus, has far more credibility than someone who is a “layperson” no matter how well-informed they really are.

    Its unfortunate that this is the case, as this on-going class snobbery is alive and well in Britainistan. This “Baroness” will get far more coverage than Melanie will, which is what the leaders of Islam are banking on.

    Whenever I mention “leaders of Islam” make note that I mean the actual leaders who head Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Morocco and the other members of the OIC. These are the men who finance the shell corporations, off-shore mosques, madrassahs and other ways in which Islam is attempting to conquer the free world. All the minor clerics, mullahs and others who head domestic Islamic groups are mere puppets.

  5. I just don’t understand how an abusive and nasty moslem person like Warsi could become a ‘Baroness’. It is not surprising to find a moslem baroness who are so crude and abusive.

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