Poland: Muslim Brotherhood to construct new mega mosque in Warsaw

From Sheikyermami:

by sheikyermami on March 28, 2010

Polish protest Saudi financed mosque: “Today, the mosque – tomorrow the Jihad”

“We oppose a mosque built with Saudi money when it’s illegal to have a Bible or cross in Saudi Arabia,” said Rafal Zak, a 31-year-old real estate agent. + (Islamization Watch)

Smelling the coffee?  ”Radical Islam, no thanks.” On posters said “Stop the Radicals” and “Political Islam is a threat to Europe.”

Another Dragon Egg for EUrabia. Earlier today we posted about Austria, here

Update 1. Stockholm: Saudi prince to finance mosque

The ‘million program’ district of Tensta, is about to have Stockholm’s largest mosques. A giant building (11,000 sqm) of Andalusian style is planned at the outskirts of the suburb, clearly visible from the E18

“There are lots of Muslims in northern Stockholm who today have to have to be content with going to associations [mosques] in cellars. We’ll build a big mosque for them with place for 3,000 visitors,” says imam Abdel Karim Laallam of the Stockholm’s Grand Mosque Foundation, which bought the land already in the 1990s.

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2 Replies to “Poland: Muslim Brotherhood to construct new mega mosque in Warsaw”

  1. This is more Jew-baiting by the Muslims.

    Warsaw was the site of the massive and deadly ghetto that the Nazis created.

    Now it will be a source for jihad.

    Didn’t the Polish army prevent the Ottoman Empire from entering western Europe by force at the gates of Vienna on September 11, 1683?

    Its ironic that they will see the demise of their freedoms in neighborhoods surrounding the mosque, should it be built.

    Islam and Muslims know no boundaries, and exhibit extreme hubris by builiding mosques in key world cities and near or at sites that have historical significance. First, there is the planned “centre” overlooking Ground Zero, and now a mosque in the city where Nazis murdered and imprisoned hundreds of thousands of Jews.

    When will OPEC oil money stop being the lever for this nonsense?

    When all the oil and gas are gone?

    Or when the world is under the bootheels of Islam?

    The choice is ours.

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