Shariah law has come to Canada.

From The Ottawa Sun

Court decision puts veil over women’s rights


Last Updated: October 17, 2010 2:00am

It is illegal for a woman wearing a face-obscuring veil to board a plane in Canada. But a unanimous ruling last week by the Ontario Court of Appeal says it’s just fine for that same woman to give testimony in court with her face covered.

There’s more. Ontario’s highest court says veiled women can ask for an order to clear men out of the courtroom — any men in the public gallery, any male court staff, even her opponent’s lawyer, even the judge himself — in return for taking off her veil. It’s paragraph 85 of the ruling.

Shariah law has come to Canada.

Face-obliterating veils called niqabs are a medieval tool for gender apartheid. They destroy a woman’s identity. They turn her into an object, a chattel owned by her master — which is why they’re the norm in Saudi Arabia, where women have fewer rights than men and only slightly more than animals.

Burkas — an even more prison-like shroud, with just a tiny beekeeper’s screen to peek through — are the Taliban variety. Those are now allowed on the witness stand in Canada, too.

Rip the Ten Commandments off the wall, because we must have separation of church and state. But when the most un-Canadian expression of radical Islam walks in the court, our judges follow the Qur’an.

But that’s not fair to the Qur’an. No verse in that book requires face-covering. But our judges now say it’s a Charter right.

To their shame, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association intervened to support this. They have demanded Bibles be removed from schools and the Lord’s Prayer be banned from legislatures. But Muslim veils — a chastity belt for the face — have their support in a secular court.

The CCLA has found religion. And LEAF, the feminist law organization built with Canadian tax dollars, has a new view on a woman’s proper place. They argued for the niqab, too.

As National Post columnist Barbara Kay points out, a survey of Muslim women in France found 77% wear the veil out of fear of men.

Australian Imam Taj Din al-Hilali put it another way, in a sermon about rape: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street … and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats’ or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem.”

LEAF supports covering up “the meat.” Now our courts do too.

The Ontario ruling came about because a Muslim woman alleged she was molested as a child by her uncle and her cousin in the 1980s. It’s a horrendous accusation and, if true, the woman deserves our sympathy and the accused deserve our most punitive punishment. But before we get there, there’s the matter of a trial.

In Canada, even accused rapists have the right to question their accuser and the court has the right to observe her demeanour. It’s why we don’t allow testimony from someone wearing a mask.

But this accuser didn’t want to take off her mask.

“It’s a respect issue, one of modesty and one of — in Islam, we call honour,” she told the judge at the preliminary inquiry “It’s to conceal the beauty of a woman.”

She had only been wearing a veil for about five years and the judge found her religious belief was “not that strong.” But “I would feel a lot more comfortable if I didn’t have to, you know, reveal my face.”

Sure, she took the veil off to get her driver’s licence. But that was important, you see. Not like accusing a man of a horrendous crime.

The judge told her to take off her veil. That’s what was over-ruled last week.

This could be great, says the Court of Appeal. The reliability of her veiled testimony could actually be better.

“Without the niqab … one could not expect her to be herself on the witness stand … her embarrassment and discomfort could be misinterpreted as uncertainty and unreliability.”

But it’s more than law. It’s politics, they say. Allowing the niqab “could be seen as a recognition and acceptance of those minority beliefs and practices.”

That’s exactly the problem.

In heaven, Aqsa Parvez is screaming again.

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12 Replies to “Shariah law has come to Canada.”

  1. Why aren’t we learning from what is going on in Eurabia? That our lawmakers would blindly follow kindergarten rules (eg “don’t hit”; all religions are equal”, “no more war”) is a symptom of arrested psychological and moral development. With maturity comes a sophistication called discernment, the lack of which is causing these dupes to elevate Islam to superior status.

  2. What is it about anglos that they must bend over and touch their ankles when the word Islam is mentioned? Is there something in the beer or fish and chips? Maybe there is something in the air at the BeerStore or Loblaws.

    The West is moving to the right – EXCEPT FOR ONTARIOOOOO!


  3. I was reading today the letters to the editor in Montreal’s Gazette, because I was in the mood to hurt myself.

    Two anglo idiots with names like Jones and Robertson, caught my attention. One was claiming that Depak Chopra is worth listening to and the other pink skin anglo was blaiming the US for the failure of the UN to resolve problems.

    1) Depak Chopra has continuously blamed the West for all of the muslim rage; in fact I heard him say just that on the Dennis Miller show in 1998

    2) The UN was never to be a world governing body but it was not the US that said that Zionism was racism nor for the continuous focus on Israel while places like North Korea, Darfur, Cyprus, even Gibraltar ( english occupation) are ignored, to name a few.

    No, there is something wrong with the anglo brain and any brain infected by these kind of anglos such as American, Canadian and British Jews. I am loathe to really support teh EDL. I do not like to support lost causes. I am from Montreal and I was a big supporter of Howard Galganov and the Equality Party. Most anglos rejected both. That is, the few who did not flee with their heads between theirtails. But who could blame them? The anglo media is the Anglos’ worst enemy.

    Anglos are reverse Nazis; hate the USa but love getting illegal cable, and have a disdain for Israel and will give Islam a pass at every oppurtunity.

    I believe that those who go to this website, are a minority of a minority.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Don’t lump all Anglo’s together like that, my ancestry is mainly Anglo and I don’t support the Moslems, but I have the advantage of being educated before the left managed to ruin the educati0nal establishment in the west. And since I read history for fun I know enough not to count the EDL as a lost cause, you are having the same problem most people have these days, having been raised in the TV age we tend to think that all problems can be solved in 2 hours, less commercials. Early on I predicted everything that has happened in this war, but I thought it would happen faster. And if one man I heard today is right a civil war in Islam is going to start real soon, this will be good for the west since both sides will start telling the truth about the other side.

  5. RIchard – sir, I do not believe that all problems can be resolved before the next commercial and I am sorry if you believe that i am lumping all anglos together but lets review the facts:

    England, Canada, Australia and the USA were the first nations to experiment with multiculturalism.

    All of these countries do not follow the trend that is more visible everywhere else ( except Greece): a movement to the right but we could see a Republican avalanche on Nov 02. This anti trend is really visible in Ontario and by anglos in Quebec and by at least 25% of Americans of British descent and by the Brits.Given “Browns Bottom ( google it), and the presence of Islam in their country, Labor did not do so bad.

    Lib democrats in any country are the most corrupt of all politicos and they still do well if you examine riding by riding, US county by county.

    Read any Letter to the Editor from The Gazette or Globe And Mail. Anti Bush, pro UN and lets all give muslims a chance.

    Anglo print and electronic media is the most contemptuous and disdainful of their readership, with the continued support of the public.

    We are in a real pickle.

  6. I do not follow the politics of To that much but what I have read about him, I like. Maybe anglos are at the breaking point. I admire the industrious ness of English speaking peoples, please do not misunderstand me.

    I feel very honored to be in Canada ( I have 2 family members who fought with the RAF) but I am scared because there is a side of anglo culture that hates itself. Maybe this group is small but weare ALL paying for it.

    WE are still paying for Trudeaumania

  7. I think that you have to dump that anglo label… 50% of Toronto is “un-white”…

    I’ll say this, municipal politics in Canada is absent of overarching issues like “human rights” and other Regressive ‘how can you vote against this?’ issues…

    Rob Ford, or any other candidate, don’t have to opine on the ‘wisdom’ of building a mosk… TG for that…

    I think it helps that Rob Ford is an actual fiscal choice that Toronto hasn’t had for decades… Rob Ford has spent his councilor career living what he promises… People love that.. It also helps to have had a disasterous communist in David Miller paving the way for the election of a cost cutter…

    It’s like what happened when the NDP tried to destroy Ontario… Ontario picked Mike Harris to fix the mess… The entrenched Commies in the public sector really didn’t like that… but Mike Harris did what needed to be done, as he promised…

    The same will happen in Toronto.. The public union will try to do everything possible to make Rob Ford look bad… Thanks to the internet, the People will understand that the whining coming from CUPE means that Rob Ford is doing his job the way he said he would…

    I think Toronto is so well informed now that the internet allows people to avoid the Starzeera and Flop and Flail completely and actually see the facts… I think many people are influenced by the core values of the TEA Party, and Rob Ford speaks to those values of responsibility…

    Besides all of that, it will be nice to have a real Toronto boy running his hometown… The way it should be… The piece of crap Miller is a Harvard Grad and a convienient Canadian… not to mention an Agenda 21 shill of the first order…

  8. The reason those nations were the first to experiment with multiculturalism is because they were the strongest nations in the West, the left set out to destroy the West so the USSR could take over. One of the things they had to do was destroy the idea of patriotism and love of country, a process that has not had the success that the left thought. Look at the way the various nations are starting parties that support their own identity and culture, including the TEA party in the US, I think Canada has some political party that is fighting for Canadian and freedom. History shows that free nations always suffer massive damage and defeats in the early stages of the wars they fight, this is because so many people don’t want to face the fact that we often have to fight to survive. This attitude has been promoted by the left to make it more difficult for us to defend ourselves.

    If I accidentally insulted you I apologize, however you have to admit that many of the younger generations (I am 64) do think that all problems can be solved in the time it takes a made for TV movie to finish, or the time it takes to win a video game at worst. I lay this attitude down to the fact the schools no longer teach history.

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