UK: News black out on potential Muslim violent riot

How do you know you live in a fascist state? Well one way might be that the government denies you access to critical information without which, you cannot make rational choices for yourself politically or even personally. Like where you want to live and under what conditions.

The fact that the government of England forced a news blackout on a gathering crowd of armed Muslims attempting to attack a few EDL members who were camped out on the roof of a building to protest the planned but opposed, ‘Mega-Mosque’ is a pretty good sign that the government of England cares nothing for the people it governs, but for imposing it’s will on them instead without even their knowledge let alone consent.

We did indeed lose the cold war.

Eeyore for Vlad:

Please read the following post from Accringtonweb

Riot (News Blackout)

EDL In Dudley

1000’s of Muslims are currently on the rampage in Dudley. Surely not these peaceful people I hear you all say, but there is nothing on the news. That is because the media don’t want you to know, especially days before a general election. What prompted this outrage? Did someone draw an offensive cartoon of the prophet, or dare call a teddy bear Mohamed? No it is much worse than that. The English have dared take their country back.
As I am writing this there are currently several EDL members on the roof of the proposed building site for the Dudley Super Mosque staging a protest. They have enough food for days, a PA system and even a playstation. They will be giving speeches and also playing the call to prayer 5 times a day so residents are aware of the noise they will have to endure. There are also many EDL on the ground in a united show of strength and support. Numbers have been said to be between 50 and 100, but all there flying the flag on a moment’s notice. Well done lads and lasses, you are a credit to your country, and your ancestors that fought to defend our lands.
The EDL causing mischief you would expect the press to be out in full force, but the silence from the media is deafening. After speaking to people at the site, it appears the EDL aren’t the ones causing the trouble, but the 1000’s of Muslims trying their hardest to break police lines to get to the EDL. They are throwing bricks and bottles at the protestors but none are reaching their targets thankfully.
I have also had reports from Dudley that smaller groups of Muslims are ambushing white people all over the town. You know just days before the election there is going to be no media coverage of this, as it shows what we already know and the government want to hide, Muslims are violent, aggressive people with a moral code that is incompatible with western values. After all the politicians have been telling us for years that they are salt of the earth folk just misunderstood.
“But there mosque is under attack” I hear people say. Bull The EDL are camped out on a site due for demolition to make way for a mosque. They haven’t insulted Islam, or its followers. In fact the only thing they have done since been up on the roof is play the call to prayer, which if the mosque is built will be played 5 times a day anyway. The police have now closed to road to the demo and anyone trying to turn up with EDL colours is getting issued with a dispersal order.
I actually feel for the people of Dudley as to be fair they have been put out by the EDL on 2 occasions now, when the people of Dudley campaigned in the first place against the building of this monstrosity. The blame for this lies directly on the doorstep of the council for putting the wants of the Muslim community before the objections of the townsfolk. We are meant to live in a democracy which means that if the people go to their local council and say we object to these plans that have been submitted then the council have to listen. They chose not to so now the EDL will force them to
Well done EDL for defending the honour of my country, you truly are an inspiration to us all and I wish you every success


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13 Replies to “UK: News black out on potential Muslim violent riot”

  1. Reports that the munitions cache, er – mega-mosque plans have been scrapped over at Spencer’s house:

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in it as a comment by “mirra” says:

    “At the linked article, comment number 20 points out the decision to scrap these plans today is suspect due to the May Day Bank holiday and the council offices are closed. ”

    and “FredMk_1” says:

    “Not much on the MSM but reports suggest the police are dragging the EDL off the roof and charging them with criminal damage. If so it is probably because “our Asians citizens” are reported to be attacking non-muslims in the streets and gearing up to riot.”

    For the love of G*d – fight BACK, Britain!!!

  2. Poor England but the situation in Holland isn’t much better. Please God save the Queen. Those PC basterds are killing our countries. Kind Regards, Peter, HOLLAND

  3. This has to stop.

    Islam has created such a volatile situation in the UK that the only response by the government is retreat. Elected officials on both sides of the divide are clamouring for the Muslim vote, despite proof that there is large-scale voter fraud being perpetrated by Muslims (and no-one else).

    Time for the UK to gather itself up and blow those Muslims back to where they came from, each and every one of them, instead of the EDL, which is a multi-ethnic coalition of proper citizens who abhor the creeping sharia and dominance of Muslim agendas in the public arena.

    May the EDL win and Islam lose, forever.

    Kufar and proud.

  4. President Obama’s met last week with Muslim entrepreneurs about ways for them to work with their North American counterparts. “A Dangerous Idea,” a four minute short film examines a dilemma one Muslim entrepreneur faced having to choose between profit and beliefs!

    Click on to the YouTube link to view the video that explores the pork rind debate:

  5. Brits, remember and honor your ancestors, the Crusaders and Templars.
    Fight for your country before it’s too late.

  6. Since last year, I have been on their mailing list. The EDL are all about law and order, yet the dhimmi UK press continue to brand them extreme right wing protestors while the UAF fascist get a free pass. That the cops don’t have the nads to man up and put a beat down on the real violent masses, the growing Muslim crowd, only proves that they, along with their government are complicit in the destruction of their own culture and democracy. They should have called in the military. The UK forces have years of experience and training dealing with Molotov throwing rioters in Ireland and would have no compunctions dispersing this unruly lot.

    Don’t give up EDL. St. George!

  7. And further more, it would seem the politicos and the police in the UK have failed to understand the truth tends to get out throught the internet, even if you supress the MSMs and opress the masses with your unicorn reality.

  8. I’m a Iraq war veteran and a Christian American I feel your pain. What is going on with us allowing Islam to take over our cities. It looks to me if Europe and America does not get a grip on islam we are done for. When did we become so tolerant to the intolerant. The only thing I can think of is they have infiltrated our governments I know they have in America God Save Europe God Save America.

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