Mega mosque at ground zero, and what it really means.

I am so glad someone made this video. When I was interviewing Sam Solomon when he was in Ottawa June 7th, I was desperately trying to word questions to get this exact set of ideas out of him. What I got was on fact better than I had hoped, however this was what I was after. Mosques are not an analogue for a church or any other religious building. They are, exactly as Sam Solomon said, a place to plan wars, to inflame the troops, a school, a community center and the center of Islamic life. But also, they are a symbol of conquest over the Kuffar.

Very big thanks to Diana West for sending me this excellent video.

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3 Replies to “Mega mosque at ground zero, and what it really means.”

  1. If not a heritage monument, then a Christian-oriented place to worship near Ground Zero would be most appropriate as most Americans are Christians, at least nominally, most recent immigrants are Christian, and our country was founded by Christians.
    Contrary to the falsehoods told by our President, Muslims played no part in the founding of our country, and their influence since then has been nil, — until very very recently.
    In fact, I believe our Founders would be horrified if they knew we were admitting Muslims in large numbers as immigrants into our country. They understood them well, even if our present leaders do not.

  2. Paula not exactly true. If it had not been for Muslims the US would never have created the Marines. After all, the massive piracy and threat to civilization itself that Islam and its servants presented to the world made it necessary for the US to create the Marines (leathernecks was the original nickname as they wore high stiff leather collars to protect themselves from Islamic scimitars) as well as broad naval strategies which are in use to this day. So in a way, Muslims did play a large part in the formation of the US just as bacteria did in the evolution of medical science.

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