We can’t stop cleric’s benefits

HATE cleric Anjem Choudary nets £25,000 a year in benefits – £8,000 MORE than the take-home pay of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, The Sun can reveal.

The Muslim extremist’s handouts are not taxed, making his income equivalent to a £32,500 salary.

The revelation came amid mounting fury over bile-spouting Choudary’s plan for a parade by Muslim hard-liners through repatriation town Wootton Bassett.

He has also likened British soldiers to Nazi stormtroopers.

State handout figures leaked to The Sun show Choudary, 42, gets £15,600 a year in housing benefit – to live in a £320,000 house in Leytonstone, East London.

The cleric is also given a £1,820 council tax allowance, £5,200 in income support and £3,120 in child benefits. That’s a total of £25,740.

By contrast, a private fighting the Taliban in the Afghan badlands is paid a basic £16,680 – or £13,430 after tax.

He also gets a £2,380 bonus for serving on the frontline and a £1,194 “separation allowance” for being away from home.

That makes total take-home earnings of £17,004.

THE Government has admitted it is powerless to stop hate cleric Anjem Choudary claiming £25,740 a year in state handouts.

The Sun told yesterday how the Muslim extremist, who lives in a £320,000 house, racks up £15,600 a year in housing benefit.

He also gets £1,820 council tax allowance, £5,200 in income support and £3,120 in child benefits.

The rabble rouser plans to lead Muslim hard-liners on a parade through repatriation town Wootton Bassett, Wilts. He is thought to be paid a small wage by a Muslim group, allowing him to claim income support and time to spread his hatred.

But despite spouting bile instead of job-hunting, the British-born father of four, of Leytonstone, East London, will keep all his benefits. The Department for Work and Pensions said there was no code of moral conduct he has to stick to.

A source said: “He could stand outside a Job Centre and preach his bile and nothing would be done to slash his payments.” An insider added: “He’s complying with the strict eligibility criteria needed to claim his benefits.”

Mark Wallace, Campaign Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “There is no way that this twisted man should be allowed to live off benefits while preaching his evil views.”Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Theresa May said: “We need a radical overhaul of the benefits system to ensure that when people can work they aren’t relying on the state.”

THE number of foreign fanatics banned from Britain fell from 80 in 2007 to 22 last year, figures show.

6 Replies to “We can’t stop cleric’s benefits”

  1. Why would anybody be surprised by this?
    It’s happened again and again, the Sun’s fake moral outrage, then the party in power’s silence, then the opposition’s fake moral outrage, and the “promise” to do something about it. About as likely as the promise to have referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
    Why would anyone expect the three main political parties that have brought this state of affairs about to want to do anything about it?
    It amazes me that anyone is surprised.
    The only party that says it will is the BNP, and they are going to get lots of votes on the back of that, because people simply no longer believe the mainstream parties on this issue.
    Many people are probably thinking, well they’ll (BNP) gain a bit of power, this will scare the mainstream parties, and they’ll put things right. I reflect that lots of Germans probably thought like that when they voted for National Socialism.
    Interesting times indeed.

  2. Another point. This is a living wage not earned by many working class people, who get up everyday and clock on and off at factories all over the land.
    This parasite is taking their money, like many others. Why would they vote for that?
    You’d have to be a moron if you did.

  3. If by “interesting” you mean “scary” I would agree. The one piece of Choudarys contribution to Britain’s debt I would like to find is how much it cost the U.K. tax-payers to give him police protection. I would guess that it is at least the salary of four trained police officers. At least.

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